brook trout

  1. Dave Westburg

    Last cascades high lakes trip of the year.

    Took my last high lake trip of the year to a couple central cascades lakes. On a day when the Yakima River was probably crowded I had a couple high lakes to myself. The roads were rough due to a summer's worth of potholes and some erosion from fall rain. Some color at the first very small...
  2. 4sallypat

    Trip Report Uninta Mountain Upper Weber river Cutthroat, Brook, Rainbow mini grand slam w/ 2 hander DRY FLY

    Drove to Utah to drop my kid off at the University of Utah to begin his college years and got a chance to fish with a guide to the headwaters of the upper Weber river located near Peoa, UT. This was my second trip to Utah with the same guide - first trip was nymphing for monster browns where I...
  3. ScottP

    SBS Ted's Brook Trout

    Ted Kraimer's baby brookie pattern. hook - Dai Riki 700 #4 thread - UTC 140 olive underbody - non-tox .030 tail - grizzly marabou dyed olive body - Estaz olive wing - marabou olive throat - calftail orange collar - wood duck flank topping - peacock herl mash barb, wrap shank with...
  4. F

    Brookie Observations And Inquiries

    Hi all! Long time lurker, recent member and first-time poster here. I'm an obsessive WA fly fisher, and I look forward to getting to know everyone here. Of course, my first post is a series of observations and questions. The first of many, I promise. This series happens to be about brook trout...
  5. Teenage Entomologist

    Need To Get Back On The River...

    Well, I haven't been on WFF for a while. I've been everywhere from Bend, OR, to Chico, CA, and I'm moving back to Ashland next week. I hooked a ton of gorgeous trout over the summer. I'm going to start posting more as well. Find me on Instagram @t_flyfisher.or Tight Lines