1. cabezon

    Trip Report Westlope Cutt Report

    Well, I was supposed to be fishing Rock Creek in Montana last week and visiting dear friends who just purchased a cabin on this little slice of heaven. But fires upstream and downstream of their inholding led to restricted access. So, it was on to plan B. Back to the old reliable. Where you...
  2. Troutnut

    Small-stream westslope cutt movement & activity at this time of year?

    I had an interesting experience yesterday evening (July 31st) fishing a very small stream on the east slope of the Cascades above 3,000 feet. When I was there for the first time eight days earlier, I was catching a pretty little westslope cutt (or five) in every likely-looking pool and pocket...
  3. Zack Dougan

    Fish in the Sound don't mind the weather

    This past week I was fortunate to be able to spend a whole day fishing the beach! Thankfully my #1 go to spot had plenty of activity, saw a few fish slurping the top water, tried throwing them some skrimps and they didn't seem the slightest bit interested. Then all of a sudden in came the wind...
  4. creekx

    Rio Grande Cutthroat Video

    Love this video! Great small creek fishing for stunningly beautiful fish. That little Scott F2 6' #2 looks like a sweet little rod for that type of water. edit: looks like it won't embed...
  5. M

    FS Sea Run Cutt Flies

    140 +/- a few sea run cutthroat flies with C&F fly box. Some are commercial ties, some are custom ties. Only a couple of them have been used. Asking $75; that's barely more than 50 cents a fly!
  6. Local cuttie

    Local cuttie

    2/9/2008 local pond cuttie...
  7. Small water Cutt

    Small water Cutt

    A good distraction while looking for steel. Any idea what happened to it's tail?
  8. Wyoming Creek Cutt.

    Wyoming Creek Cutt.

    Wyoming Creek Cutt.
  9. SRC Swap 8/04

    SRC Swap 8/04

    Cutt-Bait by Harleydeen Primarily used in salt water to imitate euphausids. Hook: #10 Standard Thread: Olive Body: Silver Mylar Tinsel w/copper rib. Underwing: 3 strands pearl Krystal flash. Wing: Olive zonker strip Overwing: 6 strands olive Krystal flash.
  10. SRC Avatar

    SRC Avatar

    5-31 at Anderson Pt. SRC about 13". Caught it on a Green Demond (Rockfish's fly).
  11. SRC Anderson Pt

    SRC Anderson Pt

    Caught this on 5-31 using Anil's tube fly.
  12. OHF2


  13. OHF2


  14. St. Joe Cutt

    St. Joe Cutt

  15. Sea Run Cutt Puget Sound

    Sea Run Cutt Puget Sound

  16. Sea Run Cutt2 10-06-03

    Sea Run Cutt2 10-06-03

  17. BC Cutt WW

    BC Cutt WW

  18. Released Sea Run Cutt

    Released Sea Run Cutt

  19. Fatty Sea Run Cutt

    Fatty Sea Run Cutt

  20. Searun Cutt

    Searun Cutt

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