1. Perry Azevedo

    Rio Lightline vs Super Dry Elite vs SA?

    I have a Sage SP 389-5 that I’m looking to outfit with a new line. Looks like a bunch of people here prefer the Rio Lightline or Airflo Super Dry Elite for this type of a rod. Rio claims that their Lightline is actually weighted correctly for "classic" rods like the SP, and the Airflo Elite...
  2. jim52

    FS New,Redington classic trout & echo carbon xl , 89.95

    Thanks. These are a good deal if anyone can use them Have both a Redington classic trout, new with warranty card,, case . 5 Wt And a echo carbon xl .. 6 Wt new in case. Remaining from the river clean up project 89.95 ... each. Pick up or add 13.29 shipping. Each PayPal is...
  3. Chronic angler

    FS Burkheimer Classic 8139 and Hardy Bundle

    Now that I am sure I will not be doing anymore Winter Steelhead I am selling a great set up. C.F. Burkheimer 8139 Classic 7/8/9 13' 9" Spey rod. Very lightly used, mostly for casting practice. Tube, sock $750.00 o.b.o. 2 Hardy Marquis 2 Salmon reels. One virtually new, the other a little older...
  4. O

    FS Great condition - Stillwater Classic Pram Package

    The wife has told me that I have too many boats and one needs to go. Up for sale is a great condition Stillwater Classic Pram package complete with everything you need minus a battery and anchors. This includes a Minn Kota 24lb thrust motor, composite oars, oar locks, wood deck, Scotty anchor...
  5. Perry Azevedo

    FS Redington Classic Trout 590-4

    Bought this as a backup to introduce a friend to fly fishing and it was only used the one time we went out together. Since then I’ve added several more rods to my quiver, so this is going up for sale. Asking SOLD.
  6. S

    WTB WTB USED Meiser Highlander Classic Series: S2H15946C-5 15' 9" 4/5/6

    Looking for a used Meiser Highlander Classic Series: S2H15946C-5 15' 9" 4/5/6
  7. SalterLee

    FS Lamson LP 3 with pouch, box and papers

    I’ve been hoarding this one for awhile. Time to pass it along. Classic Lamson LP 3 with original pouch, box and papers. Excellent shape with the slightest bit of wear on one frame edge. Drag is tight and responsive. Porting on the frame. Would make an excellent 6 / 7/ 8 weight single hand reel...
  8. spfd jason

    FS Abel Classic Spey

    Up for sale is this beautiful Abel Classic Spey in ported titanium finish. Purchased from Poppy last fall and fished a hand full of times. One tiny micro-scratch on solid side of reel. Other than that in perfect condition. Running line and shooting head not included. Asking $400 paypalled and...
  9. SalterLee

    FS Burkheimer 7134-4 Classic Spey Rod

    7 wt 13' 4" rod from Burkie. A true do-it-all-stick. Winter and summer ready. Classic build. Downlocking reelseat. Throws 525 - 540 skagit / 480 - 510 scandi / rage IMHO. This rod is fished, but in good shape. I'd say 7 or 8/10 overall condition. Comes with Burkie sock and tube. Pictures show...
  10. Dave Westburg

    Classic Flies

    A friend was given some old flies recently. He let me take a look. It was a walk down memory lane. Two salmon bucktails tied by George McLeod and a salmon bucktail tied by Buzz Fiorini.
  11. cms829

    WTB Hardy Cascapedia MKII or III, 8/9 - or LOOP classic 5/8

    Hoping to find one of these guys. I know the MKII was made in Korea, but I really like the ported look. Would take an MKIII for the right price though. Same with the Loop. I want something with a disc. If anyone has any of these they would like to part with, let me know. Thanks!
  12. jim52

    FS New ,warranty Redington classic trout 5 wt

    thanks for looking. New in case with warranty 4 pc 5 Wt classic trout Purchased from bass pro. Will send the reciept with the warranty card .. I never used it .. was able to get my 5 Wt repaired . 98.00 and whatever the shipping is .. will ship usps priority mail. I figure the...
  13. B

    FS WTB Reddington Classic Trout 2-wt

    Interested in a CT 2-wt 7' 6'' . Thanks. Rox
  14. seldom seen

    WTB Abel Classic Spey

    This one's a bit of a unicorn, but I thought I'd put out a feeler. Looking for Abel Classic Spey with the solid spool. Cheers!
  15. mtnsaremyhome

    Echo Classic 11' 8wt question and general switch rod questions

    I couldn't find much on here, as I guess this is an older rod. Has anyone spent any time with this particular stick? Long story short I believe I am looking for a true switch rod in small/medium rivers often with high banks for salmon, steel and bulls. I have a 10ft 8wt vapen single hander and...
  16. C

    T Loop Classic 7/9 for 4" Hardy Perfect

    Having no luck selling it – so figured I’d see if someone was looking for a trade. Looking to trade my Loop Classic 7/9 for a LHW Hardy Perfect. In particular the LHW 4 inch Hardy Heritage Perfect w/ Lineguard- but open to models without line guard. Let me know what you have and PM me if...
  17. Kyle Smith

    FS Scotts Classic 175

    Scotts Classic drop spreader. Nearly new, only used once on the lawn. Fast, but not as fast as what I'm looking for. Scotts are as nice as they come. Was $65, lost my Ace Hardware receipt. $175 shipped, PayPal only.
  18. Travis Cornell

    FS Classic Accessories Float Tube $75

    Also selling my Classic Accessories Float tube. Its not the prettiest of float tubes but I've caught a lot of fish out of it and it gets the job done. I lost the stripping basket attachment therefore I installed a piece of PVC as a cross bar and it has surprisingly come in handy since it is thin...
  19. Travis Cornell

    FS Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon $150

    Selling my Classic Accessories Roanoke fishing pontoon. Installed a swivel seat to make it easier for casting. Fishes great. Has a few dings but it's a boat. Great for lake fishing or floating down small streams or rivers. Pump included. $150 PM or post response if interested. -Travis
  20. J

    FS Abel Classic Spey Reel

    Abel Classic Series Spey reel in matte black color for sale. This reel is brand new and comes with pouch, box, blank warranty card and all paperwork. SOLD
  21. L

    FS Echo Classic 7129-4 Outfit

    Selling a great spey outfit for someone that is getting into spey. It includes everything you need to get started. Just add fly and tippet. This is a great deal and worth over $400. The reel and line is matched perfectly to the Echo Classic. I have only used this once on the casting pond...
  22. SuperSecretCIA

    FS Classic Books - Out of Print - Hard to Find

    Ok, you saved a ton of money on sale items for your family and friends. That means you have money burning a hole in your pocket. You deserve to treat yourself and I can help. Here is your opportunity to purchase some of the best Fly Fishing - Fly Tying books ever! The condition of every one...
  23. C

    FS FS: Burkheimer Classic 7134-4

    For sale is a gently used Burkheimer Classic 7134-4. Rod condition: 8/10 light scuffs on blank. Cork in excellent condition. Reel seat flawless. One scratch on rodtube. No name on rod. $700 and Santa will deliver to CONUS. Additional $25 for shipping to our friends north of the border. $650 if...
  24. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Redington classic trout 4wt

    For sale 8'6 4wt reddington classic trout. Great little stick I just need to thin out the heard. $60 local Seattle pickup. Will ship if you pay shipping.
  25. M

    WTB Sage TCR 790 or Loomis GLX classic 9' 7wt

    Still looking for a 9' 7wt TCR or Loomis GLX classic. Thanks
  26. miyawaki

    NFR Classic Stand Up by Mike Leach

    This guy can be damn funny! Leland.
  27. scifidelity

    FS WTB: Bauer CFX Spey 4 or RX 4 Classic Spey

    RX 4 Classic is just the updated version of the older CFX Spey 4. Let me know what you have and what you are looking to get for it. Thanks!
  28. B

    FS Echo Classic 11 ft 7 weight switch with Lamson Liquid

    Selling used Echo Classic 11 ft 7 weight switch rod with Lamson Liquid 4 reel. Orvis 380 grain integrated line. Tube for rod & box for reel. Good used condition. $250.00 firm + $20.00 shipping
  29. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Colorado pontoon package classic accessories

    For sale is a Colorado pontoon classic accessories. It is in used conditon. It floats and doesn't lose air. Comes with fins for trolling , a foot pump for blowing it up, a net anchor system. Everything works and it is ready to hit the water. $100 for the package deal. I live in northgate...
  30. Riversidecountydrive

    T Reddinton classic trout for glass rod

    Looking to get into the glass game. Wanting to trade for a 0-3wt glass rod. Have a good reddington classic trout 9ft 4wt to trade
  31. A

    FS Classic Accessories Bozeman pontoon boat--free

    Full disclosure: the oar lock on one side is defective (part missing), but otherwise a good boat. I bought a frameless pontoon boat that I like better and just want to get this out of my garage. Call Al, at (206)-909-1313.
  32. N


    Eight foot Spring Creek fiberglass PRAM built by NW premier PRAM builder. 60lbs. Splash web ivory & hunter green. 1 front, 2 rear mounted carrying handles; center bow mounted pocket puller kit (for anchor); 2 Stern mounted Scotty anchor locks; motor pad on transom; Cataract 6.5' Composite...
  33. B

    FS CF Burkheimer classic sea trout 490-4

    Too many rods. 9' 4 weight classic series sea trout rod. Kind of too fast for my casting style, so decided to sell since im not using it. Retails for $835.00 pretty firm at $650. Fished once for about 15 minutes. As new. Beautiful rod.
  34. C

    FS Hardy Classic Lightweight LRH fly rod 8'6" 4wt

    Hardy Classic Lightweight LRH fly rod 8'6" 4wt - very smooth medium to medium-fast fly rod. I'm sure comments about the Korea manufacture will ensue, but bottom line is fish don't discriminate based on where a rod is made. Rod is in mint condition and includes ferrule plugs and original...
  35. Truckeetroutbum

    FS Beulah classic 5/6

    Beulah classic 10'6" 5/6 in great shape. With factory Sock and tube. $200 shipped conus and PayPal fees
  36. John Parker

    WTB Classic Scott G 883

    I am looking for a Scott G 8'8" 3 wt., preferably a 2 pc. Not looking for a tube queen, just one in good fishing condition. Also looking for the original Ross Evolution reels and a Ross Evolution LT 2 spool (preferably black). Thanks. John
  37. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS/T Rio Gold WF3F and Rio Classic WF3F both NIB

    SOLD Looking to sell, or preferably trade for some 6, 7 or 8 wt floating line. I'd sell both together for $65 or trade for a GOOD 6,7, or 8wt line, NIB These are both new, in their boxes.
  38. rogefowler

    Loomix NRX lp vs GLX Classic

    Ive fished the nrx lp 9' 5wt and its a great rod. Just wondering if anyone has fished both and would be willing to compare. Thanks.
  39. para_adams

    FS Classic Heddon Bamboo rod

    I need to make room in my bamboo rod closet so I'm selling a sweet casting 8-1/2' Heddon Premier with the very popular "2f" size ferrules/taper and with the beautiful medium carmel colored cane finish. I'm asking $225 plus shipping. Local sales are welcome. The four sections measure out as...
  40. sakana

    FS Abel Classic Reel

    A great reel: • excellent condition—used only two times • see photos • includes Abel reel case • $450 shipped (line not incl.)
  41. Jeff46

    FS Framed Classic Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Flies

    Fly Tier Jan Hale Mollenelli Shasta Trinity Flyfishers Flytier Of The Year 2010 Has studied under John Shewey, Alec Jackson, and others. These are affordable works of art. Some are original designs, some are reproductions of classics. Most are between $40-$60 framed. Beautiful. I own...

    FS Echo Classic 7129-4 with reel

    Echo classic 7129-4 with Redington Behemoth 9/10 and Airflow compact scandi. Rod is in good condition and reel is brand new and comes with backing (no running line). Line is brand new as well. I bought this for my wife to try but she has zero interest. $275 shipped for the package.
  43. Tom Thumb

    FS 1930's Hardy Uniqua

    Hardy Uniqua 3 5/8", mint in original card box. Made by Addie Pringle( 1933-1939). See photo with makers initials. Great collector piece or fantastic fishable reel. SOLD shipped worldwide. Paypal fees on buyer please. Cheers, Jan
  44. jaybo41

    FS Wtb Abel Classic 3/4/5

    As the title states, I'm looking for an Abel Classic 3/4/5 preferably in slate or black and preferably in minty condition. Will entertain other options. If you have one and are willing to part with it, please start a conversation with me. Thanks!

    FS Loop Classic 10-13 Left Hand Wind

    Brand New Loop Classic 10-13 line. Left hand wind. $920 shipped
  46. Alosa

    FS Echo Classic Spey (13ft 8wt)

    ECHO Classic Spey Rod 8130-4 13'0" #8 line (540-650 Grains). This rod has been fished once and is pristine condition. It shows no wear, nicks, scratches, or soiling of the cork. This rod comes with rod sock and tube pictured below. This rod retails for $270, asking $200 (OBO).
  47. bfic

    FS Nfr Classic Craftsman Metal Lathe

    Anyone interested in refurbishing a classic craftsman (made by Atlas) metal lathe. 12" x 36", flat bed, open gear, with cross slide feed. Needs motor and some clean up work (motor in pic is a furnace motor). I can probably find an old lantern style tool post to go with it. Stand is much...
  48. SquatchinSince86

    February Salon: Classic Riffs

    I have been digging classic ties lately, especially those tied with a twist or two or three What ya got? Here is a classic orange and pheasant tied with a couple creative liberties.
  49. N

    FS/T Nwt Echo Classic 5 Wt 2-hander

    Echo 5109 classic Spey rod with plastic still on cork. Looking to trade for a 2-4 wt Spey/switch or quality reels. For the right trade offer I'm willing to throw in some cash as well. Willing to let go for $180.