1. Woodman60

    FS Bunch of Whiting and (a few) Metz Saddles and Capes

    CLOSED - A new batch will be posted soon. Prices reduced and flat rate shipping of $5 for any quantity. PM me and include item number(s) you want. No need to respond in the thread. I'll check PM's and update status of items available frequently. Thanks for looking. Photos are available at...
  2. Big Tuna

    FS Syl Nemes Soft Hackle book, black spey cape

    Syl Nemes, The Soft-Hackled Fly, autographed, hardback, 2nd edition- great shape $40 plus shipping Black Spey Cape- 95% of the feathers are intact- $30 plus shipping SOLD
  3. Hardy406

    T Whiting Hackle Capes

    SOLD I have Whiting saddles and capes that I am moving along to trade for a Orvis bamboo or vise. I have more than I could ever use and figured someone else could appreciate them. I have quite a few vintage Whiting Hoffman saddles but here are some Capes I'm moving first. Just let me know if...
  4. Tyler Speir

    Los Barriles East Cape Baja

    I'm headed to Los Barriles for a week at the end of the month. We are staying at Hotel Palmas. I know they have guides that I can book through them, but I was wondering if anyone here knows of a really good English speaking guide that you have used in the past. I feel like if I book with the...
  5. Striper1


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