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    image2 (3).jpeg

    3 Weight Custom Blue Halo
  2. image2 (2).jpeg

    image2 (2).jpeg

    3 Weight Blue Halo Custom Build
  3. Jerry Daschofsky

    Any custom line guys or gals here?

    No I'm not looking to have one built. Just curious how many of you seriously build custom lines by weighing the line and cutting them to size, varying up heads, etc. Looking for people who do this often. People who will build for friends, etc
  4. Elliott5400

    Custom Power Wrapper (CPW)

    Just picked this old guy up off of Craigslist for what I consider a fair price. Impressive how well it still functions after many years of use, looks and feels solid!
  5. Shopkeeper

    Custom vs Factory

    I cleaned out my dad's rods a couple years ago and discovered he had purchased a couple "custom" rods off eBay. They were Batson blanks and one RPL...the work on the Sage was hard to look at- purple wraps about 2 inches long; I just finished stripping it to redo. But, the work on the Batson...
  6. para_adams

    Rewrap a custom Sage Light Line, guidance please!

    I bought a Sage 389-2 LL rod custom built on a 389-2B blank. The guide wraps are not my favorite, to put it mildly, so I'm hoping I can strip the wraps and refinish the rod....without doing ANY damage to the blank. I have lots of experience stripping and refinishing bamboo rods but have no...
  7. Rodney Wayne Bohannon

    Scott F703/3 Custom

    Here's a rare Scott Custom It's a F703/3 with F2 hardware instead of Nickle Silver the script is in silver, there's a 12" and 24" marking! Also the green wrapping is tipped in silver. Rod tube is marked to show F2 hardware . As the Scott factory acknowledged the the different hardware was...
  8. M

    Custom 6wt

    So my wife wanted a Sage Bolt...not because she can cast such a fast rod, but she loved the orange blank. Rather than buying her a rod that would probably be too fast for her to cast, I searched for a quality orange blank and found Rodgeeks, built by St. Croix. They make over 30 different blank...
  9. PatrickH

    Custom Rainshadow Rx7 Ist1025

    Just finished this build and wanted to show it off. I think it turned out pretty nice. Custom Rainshadow RX7 IST1025-M Salmon/Steelhead. FUJI TVS size 17 Reel Seat with full length Graphite Arbor and Carbon Fiber Insert. Custom hand turned Cactus Cork split grips. Aluminum winding checks...
  10. Luke77

    Raft side-rail racks - DIY

    I've been wanting to do this for years now and finally got the afternoon to pull the trigger. I just can't justify the $300 price tag to get pre-fab'd boards from NRS, so I made a trip to the hardware store and swung by the parents' house for a Sunday funday project. Home depot shopping list...
  11. Rainshadow XCEL 9wt 9'

    Rainshadow XCEL 9wt 9'

  12. hookkeep detail, Rainshadow Forecast, 5 wt 9'.

    hookkeep detail, Rainshadow Forecast, 5 wt 9'.