1. S

    FS TFO Clouser 8'9" #7

    8'9" #7 4 pc. TFO Clouser ($125). The first generation Clouser rod. This one has seen some use, but is still solid. Grip soiling, and much of the filler is gone from the cork on the grip. Still way fishable. Price includes shipping in lower 48.
  2. jim52

    FS New tfo 9 wts , ticrx & clouser

    keeping one for myself Your choice I like either one. Ticrx .. 9 ft 9 wt. clouser 8.9". 9 Wt Both in factory package..with warranty card and sock 139.95. Each That's what I paid... 8.99 shipping
  3. chris stiemert

    SBS Fox tail clouser (for beginners)

    This is just a simple pattern, but I thought some newer tiers might appreciate. This has been my go to fly of late, mostly I fish in a tan or white and chart. A couple little tricks make a big difference in preventing fouling. I'm using some heavier eyes here, but I also tie quite a bit with the...
  4. 4sallypat

    Double hali hookup! Nick C clouser fly & rootbeer salt fly

    Yesterday, fishing the salt with my club, I was targeting mackerel but after catching a couple of spotted sea bass, I was the only one fishing a spey rod and got a double halibut hookup! At first when I got the strike, it felt like a big halibut to take home but when I reeled her onto the...
  5. J

    Tfo Clouser Vs Echo Two Handed Glass

    Trying to pick a beach rod.... Two handed is nice. But, I huck larger flies, 1/0 clousers in herring patterns aren't uncommon, my 6wt reddington works when its calm and I'm tossing lighter flies but..... I need something substantial to cut through wind with heavy flies My two pics for rods...
  6. Theron

    Keta Clouser

    I was tying up some Clouser Minnows and had the materials still on my desk from some Keta Rose flies I tied up earlier. I came up with these Clousers using the same sequence of materials as on the Keta Rose. These are bead chain eyes and Gamakatsu hooks. The left one is a SC15 # 4 and the right...
  7. 5-lb sheepshead

    5-lb sheepshead

    This bruiser took a clouser I was casting to redfish in Florida. I had no idea what it was until I saw it because of the way it was fighting me. Fall 2015, Melbourne FLA
  8. SRC Swap 8/04

    SRC Swap 8/04

    Clouser Minnow by LeakyTiki Hook: Mustad #4 Salmon Hook Eye's: 5/32 gold barbell eyes (painted pink/red) Body: White bucktail, a few strands of flasbou, Chartreuse bucktail. Head: 2 coats of "Hard as Nails" fingernail polish.
  9. Puyallup Pink

    Puyallup Pink

  10. 2003 Saltwater Fly Swap : Clouser

    2003 Saltwater Fly Swap : Clouser