FS 1984 Lavro drift boat 17’

    1984 17’ Lavro drift boat. Comes with fully functioning ez load trailer with spare tire, 3 Orr’s, 2 Orr locks and 35lb lead pyramid anchor attached to 50’ of rope, brand new Minn Kota C2 55 pound thrust long shaft trolling motor with handle extension, Minn Kota battery control center and an m27...
  2. F

    FS 2008 clackacraft drift boat

    2008 16ft clackacraft drift boat. Regular side. Good condition, not used commercially. Comes with oars, anchor, 4 rod holders, 2 dry boxes, 2 front seats, rear casting platform and a sweet towable cover. Trailer is in great shape, galvanized, newish tires, bearings recently greased, spare with...
  3. katkimball

    Looking for 10' Pram by Smith Brothers

    Looking for a 10' Pram for husband. He has a Pelican sailboat by Smith brothers and has sailed for 40 years. Just went camping last weekend with Fred Smith who is 91 y/o. Fred not building any more now. Thought he was going to get one from Fred but it fell through. Would love to find one for...
  4. flyfishmt

    FS 2004 Hyde 16.8 Drift Boat

    2004 Hyde 16.8 Combo Drift Boat with G4 floor. Boat has been stored inside its entire life and other than a few dings, is in great shape. It comes with front and rower seat dry boxes, bow storage and rear pedestal seat. It has built in rod holders, 35 pound in floor anchor system with pulley...
  5. fishin_magician

    Glass Drift boat Bottom Finish

    Hi guys, We have an older used and abused fiberglass drift boat that needs it's bottom re-finished. It looks like the previous owner had some sort of smooth protective finish that allowed the boat to slide over rocks and other obstacles. It's currently pretty scratched up and I'm assuming we'll...
  6. Flyfishinwrangler

    Best frameless pontoon boat for packing into lakes.

    What do think the best frameless inflatable boat for back packing into lakes? I'm not a big guy so want something light with really light oars but has good stability. I've tried float tubes and just really prefer something longer that I can oar ot flipper. Thanks for any recommendations
  7. Old406Kid

    Neat Boat Accessories

    While looking for an compact and inexpensive fish finder for a friend's pontoon I ran across this website. I found this transducer mount and ordered it to replace the homemade transducer mount on my pontoon.
  8. Dr Bob

    Jon Boat for Fly Fishing Lakes?

    I am considering adding to my fleet for still water fishing and want a vessel that can handle 3-4 people. It will mostly be 2 people, but I may take my son and grandson. It needs to be a stable craft as kids don't seem to stay seated as instructed. Also it has to not be too heavy and easy to...
  9. flyphish

    FS 11' Lavro Drift Boat

    11' Lavro, used only twice, still like new. Front swivel seat with lean pocket and adjustable rower's seat. Front and rear anchor pulls with anchors. Cataract carbon fiber oars. MinKota 30lb electric trolling motor. Custom heavy duty cover. Comes with trailer licensed through Feb 2019. Will...
  10. SERE Nate

    shuttle and boat position question

    How do you set up a 2 car shuttle when you have 2 people, and does it change if you have 3? I'm always questioning if you should drop the boat and then go drop off the trailer at the put out and drive shuttle back to boat and fish, or leave shuttle at take out, then go up, drop boat and fish...
  11. bart morrow

    Last minute slot on the boat tomorrow 6am meet up

    PM me if anyone wants to fish for fun tomorrow. Leaving Fircrest @ 6am headed to MA13. Bart
  12. O

    FS Sportsmans Warehouse Pontoon Boat with Motor

    I have a great condition Sportsmans Warehouse 9' pontoon boat boat which includes oars, oar locks and Minn Kota 18lb thrust motor. The boat is branded under the Sportsmans Warehouse label but I believe this was originally made by Outcast. The bladders have never leaked and the frame is in great...
  13. LumpyTiedFlies

    Drift Boat or Raft

    After years of bank fishing, I am ready to buy a watercraft to hit the rivers with. It is going to be either a drift boat or a raft with an NRS frame. What do you all think? What are your personal pros and cons? Thanks!
  14. DJSponge

    Best small boat for fly fishing PNW waters?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the best small boat for fly fishing up here in the PNW? Ideally, something that could cover lakes, the Puget Sound, and maybe some rivers? I'm considering all options at this point, but I'm leaning towards a 16'-18' Bay boat center console style vessel. I'd...
  15. D

    WTB Backup drift boat oar

    9' break down preferred but not necessary.
  16. DanielOcean

    WTB Pontoon boat side bags

    If any of you have one or two gathering dust in your storage, and willing to part please let me know.
  17. B

    Looking for a new river boat

    I've been looking for a boat to start learning the local rivers(snohomish valley "region") but I'm not quite sure what direction to go. I have never boated rivers. When I lived in a warm water climate I had a 16' flats skiff, but that's my only boating experience. A few of the places I want to...
  18. fireroad

    Fishpond boat nets

    Need a new net for the driftboat, and from what I've seen so far the Fishpond Nomad series seems to be the most durable and some of the lightest (should I take it walk and wade). Anybody have experience or preference between the Nomad Boat Net (55"), Mid-Length Boat net (45"), and Guide net...
  19. Fishcat57

    Info on Places to Launch Drift Boat in Eastern WA, ID and MT

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this topic. I live in Spokane and I am new to the Drift Boat fishing world (which I can't describe how much of a game changer it is!) I have always just wade fished on the Spokane River and surrounding areas but have since mainly stayed on Lakes with my...
  20. Greg Smith

    FS 16' lowes boat and 20 HP

    BOAT FOR SALE BOAT Ready to fish! $6000.00 BOAT FOR SALE BOAT Boat, motor, trailer, and spare new= $7,418 plus tax and shipping Lowe 2008 A1667 16’ aluminum boat Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv with transducer……………………………………………………$659.95 Minn kota Terrrova 55 with...
  21. doublebluff

    Best way to tote a pontoon boat

    Folks- I am trying to figure out a creative way to carry my 8' fishcat pontoon boat. I have a Jeep Patriot. I don't wanna put it together/take it apart whenever I have to go anywhere. Are there any roof racks that would work? I had an EZpacker, which was great for short trips, but it was...
  22. Sam Schermer

    Wynoochee Crossover to Black Creek

    How difficult is this stretch? I have rowed some but am not great. I have always run my buddies boats before on other rivers like the sky and part of the hatchery drift on the bogachiel, but I just am purchasing my own and want to take another friend down the nooch. Any advice is greatly...
  23. JesseC

    WTB Sage Boat Bag

    Get in touch if you'd like to sell one in good condition. -Jesse
  24. M

    Boat Recommendations Requested

    I have a 13' NRS raft that I bought last year, and did push it into a few stillwaters and it worked as well as I could expect it. However, a lot of things I plan on doing this year are stillwater based. Spring stillwater trout, spring pike, fall lakers, etc. Some of the places I would like to...
  25. D

    FS Dog Fish Boat

    Super excellent fly fishing pram- very lightly used. Wired for electric motor. Boat only. $900
  26. SERE Nate

    Drift boat / duck boat?

    Does anyone use their drift boat to duck hunt out of? Thinking about it getting drift boat and mounting a motor on it for duck hunting. Not crazy about the idea of buying 2 more boats. Already have a toon and a tandem kayak.
  27. Irafly

    Help: Temporary boat storage.

    After 15 years (the longest I've ever been anywhere in my life), my wife and I temporarily accepted an offer on our house. On the market last Thursday, Sunday off the market. If all progresses fairly, we will need to be out Dec 8th. I have a 12' Jon Boat on a trailer, that I need to park...
  28. Speyrod GB

    FS Lavro fiberglass drift boat

    6 year old 16 foot Lavro drift boat for sale. Adjustable rowing seats/front seat/rowing brace. Composite oars, rear water tight compartment and newly refurbished trailer. Asking $3500. Pictures available upon request.
  29. pwoens

    FS Outcast Pac 800 (Aire) Pontoon boat

    PRICE DROP TO $600 Excellent condition Outcast Pac 800 one person pontoon for fishing or whitewater adventures. This boat is in excellent condition and has been stored in my shop and inflated. It will handle rivers and lakes equally and has only seen the water a handful of times since new...
  30. Lue Taylor

    FS Sportsman Warehouse 9 Ft Pontoon Boat

    I bought this pontoon boat off CL for $150 to fish in the Sound for Pinks well we know what happen to that season. Comes as is no straps, no Oars the best thing about this pontoon boat I got it in late July pump it up been holding air ever since was full of air until my warehouse got cold $100...
  31. chrome/22

    WTB Pontoon Boat stripping apron

    Looking for one for my 10' pontoon, off brand boat maybe a bit wider than most. What's out there? c/22
  32. chrome/22

    Pontoon Boat stripping apron

    Need one for my 10' toon. Anyone? Brad 206 498 6507
  33. L

    FS Diamond Back drift boat

    I have a 87 Diamond Back drift boat 16x54 guide model for sale. $2750 OBO part trade considered. This boat is in perfect condition. Fully loaded and ready to fish. Contact me asap because it will sell fast
  34. skyriver

    Pontoon boat for borrow or rent?

    Hi there, Weird post....I'm headed out tomorrow, early. A long lost buddy can join me, but doesn't have a pontoon boat. Anyone out there willing to let me borrow or rent your pontoon boat for the rest of the week? I'd be able to return it Saturday. I'm in the Covington/Maple Valley/Kent/Auburn...
  35. Andrew H

    FS 2012 Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Fishing Kayak

    It's got pretty much everything you need. Here's a link to the CL post: Asking $900. This will hold up to 500lbs. It's super stable and comfortable. I can load and launch by myself which has made it great for quick runs to the sound or...
  36. R

    FS Saturn 14'6" raft, ultra stable extra rigid floor, self bailing with trailer complete setup

    Custom Bigfoot frame with frame change options of seating and gear loading depending on what your journey is about -Anchor system with hand winch for retrieval -Drop sac for cooler to sit in behind rowers seat/Blue in pics -Rear floor stow removable that keeps items off floor to stay dry and...
  37. T

    New Drift Boat Owner

    New to the forum...I just got a Clackacraft 16' Switch. Just learning how to handle it in the Columbia R. in Richland with my son. Was wondering if anybody uses an electric trolling motor. I borrowed my cousins and it has a 36" shaft and maybe too short. Any ideas or suggestions would be...
  38. A

    FS Classic Accessories Bozeman pontoon boat--free

    Full disclosure: the oar lock on one side is defective (part missing), but otherwise a good boat. I bought a frameless pontoon boat that I like better and just want to get this out of my garage. Call Al, at (206)-909-1313.


    STILL IN THE BOX NEVER USED. Bucks Bags Sawtooth Get away from the crowds and access water that was previously unreachable. The Sawtooth is the perfect pontoon boat for lakes, ponds and moderate rivers. The Sawtooth offers quality craftsmanship that is built into all of Bucks Bags pontoon...
  40. Philonius

    FS Creek Flats Raider 9' Pontoon Boat

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this sale, just some guy I met on a local beach this morning. In case the pic isn't visible/legible to you, it reads: CREEK FLATS RAIDER 9' 4 Air Bladder Aluminum Frame Call or Text Paul 206-786-2292 $275 I spoke with him a bit; he's used it on rivers...
  41. Jesse

    FS Outcast Pontoon Boat and Custom trailer

    Outcast Discovery 8 pontoon boat. 8'long, 54" wide, weighs 60 pounds. With oars, stripping apron,saddle bag, anchor, fins, cup and rod holders. $500. Custom Trailer. Overall length 10'. width 62". New wiring, paint, and repacked bearings. New spare tire. Two under deck enclosed storage...
  42. bart morrow

    Short notice... Last minute plan to put the boat in 8/5 wanna go?

    A little weekend shake up finds me available to put the boat in the water EARLY tomorrow morning and fish MA 11 (ish). I don't plan on pounding the water all day once the heat settles in but if you are interested shoot me a PM and we can throw a plan together. :) ElBarto
  43. Calvin1

    Fiberglass Drift Boat Repair

    Posting on behalf of a buddy (really). Apparently, he's got a fairly significant gash on the bottom of his drift boat and is looking for a local (Seattle area) repair option. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated. I tried the search function but didn't come up...
  44. Ed Call

    Boat Cover Maker?

    Some rafts have covers. Some drift boats have covers. Where can I get someone to make a cataraft cover with solid quality?
  45. NickTIG

    Boat rod

    What's your guys favorite boat rods?! I'm looking for some rods that I won't have to worry about tossing around and having possibly people new to the sport use! The echo base rods look really good for the money
  46. GreenSauks

    FS 1999 Willie 16 x 54 Drift boat

    Hi Folks, Moving out of the country soon and unfortunately can't take some of my things. Boat and trailer are in excellent condition. *level front floor *9'6" Cataract oars *Cobra oar locks *Heater w/tank and line *Rod Holders *Custom cover **Baker Trailer has been completely Rhino lined...
  47. Augy

    Found cool little boat on CL

    Just sharing. Pretty nice little rig at a very reasonable price. Should be able to throw in back of pickup. I have 2 Zodiacs already so don't need a third. Thought someone might want to pick up.
  48. S

    Need Drift Boat Rowing Tips and Advice

    Newer to drift boating but have run plenty of rivers in a 10ft pontoon. Much seems to be the same but slower in the drifter (start earlier). I have a 16' Clackacraft FFB with 9'6" MXS-G Sawyer Oars (Dynalite Wide blades). I'm familiar with the basics (ferrying, point the bow at the bad stuff...
  49. Kent Lufkin

    FS Kick-ass 9' cataraft pontoon boat - ready to fish

    If you’re ready for an upgrade from an inexpensive starter boat, look no further. This hybrid boat (no, it's not electric!) combines top-quality components from various makers into a sturdy, high-floating, easy to row fishing machine that's equally at home on stillwater or Class 3 moving water...
  50. 8

    Boat bag Suggestions

    Has anyone used the Fishpond or the Patagonia Great Divider boat bag? Looking to purchase one for my raft. 17.5" x 10" x 12.5"...