1. YRHTU 090

    Vote Yes on the Suction Dredge Reform Bill - HB 1261 - CALL TODAY!

    Can you take a moment to call our state representatives to vote YES on the Suction Dredge Reform bill - HB 1261? We want our representatives to hear support from their constituents to vote YES on HB 1261. Passing this bill will help update state regulations on suction dredge mining in critical...
  2. fieldcady

    Improved Map of Overstocked Alpine Lakes

    A while ago I posted a link to a website that gives a map of Washington's overstocked alpine lakes. There was a ton of positive feedback, so I've made some improvements to it. Now you can filter the lakes by size, elevation, and county so that you can more easily find exactly what you're...
  3. T

    Mar 15: Return of the Elwha w/ John McMillan (Shelton, WA)

    Join us for a post dam removal Elwha River update with Trout Unlimited's Wild Steelhead Initiative's Science Director, John McMillan, from blast to present! This will be a fun evening with a lighthearted fly tying competition, prizes, heavy appetizers, no host beverages and a raffle with...
  4. YRHTU 090

    Yakima River Headwaters TU F3T Event - Saturday, May 4, 2019

    The Yakima River Headwaters TU Chapter is excited to announce the May 4 tour stop for the Fly Fishing Film Tour! This year's event in Ellensburg has moved to the Armory Hall on the Fairgrounds, in conjunction with the FFI Fair. There will be on site food and beverage vendors, a raffle, silent...
  5. Klickrolf

    Conservation of a different kind

    Check this out, who'd a thunk? Hope this works. I'm gonna call it epigenetics, lots of choices.
  6. Klickrolf

    Conservation of Energy, hopefully...

    Got a problem I'm hoping a WFF electrician can help, or someone who knows more than I. I'm replacing flourescent tubes with LED tubes. Rec'd very brief instructions with the tubes, so brief I hope I can't make sense of them. The ballast must be removed from the circuit. I clipped the black...
  7. spfd jason

    One Thread of Hope for "Conservation": DRA update

    This seems to be the first good news we've had in the Conservation sub-forum for some time. At least the struggle gets to move forward. Deschutes River Alliance news.
  8. freestoneangler

    Conservation w/o Politics

    Now this is some conservation that makes sense. Particularly like that they don't look like traditional solar panels (which I find kind of ugly), the apparent durability (as depicted by hail test), and lifetime warranty. Anyone using this system or know someone who is? A neighbor just...
  9. Derek Young

    Internship Opportunity - Yakima River Headwaters TU

    The Yakima River Headwaters Trout Unlimited Chapter is seeking qualified candidates to work the "Headwaters Matter" campaign this summer. Each position will advance the Chapter's strategic plans to protect, restore, reconnect, and sustain the cold water resources of the Yakima River with a...
  10. hbmcc

    Where Is The Place Of Conservation In A Time Of Narcissism?

    The neighbors of the USA have a very clear view of our National Problem: I wonder how many agree with the article; and how many join the subject in his...
  11. Derek Young

    Yakima River Headwaters Tu End Of Year Newsletter

    Thank you to all of the Chapter members on this site who contributed volunteer hours and financial support to protect the headwaters of the Yakima. We had a successful 2016 and have plans in place to continue our stewardship and conservation work in the Teanaway. We will launch our "Headwaters...
  12. River Pig

    Op Conservation Organizations

    Feeling like I should give something back and wondering if anyone knows what organisations are doing good work for salmon and steelhead conservation on the Olympic Peninsula?
  13. River Pig

    Op Conservation Organizations

    Feeling like I should give something back and wondering if anyone knows any good organisations that work for salmon and steelhead conservation on the Olympic Peninsula?
  14. John Hicks

    Olympia Peeps. (and Surrounding Area)

    Just wanted to get the word out about the Trout Unlimited chapter in Olympia. We have been having some great meetings this year. We've had Jim Unsworth (WDFW director), James Losee (Bio WDFW), as well as a few others. We also do quite a few projects around the Olympia area. If you are...
  15. GOTY

    Retiring from Steelheading

    Dear WFF, This morning I awoke to some amazing news. My life as I know it will never be the same. The one thing missing from my steelhead resume is now complete. It is time I take my talents elsewhere to conquer another challenge. There is simply nothing left for me to achieve in the steelhead...
  16. Derek Young

    Support your local beavers!

    We see a lot of "rock dams" in the headwaters this time of year, and remove as many as we find, but keeping up with humans can be difficult. The Beavers do a much better job and there's plenty of science that points to the benefits for healthy populations of most wildlife, importantly our Wild...