1. river_gettr

    River camping rules

    I moved to the OP not long ago and now that it's clearing up I want to do some long overnight kayak trips on some of the western OP rivers. Where I'm from, all navigable water is public so I could camp on river islands and along banks depending on the gradient. These long wide banks and islands...
  2. Lakota

    Okanogan Highlands, Republic, Sherman Pass info

    Trying to plan a last minute trip with wife and pup for the long weekend. Camping, hiking, and fishing are on the agenda. The FS land around Republic looks great but I can't find any recent reports on snow levels, hiking trail and FS road conditions. Can anyone from that area comment on...
  3. Steve Vaughn

    NFR Firewood

    Heading up to Big Pine (Yakima Canyon) for a few days. Wondering if the camp host is still there and is selling firewood. If not is there a convenient source? Thanks in advance for any first hand info.
  4. F

    Good alternatives to Chopaka next week

    I have been getting pumped about my late May annual camping/fishing trip and just found out the road in to the lake has been closed due to a road washout.....I’m REALLY BUMMED. I have ten days off and the trailer loaded....but don’t know where to go...what may be a good alternative .... looking...
  5. Rob Hardman

    Camping advice needed

    Hey all, Trying to do some lake tent camping the weekend of April 14th, but all our normal spots are still frozen or too much snow. Been trying to find a good low elevation lake with good camping and am striking out. Cranberry is an option, but the campsites aren't right on the water and...
  6. ryan2202

    Fly Fishing and Camping at the Lake - Looking for Advice

    Every year, My dad, Brother, and family friend all go fishing on the east side around the opener. We usually fish Lenice and/or Nunnally, making a weekend out of it. A fews back, we all got travel trailers - makes the stay a little more comfortable. We want to find a quality fly fishing lake...
  7. O

    Wanted Light weight camping trailer

    My wife and I have been looking into a number of camping options. She wants something with a bathroom, shower, heater, ac, stove/oven and refrigerator. I don't need all the amenities but if we are going to buy something then we might as well have everything that she wants. We travel to many...
  8. Tracker

    FS One of the best little camping rigs you'll ever find.

    1967 Roadrunner 12ft (14' to tongue) FULLY restored. 2200lbs dry, I tow it with an S10 Blazer with no problem. Way to much work done on this to list here. Send me an email if you would like the full specs. This has been a great little river hopper for me all over Montana. Due to circumstances...
  9. Tristan Mikoleit

    Beach Camping

    I got out camping this weekend with my Fiance. We loaded up the tarps and left Saturday morning to set up camp near a south sound beach: After setting up camp, we fished through the afternoon. My Fiance fished baitfish patterns on an intermediate and I fished gurglers on a floater. I was...
  10. Alex MacDonald

    camping recipes

    Some of you have asked for a few of my recipes, so here's some to play with: Enchilada Pie (done in a 10-inch Dutch oven) 1 lb ground turkey package of Lowry's Mild Taco Seasoning 1 lg yellow onion 3 medium tomatoes 1 can sliced olives 1 block each of sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese 1pkg...
  11. Steve Vaughn

    NFR Water Source

    Hauling the travel trailer over to Big Pines (Yakima Canyon) in about a week from Tri-Cities. I would like to find a place to fill my water tank closer to there so I'm not hauling all that weight from Richland. It looks like there is a rest stop on I-82 beyond Yakima that might have potable...
  12. NickTIG

    yakima river camping

    is there anywhere to pull in a rig with the boat to car camp besides the usual campgrounds in the canyon. me and a couple buddy are trying to go up Saturday fish all day then camp and fish Sunday. i know its a holiday weekend but I'm trying to make this trip happen. if anybody knows a place in...
  13. Greg Price

    Yak Canyon All BLM Campgrounds/Campsites Shut down

    I just made reservations for our annual Yak River Camping in September. I was surprised to find ALL BLM CAMPSITES IN THE YAK CANYON SHUT DOWN for the night/days of SEPT 18 AND 19, 2017. I spoke with the very helpful Ranger and he told me we can still launch/retrieve drift boats on those dates...
  14. BobbyZ

    NFR Family Camping Gear

    Need to gear up for family camping. Kids are almost 2 and 4 and I need to look into some decent gear for everyone. What are some favorite manufacturers for 4-6 person tents and sleeping bags? Looking for something cost effective. By no means are we a camping family right now, probably less than...
  15. grey beard

    Cle Elum camping

    looking for any info on a good tent camping area on a river around the Cle Elum WA. area . ???
  16. msteudel

    Trip suggestions: 3day guided float camping down river idaho or montana

    Hi All, A friend of mine is looking to do a 2 or 3 day float down a beautiful river in Idaho or Montana with a guide. They'd like it to be one long trip, not day trips. Any suggestions and guides to go along with those suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  17. O

    Wanted Used Hybrid Camping Trailer

    I'm looking to buy a used hybrid camping trailer no longer than 23' that can sleep 8 and is half-ton towable. The Rockwood Roo's seem really nice and based on my research would be on the top of the list.
  18. L

    Stillwater with Camping

    Looking for a place I can take my girlfriend and some friends camping. Not looking for anywhere too rustic and would be great if there was a bathroom as well. Digging through the forums I see that Lenice has places to camp? Does anybody else have any ideas? PM's also welcomed. Thanks!
  19. SERE Nate

    Beach fishing with camping

    I'm hoping to hit up a beach Wed to fish and camp out. Any recommendations on where both are possible?
  20. D

    Looking for camping spot

    Looking to take a couple days in early June to camp and do a little fishing. I'd prefer a stream or river. I've been thinking the upper Yak, but that's about as far as I've gotten. Taking the girlfriend, so it's going to be a camping trip, but I'd like to wet a line while I'm there! Any...
  21. james.jimenez

    Short bed camping trailer/camper

    I own a short F-250 and I am thinking of buying a camping trailer to out in the bed. What do you all own and what do you recomend? Why are they so dam expensive? Do I really need to go with airbags? Slides good, how many? Brand? Anyone have one for sale? I might have a coupon!!
  22. james.jimenez

    Short bed camping trailer??

    I own a short F-250 and I am thinking of buying a camping trailer to out in the bed. What do you all own and what do you recomend? Why are they so dam expensive? Do I really need to go with airbags? Slides good, how many? Brand? Anyone have one for sale? I might have a coupon!!
  23. Randy Lindahl

    Vacation Rental on theYakima River

    Just a heads up to everyone who enjoys fishing the Yakima River. I have another option for lodging...We just updated a cabin on the river and will be opening it up as a vacation rental in mid April. We will also having an Open House on April 1st and 2nd for any of you that want to take a look...
  24. Rob Hardman

    Merrill Lake Camping

    Camping with the guys in a couple weeks and have never been to Merrill. Anyone ever camped at the campground? Opinions? Is it a long trek to haul gear from the parking area to the campsites? Thanks, Rob
  25. Peter Kovah

    5-day Camping Trip In Late September. Where Would You Go?!

    Hello All! My girlfriend and I are planning to take a 5 night camping trip sometime towards the end of September and we are looking for ideas. This Summer we went down to Bend, Oregon where I introduced her to fly fishing for the first time and, thank God, she’s in to it (or at least she’s...
  26. TDub

    Camping Near Missoula

    My wife's sister and family just moved to Missoula and we are visiting over Labor day. We've decided to take the tent camper instead of staying with them. I realize it's a holiday weekend, but we can at least get there on Thursday, so there should be some spots available somewhere. I would...
  27. Prospector

    Tent camping spots on the Yakima?

    Hey y'all - I'm looking to kick off my freshwater season tomorrow with a solo camping trip on the Yakima. I've looked at campgrounds between Thorp and Umtanum... the Yakima Sportsman's State Park looks good, but they don't take reservations after 8pm the day before. Other than that it's all RV...
  28. SeattleFarq

    Eastern/Northern Olympic Peninsula Camping

    I need to get out to the Dungeness River this weekend to take some photographs. I'm very much hoping to turn it into a weekend camping trip with my fiancee (with some SRC fishing liberally mixed in), but from the looks of things all of the reservable camp sites are already booked. All the...