1. Anil

    G-LOOMIS 10' 3 weight Max GLX Czech Nymph (NIB)

    We have a brand new G-Loomis GLX Max 10' 3 weight (4 piece) rod. Sorry, I didn't take pics, but the rod is brand new. Was: $650 Now: $450 (includes shipping CONUS, Washington residents must add sales tax) Call the shop for fastest service or PM me here. 253-472-2420 Thanks for looking
  2. O

    Pattern Klondike Czech Nymph

    I came up with this idea at work today but in my mind this pattern had a much slimmer profile. Hell maybe the fish want a Klondike bar vs a fat free, sugar free, carb free morsel of paleo-bull shit. Just like Viagra if it doesnt bling at night I have little cofidence in my performance. Here is...
  3. O

    Jameson Czech Nymph

    In the spirit of St Patrick's Day I thought I would tie up a dozen blue winged olive imitation Czech nymphs. After a glass or three of Jameson, here is what I came up with.. Recipe Hook: Hanak Jig Superb size 14 Bead: Slotted tungsten size 3/32 Tail: Coq de Leon Abdomen: Medium olive sparkle...
  4. F

    FS Fs Czech Nymph Fly Tying Components

    FS Czech Nymph Fly Tying Components. Tungsten Knapek Hooks: 25 ea., of #8, #10, #12 hooks, 75 fully weighted hooks. Knapek Grub Hooks: 25 ea., #8, #10, #14, and #16. 100 unweighted hooks. Total of 175 hooks. Grating Foil, 11 color sheets. (1 olive, 2 sand, 2 hydropsyche, 2 pink, 2 brown...