1. cabezon

    Belize 2019, Trip Report 3

    It was time to wrap up a month spent in Belize, my first visit to the country. Several months previously, I had asked for some recommendations from the WFF board of what to see and do in Belize and your advice and experience were very valuable. While fly fishing was an element of this trip, at...
  2. Perry Azevedo

    WTB Redington Torrent or older Sage Pulse

    Looking to pick up an 8wt that will work for both a streamer and salt setup. Preferably, I'm thinking an 8wt, though a 7wt could potentially work. Ideally, I’m looking for a Redington Torrent or a Sage Pulse (if the price was right). I would assume that the Torrent will be a little better in...
  3. tridentfly

    How to Choose a Fly Rod for Bonefish

    The topic of choosing a fly rod for Bonefish is particularly relevant as we muddle through the winter season here in Maine and begin looking forward to warm-weather saltwater getaways. Whether you’re venturing to the Bahamas, Belize, or even Hawaii, a proper Bonefish setup can play a significant...
  4. W

    WTB SA mastery bonefish wf7

    I’m looking for a SA mastery bonefish line in WF7 in case anyone has one that’s not going to be used.
  5. Craig Pablo

    Trip Report Fishless Oahu report

    Made my first pilgrimage to Hawaii. It was mostly a family trip but did manage to squeeze in a little fishing. I only managed to land a couple of smaller barracuda and didn't get a pic of either one. Lei greeting at the airport We wanted a little of the Waikiki experience, we stayed two...
  6. C

    FS Loop Evotec LW 7/9 reel

    Loop Evotec LW 7/9 spooled with 9 wt Airflo Bonefish line. $250 shipped. You pay 3% PayPal fee if you don't send payment friends and family. Inquires PM or call/text 407.462.1492 - Chad
  7. MrP

    Looking Back to 2017 , Looking Ahead to 2018, and Thanks

    I started this thread back in the last week of December. I had hoped to post it on New Year's Eve. I was using Internet Exploder as I drafted it; I continued to have problems getting the video link to embed. I finally used Chrome and it worked. (I hope) If you are using Exploder you may not...
  8. J

    WTB Bonefish line

    I may be in the market for a bonefish line if there are any looking to get used. 8wt. Pm me if you may have something that could fit the bill. Thanks.
  9. Mems

    Chloe's first bonefish

    My four year old niece Chloe got her first bonefish this past weekend. It fought pretty well, and put up a good fight. She was too scared of it to take a hero shot. I showed her the little black mustache and she thought it was cute. She wanted to catch her own fish on her barbie pole. She...
  10. Mems

    cool bonefish video

    I saw this video on Keine's board and thought I would share. It is so much fun to catch bonefish. It is also very hard to get them to eat in Hawaii, as many of you have found out. Bahamas ans Christmas Island are my favorite places to catch hungry bonefish. Palmyra was the easiest place to...
  11. Thrasybulus

    FS Bonefishing Book (unread)

    For sale is an unread copy of "Fly Fishing For Bonefish" New and Revised by Dick Brown. Copyright 2008. Hard back. I received this very recently as a gift, but I already owned a copy. It is a good read with 335 photo and chart filled pages of tactics, fly patterns, equipment, and...
  12. PhilR

    WTB 9wt Bonefish Line Wanted

    Looking for a 9wt bonefish line. Thought I would check here first. What do you have? Thanks.
  13. A

    WTB 8wt Bonefish Line

    Looking for an 8wt bonefish line and/or tropical intermediate. AJ
  14. Danny Moody

    FS RIO Bonefish Lines

    I am selling the following Rio Bonefish Lines. I will cover shipping to you via USPS. PM me for questions. Please PayPal using Friends and Family option to: [email protected] Rio Bonefish WF7F Sand/Blue - Brand New - $60.00
  15. Richard E

    FS Scientific Angler Mastery bonefish saltwater lines, new

    Three WF8F Mastery bonefish saltwater lines, all new but taken as backups on a trip I took two years ago. These were my backup lines. It doesn't appear that in the foreseeable future I will be needing these, so someone will get a great deal! Two are the horizon (very light grayish) color...
  16. R

    WTB C and F tarpon , permit, bonefish fly box and Umqua flats box

    Looking for these Cand F , Umqua boxes in reasonable condition
  17. SaltyTippet

    Sight fishing big bonefish

    Salty = 0 Bonefish = 12 Needless to say I am now totally hooked on sight fishing for bonefish as it was by far the most difficult fly fishing of my life.... had a shot at about a dozen over the course of a few afternoons but no takers.... There is something indescribable about seeing a 12...
  18. Steelhead

    FS 6wt Bonefish Quickshooter

    Great floating line, used it for Caribbean bonefish and Puget sound cutthroat. In great shape only-
  19. D

    FS Bonefish Flies And More

    I have many bonefish flies for inshore species. $1.00- $1.50 Brand new. If you are interested text or call me at 425.208.5193 Thanks Randy
  20. mtskibum16

    WTB Bonefish/tropical Floating Line

    Looking for a new or lightly used bonefish taper line - 8wt and floating. Something like the Rio Bonefish Quichshooter, SA Mastery Bonefish, etc. Welded loops on both ends and in good condition. I may also be interested in other tropical/flats gear or tackle (leaders, flies, etc) as I'm going...
  21. C

    Maui Saltwater

    Like many this holiday season my family is heading to Maui. Do any of you have any insight on fly fishing in the area. I would assume there are a few bonefish flats. Anyone willing to share any info? Maybe a guide to contact?
  22. P

    FS Hardy Zephrus 8wt 9ft Sws Fly Rod Almost New 9.5-10

    I have a almost new Zephrus SWS for sale 375.00 Shipped US ONLY. Please let me know if anyone has interest. It is on another site. Using funds to buy a 10wt Sage one.
  23. Adrian

    FS Abel 6N in Bonefish pattern

    Absolutely beautiful reel. Set up in left hand retrieve. Original Abel reel sleeve and warranty card. In excellent condition with backing. $425 shipped and PayPal'd. Adrian 206-321-1847
  24. J

    FS WTS: Billy Pate Bonefish reel; Sage 990-3 RPLX

    I know, I know, first post and I'm selling s!#t! Tight lines. WTS: $335. Billy Pate Bonefish anti-reverse reel, right hand retrieve. Can't be switched to left. 8.3 oz in excellent shape. Reel foot is pristine, some scuffs/scratches on reel face. Bulletproof. $220. Sage Graphite III...
  25. fisharmy

    VETERANS, if you ever want to TRY catching trophy bonefish in Oahu, I'll guide you

    Wow, it's been 12 years since I logged on to this site. Got divorced, went to war twice (brought a pack rod both times, of course), and lived in four cities in three continents. Now I'm in Hawaii. Honolulu to be exact. And yes, if you're a fellow vet, and you've always dreamed of flyfishing for...
  26. belize_3-31_044


    Ambergris Caye Bonefish ready to be released.
  27. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  28. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  29. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  30. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  31. Nervous Water. Ambergris Caye

    Nervous Water. Ambergris Caye

  32. onefishday


  33. Fighting1


  34. Bonefish1


  35. Silver


  36. littleguy


  37. ghost


  38. nicehat


  39. Paris Flat Cutie!

    Paris Flat Cutie!

  40. Cruising Bonefish

    Cruising Bonefish

  41. Bonefish at hand!

    Bonefish at hand!

  42. Beached Bone!

    Beached Bone!

  43. Bonefish surrender!

    Bonefish surrender!

  44. Christmas bonefish

    Christmas bonefish

  45. Abaco bonefish

    Abaco bonefish

    30 inch bonefish caught near Sandy Point, Abaco, Bahamas. Note the Disney cruise ship in the background.