1. B

    FS Orivs Silver Sonic Guide Waders XL (repaired by orvis) $275

    I'm selling a pair of Silver Sonic Guide Waders in size XL. These have only been used a handful of times (less and 5). I had an issue with a stud going through the footbed of a wading boot last year and it punctured the right bootie of these waders. I sent them back to Orvis and they applied a...
  2. B

    FS "Stonedaddy" Flies Tied By Doug Ouellette

    SOLD - Thank You! Master Guide Doug Ouellette is a recipient of the coveted “Cal Bird Fly Tying Cup”, Owner of Truckee River Fly Fishing, and creator of the “Stonedaddy” fly. The Hall of Fame flyfisher Gary Borger gave the following high praise for Doug and his “Stonedaddy” fly, “Doug...
  3. Richard E

    FS Sage 504L, by Hardy, excellent condition

    Sage 504L fly reel by Hardy, made in England, rare, vintage, and in darn good condition. It’s machined, it’s bronze, it’s a Sage, and they are just plain cool. One of those rare reels you can own and use and, if not abused, will actually hold or appreciate in value! I just had this serviced...
  4. B

    FS Magic tool by Petitjean fly tying

    For sale;- Sold. A Petitjean Magic tool for fly tying. Great for tying and trimming. $ 20.00 blackloon 360.739.4238 text or call David
  5. miyawaki

    NFR Classic Stand Up by Mike Leach

    This guy can be damn funny! Leland.
  6. J

    FS Dry Line Steelhead by Bill McMillan

    Dry Line Steelhead and Other Subjects by Bill McMillan (paperback) in very good condition. No creases, folds, or tears. No pages missing or writing. $80 shipped
  7. A.A.

    “The River” A story by a 1st Grader

    My wife just brought this home from Parent Teacher conference. “The River” A story by my 6 year old daughter, Audrey... Me and Audrey...
  8. Dustin Bise

    Tie like a Pro Series by Gunnar Brammer

    One of the better online tying series I have seen in a while. Long episodes but the info is good, esp for someone like me who hasnt really ever dove into the science and concepts behind streamer designs.
  9. Slipstream

    Additional Meetings Scheduled by WDFW

    WDFW announces additional meetings on management of salmon, steelhead fishing guide industry OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has scheduled additional public meetings on management of the state's salmon and steelhead fishing guide industry. In addition to...
  10. Matt Hutch

    Sage One vs Sage X: A Side-By-Side Review By a Mediocre Caster

    The Sage X has been out long enough, I had heard good things about it, and until tonight had never actually casted one in "real" conditions. So I did what any reasonable person would do and sunk an unnecessary amount of money into a new Sage X 890-4. A little bit about me because I know you...
  11. Shane Stewart

    FS WTB Book - Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula by Doug Rose

    I prefer hard cover over paperback. Let me know what you have (paper back or hard cover), it's condition and what you want for it. Thanks
  12. M

    FS Sage 711 made by Loop

    For sale is Sage 711 made by Loop tackle of Sweden. This is one of the earlier models prior to the center adjustment knob. This reel can hold 175 yards feet of 30lb backing with an 11wt line. The size and backing is comparable to the original Loop model 4. This reel is approximately 4 5/8...
  13. Richard Olmstead

    Public lecture by Ray Hilborn

    Some of you may be interested in attending this public lecture at the UW. Sustaining Food from the Seas By Professor Ray Hilborn Tuesday, April 11, 2017 7–8 p.m. Kane Hall, Room 130
  14. O

    FS Anyone By Chance Traveling From Idaho Falls To Spokane?

    This is a fat chance on my part but I would be willing to pay for the delivery of a drift boat.
  15. 650Flyguy

    FS Loomis Reels Made By Sth

    Up for sale are couple reels that are sitting in my garage that I hope can be put to use. I'll ship USPS. PayPal works great, we can work out another payment method. Please end me a PM with any questions, thanks for looking, Stan Loomis reels, these came direct from a former Loomis employee -...
  16. G

    Wdfw:projections Indicate State Salmon Fisheries Will Again Be Tempered By Low Coho Runs

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 February 28, 2017 Contacts: Kyle Adicks, (360) 902-2664; Michelle Dunlop, (360) 902-2255 Projections indicate state salmon fisheries will again be tempered by low...
  17. FinLuver

    Hatchery Changes By The Corp... On a side note.... Carmen Macdonald passed away. Didn't he post on here? I know he did on iFish.
  18. SpringCreek

    FS Orvis Umpqua Fly Reel By Hart W/ Leather Case

    A well preserved Orvis Umpqua fly reel made by Hart in the mid to late 70's. This is the earlier version of the reel with the slotted screw in the spindle. The screw was eventually replaced in later production models to change how the drag knob was removed. The reel was originally engraved...
  19. Southsound

    FS Books by Kelson & Bates; Discontinued Salmon Hooks by Partridge

    My kids are wonderful in that they know their Dad's interests pretty well. While late getting here for Dad's Day (just arrived this weekend) I got a great collection of tying related books and other goodies... but now I have duplicates of both Kelson's "Salmon Fly" and Bates' "Fishing Atlantic...
  20. H

    FS Sumo Rod Racks Fly Rod Carriers By RodMounts

    I have for sale, two sets of these carriers. One is magnetic and the other is the suction cup version. Neither as ever been used, but there are no boxes for them. Something you don't have to throw away! ;) Each version sells for $149.99. These are as new, but again, without a box. Will sell...
  21. Lugan

    Trout populations impacted by last summer's heat & drought?

    Have any of you noticed negative impacts on your regular trout waters due to last summer's heat and drought? Or have you been surprised by a lack of impact? This applies to west and east side WA waters. I ask because I just returned from a desert creek that I skipped last summer due to the...
  22. Kenneth Yong

    Trip Report Lunch, followed by fishing

    I'm on a roll! Got to go fishing 2 weekends in a row, which is quite the record for me now that I have 2 small kids to have fun with. Got invited out to lunch at a friend's place near a lake outside Rome. Lunch with them is always a serious chow-down so I was really looking forward to going...
  23. msteudel

    NFR Dispersed camping suggestions by quinault lodge?

    This isn't fishing related, but I am playing a gig out at the Quinault Resort and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on dispersed camping around that area. I know there is a lot of national forrest out there, but wasn't sure how much available camping there was. Please PM me.
  24. Fat Brat

    Fat Brat