1. c-dawg

    Bug inventory

    What is a good and fairly easy method to inventory the types of bugs in a lake? Is it something like wading into the weeds and sweeping a fine net through them, or scratching up the gravel bottom and scooping a net through that? I've found a lake that looks like it's not fished much at all...
  2. Fisher Munro

    Bug Identification: A variety of May Fly

    Sorry it's sideways, but can anybody identify this particular mayfly? Purely for purposes of curiosity, I don't have trouble imitating these guys but I run into them all the time in the alpine lakes. This photo was taken mid day, in mid July, maybe in the upper 60s or low 70s if my memory serves.
  3. Fishnow

    Bug ID help

    just curious if someone can help with identification. North central Arkansas tailwater, Little Red River. January 10th , 1 pm, 45* air temperature. Several of these were landing on me but didn't see any in the air. No fish rising and couldn't see any hatch coming off , Thanks, Bill
  4. SquatchinSince86

    Bug Id

    Found this guy on a river rock. Wondering if it is related to a pill bug.
  5. 2003 Carp Fly Swap : Ugly Bug

    2003 Carp Fly Swap : Ugly Bug