1. Dan Sells

    Trip Report Sullivan Creek Salmo-Priest wilderness Thurs 8/15, Mon 8/19

    Collville NF Website Says mill pond is still closed for rehab.
  2. Claybeene3

    Looking for some places to wade in central Washington

    Hello, my name is Clay and I'm new to this forum and relatively new to fly fishing. I recently moved to Washington from Oklahoma and am looking for some places to wade for trout. I was planning on trying to fish the Naches next week, but I talked to a fly shop in the area and they said that the...
  3. Steve Vaughn

    Trip Report Short Naches River trip

    Fished the Naches River this morning from about 7 until 12:30. To be legit for this forum I am posting a scenery pic. I did contemplate getting a picture of the last fish I caught - solid 18", beautifully colored cutthroat, but during the contemplation she made her escape. She took me to my...
  4. troutslayer1

    WTB Float Pontoon/ Raft

    Hey folks! I'm in search of a new stillwater float, preferably a pontoon or raft. I'd like to see what others may have available for sale! Please feel free to respond to the thread here directly, or shoot me a direct message. Cheers! Conner
  5. Capn Chicken Man

    FS 9' Cataract SGG Counterbalanced Oars with Cutthroat Blades

    Howdy! I have a set of 9' Cataract SGG Counterbalanced Oars with the Cutthroat Blades (similar to shoal cut). They have been used a grand total of 1 time (just a couple scuffs). Black in color with rope wraps. These list for around $600 new. I am asking $450. I am in Missoula but headed...
  6. J

    Favorite Winter Cutthroat Patterns

    Howdy Sea-Run Cutthroat Fly tyers and Fly Fishermen, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but I thought I would give it a try. I am teaching a class on Sea-Run Cutthroat Winter patterns and how to fish them at Peninsula Outfitters Fly Shop In Poulsbo, Wa. This Saturday March 3, from 10:30...
  7. Mark Mercer

    Updated Cutthroat Squimp SBS

    I've had a few request for a updated SBS for the Squimp so thought I'd do one as I've been stuck at home with a cold. Nick Clayton's been tying a really nice variant and I have no doubt it works just as well and is easier to tie, this is just how I've been tying them. Hook- #6 or #8 your...
  8. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $300 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested! Thanks, Conner
  9. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $325 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, (stock photo attached, but can send photos upon request). Thanks, Conner
  10. troutslayer1

    FS Topwater Salt Flies

    Topwater Gurgler Sliders Tied on Gamakatsu SC 15 salt hooks White - size 6 Colors - size 10 Work extremely well for Sea Run Cutts, Coho, etc. $20 for the group Custom ties available, willing to ship Conner
  11. C

    FS Searun Cutthroat replica wall mount fish display

    21" Searun cutthroat fiberglass fish replica featured within a saltwater beach scene. This is a museum quality interpretive wall mount feature that was created, hand-painted as well as air brushed by a local artist. The fish is a trophy size Pacific NW Searun cutthroat and represents a 6 pound...
  12. D

    sea run cutthroat question

    Does anyone know if sea run cutthroat have started up the Snoqualmie yet. I'm thinking of drifting my pontoon downstream from Fall city to the end of Neal Road. But maybe the water is too low and the heat too high. Regardless, when the time is right, what patterns should I use. Denisr
  13. bek41

    Cutthroat fishing in OP rivers

    I will be heading to the OP soon and have no idea how to fish for cutthroat in the rivers. Could anyone give me some tips like what kind of flies are effective and such? Thank you so much and looking forward to learning more!
  14. Spg

    First cutthroat

    Being a beautiful day today, I decided to head out to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie as my intro to Washington freshwater. Drove up to the start of the gravel and was all set to keep going on the right hand track when the missus got nervous, so we decided to head back to a spot that looked...
  15. Guy Gregory

    Trip Report Cutthroat Country

    Dutch, Dog of the West, and I head for Cutthroat Country Great water this year Wading good Another great run No, they ain't huge fish, but they're eager, and beautiful Freshwater mussels! Time for mussells et frites....alas, no duck fat in my camp kit... Here's all the...
  16. 4sallypat

    Trip Report Uninta Mountain Upper Weber river Cutthroat, Brook, Rainbow mini grand slam w/ 2 hander DRY FLY

    Drove to Utah to drop my kid off at the University of Utah to begin his college years and got a chance to fish with a guide to the headwaters of the upper Weber river located near Peoa, UT. This was my second trip to Utah with the same guide - first trip was nymphing for monster browns where I...
  17. SemperFi

    Chelan River Produces!

    Staying at Wapato Point in Manson, WA for a family vacation. Hit the Chelan River the past two mornings with great success! Yesterday I used a hopper pattern in the 100 degree weather, and got a number of hits reeling in 7 or 8 fish from one little run in the river within a 45-minute period...
  18. S

    Stillaguamish sea-run cutthroat 2017 season report

    The cutthroat season on the Stillaguamish is one of the quality fisheries that I eagerly look forward to ever year. Our "S" river sea-run fishing is one of the few fisheries that is better today than 40 years ago - literally better than "the good old days". Anyway here is my 2017...
  19. troutslayer1

    Naches River Fishing

    Afternoon folks! Say, I'm wondering if anyone has been on the Naches River yet this year, or fished any of the tribs? I'm looking to possibly head over that way this weekend after having been out of state for the last week. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you don't want info to get blown up or...
  20. River Pig

    Coastal Cutthroat

    Had some errands to run yesterday morning. Picked up some wooly buggers at Dennis Co. Makes me happy to buy flies at a hardware store but their selection is getting smaller all the time. This place has been "Opening soon" in downtown Aberdeen since January Supposed to have a selection of...
  21. troutslayer1

    NF Coeur D'Alene River

    Hey folks, Going to be heading out to the Idaho Panhandle here this weekend. Two questions: 1) Any recommendations for areas to start on the North Fork Coeur D'Alene, or other tribs. to hit nearby 2) Campground Recommendations? I know guys are pretty selective with information they may be...
  22. S

    FS Catchercraft Sea Run Cutthroat Raft

    $2100 Includes: Galvanized frame with two seats (rowing seat is a tractor, front seat is folding swivel). Nine foot self-bailing Maxxon raft. LeeLock Anchor system and pulleys with 20lb Green Anchor, rope and carabiner. Three 7.5 foot cataract Mini-Mags oars (Two have oar stops, one is a...
  23. VanAllen

    Trip Report Lahontan Cutthroat Trout

    A cold spring with lots of runoff late into the season meant we would only be blind casting to the occasional cruising fish. That didn't sound so bad, and despite the obvious disadvantage that we might have over the standard conditions of gin-clear water and abundant moving targets, our goal of...
  24. Anil

    "Sea Run Cutthroat Trout" Book signing April 15

    We have been waiting a while for this highly anticipated book to be released. Join us at the shop for a great opportunity to meet Richard and have your book signed! Saturday, April 15th 11am-4pm FREE // No Sign Up Necessary // Everyone is Welcome! // Food/Beverages Provided! We will have...
  25. creekx

    Rio Grande Cutthroat Video

    Love this video! Great small creek fishing for stunningly beautiful fish. That little Scott F2 6' #2 looks like a sweet little rod for that type of water. edit: looks like it won't embed...
  26. R

    Cutthroat Fishing On Lake Sammamish

    I live at the north end of Lake Sammamish, and have been watching several boats each day go slowly down the middle of the lake fishing for Cutthroat, but they have not had much luck. I am interested in trying this fishing myself, and wanted to ask the forum if anyone fly fishes the lake for...
  27. WiscoAndy

    Where To Fish This Weekend

    If you wanted to catch trout this weekend, where would you go? Ideally, the answer is a quiet little stream full of 16" cutthroats. Or an alpine lake full of same. Help me out! Cuz Idaho seems too far right now...
  28. Todash19

    Cutthroat Id

    A river in Clark county has been offering up cutthroat trout lately, and I wonder if anyone can ID them. Are they west slope? Since I'm used to 6-10 inch rainbows, these guys really got my heart pumping. I thought they may have been sea-run as I understand this river has a good sea-run...
  29. VanAllen

    FS Fish Art!

    I've created some art over the last few months and have begun selling prints. I'm putting together an order that will be going out to my printing source within the next couple of days. A few folks have made requests through the Art section of the forum or through my blog...
  30. SRC


    just hangin out doodling
  31. Local cuttie

    Local cuttie

    2/9/2008 local pond cuttie...
  32. Metolius IPA

    Metolius IPA

    A beer label illustration of a westslope cutthtroat
  33. Amphipod eating SRC

    Amphipod eating SRC

    A south sound cutthroat caught on an amphipod pattern on 12/17/2007
  34. Small water Cutt

    Small water Cutt

    A good distraction while looking for steel. Any idea what happened to it's tail?
  35. Sol Duc SRC

    Sol Duc SRC

    Nice SRC caught on the Sol Duc 9/07
  36. Little Cutthroat

    Little Cutthroat

    Incidental while steelhead fishing--I thought it was just a large smolt at first.
  37. St. Joe Cutthroat

    St. Joe Cutthroat

    Took a Royal Wulff on a downstream drift near Huckleberry, tailout of a deep hole
  38. Nocturnal Cutthroat

    Nocturnal Cutthroat

    Sleep is for whimps...
  39. Surface cuttie

    Surface cuttie

    I caught this one off of a creek mouth on a pseudo slider...
  40. Blue back cutthroat

    Blue back cutthroat

    Pretty little cutthroat.
  41. landing another nice fish

    landing another nice fish

    This was the last fish of the evening, for a period of 45 minutes we were hooking up on nearly every cast, I've never seen such a concentration of fish. We were surrounded by bait and fish slashing through them. At one point we were able to catch fish just by danging the fly off the side of the...
  42. searun profile

    searun profile

    Sideview of a smaller searun, sealice down its back. The eyes appear to have spots in them.
  43. south sound searun

    south sound searun

    Taped this guy at 16" - he wolfed down a blue and white clouser. Looks like he has yellow lipstick on.
  44. North Hood Canal searun

    North Hood Canal searun

    I had to make a weekend trip to Port Townsend so I decided to hit a beach I used to fish when I was growing up there. When I walked in I saw cutts busting bait, 2nd cast landed me this fish.
  45. Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Usually the nice cutthroat I catch in July are caught on hoppers, but this westslope took a little flashback nymph late in the day. It's 17 inches from the butt to the end of the wraps on this rod. Look at all the white on the pelvic fins. It has a fin stripe like a bull.
  46. Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Eastern Washington Westslopes

    Usually the nice cutthroat I catch in July are caught on hoppers, but this westslope took a little flashback nymph. It's 17 inches from the butt to the end of the wraps on this rod. Look at all the white on the pelvic fins. It has a fin stripe like a bull. A closer look at the nymph.
  47. Beautiful cutthroat swimming to freedom

    Beautiful cutthroat swimming to freedom

    Couldn't believe this fish paused in the net long enough for this "promo" shot with one of our Crowsnest River Series rods.
  48. Nice cutthroat taken on my daughter's rod

    Nice cutthroat taken on my daughter's rod

    Not a huge fish, though very nice from the small trib it was taken on. This is my daughter's 5wt she designed (chose the wood, blank color, thread, trim, etc.). Now her two sisters have me hard at work on their own cusomized masterpieces! :)
  49. Wild Cutthroat being returned

    Wild Cutthroat being returned

    I love these fish! :) From one of the tributaries of the Oldman River, Alberta
  50. WA Deschutes Cutthroat

    WA Deschutes Cutthroat