1. Local cuttie

    Local cuttie

    2/9/2008 local pond cuttie...
  2. Small water Cutt

    Small water Cutt

    A good distraction while looking for steel. Any idea what happened to it's tail?
  3. Wyoming Creek Cutt.

    Wyoming Creek Cutt.

    Wyoming Creek Cutt.
  4. SRC Swap 8/04

    SRC Swap 8/04

    Cutt-Bait by Harleydeen Primarily used in salt water to imitate euphausids. Hook: #10 Standard Thread: Olive Body: Silver Mylar Tinsel w/copper rib. Underwing: 3 strands pearl Krystal flash. Wing: Olive zonker strip Overwing: 6 strands olive Krystal flash.
  5. SRC Avatar

    SRC Avatar

    5-31 at Anderson Pt. SRC about 13". Caught it on a Green Demond (Rockfish's fly).
  6. SRC Anderson Pt

    SRC Anderson Pt

    Caught this on 5-31 using Anil's tube fly.
  7. OHF2


  8. OHF2


  9. St. Joe Cutt

    St. Joe Cutt

  10. Sea Run Cutt Puget Sound

    Sea Run Cutt Puget Sound

  11. Sea Run Cutt2 10-06-03

    Sea Run Cutt2 10-06-03

  12. BC Cutt WW

    BC Cutt WW

  13. Released Sea Run Cutt

    Released Sea Run Cutt

  14. Fatty Sea Run Cutt

    Fatty Sea Run Cutt

  15. Searun Cutt

    Searun Cutt