1. G

    FS/T Custom Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 8' 5wt Glass Rod

    I have a like new Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 8' 5wt 2pc glass rod custom built by Dusty Smith now of The Livingston Rod Company. Other than being lawn cast once, it is as delivered to me by Dusty and is absolutely beautiful. It has a very smooth medium action in my hand. Comes in its original...
  2. PatrickH

    FS Rainshadow Rx7 Custom Steelhead Salmon Spinning Fishing Rod

    Rainshadow RX7 IST1144F 9'6" mod/fast 10-17 3/8-1 M $240 Rod is fresh off the dryer, never touched water. One of a kind custom build. No other rod on the water looks like this one. Just the parts on this build cost $220. Need the cash to upgrade my equipment is the only reason for selling so...
  3. W

    FS Allstar Austin Custom 9' 5wt

    I got deep into rod building over the last few years which is where I learned about these cult, impossible to find blanks put out by Allstar back in the 90s. Some serious rod builders I know consider these the finest graphite rods ever made and I was lucky to find a few blanks to build on. I...
  4. Cozmo4196

    Custom Fly Tying

    I'm new to fly fishing, have zero experience on the vice(besides tying double egg loop yarn balls) and in a few weeks I'm fishing an area that has a very specific bait fish as the primary food source. Can anyone suggest where I should go to get some custom flies tied? Is this something that fly...
  5. LD

    FS Custom Built Fly Rods

    I enjoy building fly rods , but can only use so many. So I have a few brand new rods that have been test cast but never fished. Fit finish are very nice and not your average home built rod. all the labels are printed not hand written for a professional look and I do not put my name on the rod...
  6. Luke77

    Raft side-rail racks - DIY

    I've been wanting to do this for years now and finally got the afternoon to pull the trigger. I just can't justify the $300 price tag to get pre-fab'd boards from NRS, so I made a trip to the hardware store and swung by the parents' house for a Sunday funday project. Home depot shopping list...
  7. D

    Steve Godshall Custom Lines

    I have read on forums for at least a year that ordering a spey or switch line from Steve Godshall is a wise move. I didn't listen and purchased several lines for my Beulah spey. Recently purchased a switch rod and made the call to Steve. He spent 20 minutes on the phone discussing my unique...
  8. B

    FS Russ Peak Custom Glass Rod Built in 1965, 7 1/4'

    Built by Russ in 1965 for loyal customer Jack King. Throws 4-6wt lines. Weighs 3 3/4 ounces. Rod is in very good condition. Tube and sock included. $825 shipped to conus. Other shipping at cost.
  9. Rainshadow XCEL 9wt 9'

    Rainshadow XCEL 9wt 9'

  10. hookkeep detail, Rainshadow Forecast, 5 wt 9'.

    hookkeep detail, Rainshadow Forecast, 5 wt 9'.

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