1. mtskibum16

    Ling Cod 2017

    Anyone make it out for the opener today or planning to soon? Post up some flies you're using, gear, technique tips, pictures of fish you caught, etc here. I have yet to target lings on the fly, but I'd love to go if anyone ever has an open seat!
  2. SilverFly

    What Do You Get When You Cross A Ling Cod With A ...

    ... TUNA? Answer: A COALFISH
  3. Jason Decker

    FS Garage Sale: ALLEN 10wt Rod, Sage 4210 reel + spool, ling cod line package

    ENTIRE SET UP FOR SALE ALLEN 9ft 10WT ROD - 4pc SAGE 4210 REEL + SPOOL SA +Airflow SALT LINE SET UP *pics to be uploaded soon 1. Allen XA 1090-4 9ft 10 WT 4 piece comes with Allen Rod Tube, no sock $150 like new $125.00 2. like NEW - SAGE 4210 REEL + 4250 SPOOL...
  4. Sekiu Ling

    Sekiu Ling

  5. Striper1


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