1. b_illymac

    A day at the Lake

    Some fries and apple juice and we hit the road:At the first opening in the reeds we watched a 21/22 incher swam by. Well this looks good Liam!Perfect place to run some cars over bumps and get muddy for mom: First fish:As day went on Liam got into it pretty well. Just gotta teach him to keep rod...
  2. Kyle Smith

    Day 4

    Day 4 was good. 5 mile hike, tons of midges. We took a newbie out. She slayed fish all day. We had a nice fire. Newbie got bored it was so good. My friend Dan really put on a show. He is an old school dry fly master. On the way out Dan decided to fish some streamers, which was weird...
  3. Lue Taylor

    The Big Day

    After 43 years in the Bicycle Industry from Mississippi to Chicago to Ohio and then finally the greater Seattle will all come to a stop on March 5 2018. My wife back in 2003 tried to get me to do it then an become a Mr. Mom to my two kids Nikiel and Kara I still hung around the industry. Now the...
  4. Squamishpoacher

    Flies for John Day River

    I have friends in Oregon who had a successful elk hunt and they're sending me a piece of hide. In exchange I want to tie them some flies. They have a cabin on the John Day and fish it for smallmouths and rainbows. What are some of the flies I can send them in exchange for their kindness?
  5. _WW_

    NFR World Toilet Day

    I can't express how sad I am that this day went unrecognized here on the forum. On Sunday, I installed two new toilets for a lucky couple on Orcas Island. Coincidence? I think not. We can't let this happen again! I'm appointing Swimmy as the forum's 2018 World Toilet Day "official" social...
  6. Skip Enge

    NFR Funny day

    Sub teaching Washougal HS Art yesterday... This tiny kid...a freshman...tiny less than 5 ' tall in 7th period, the last of the day- asked me at the end of the day in a denace the Menace voice... "Mr. Skip why are you sad?" was cute the way he asked...I said "I am just chill."...The class...
  7. skyriver

    Friday was a good day

    My employer decided to make Veteran's Day one of our annual paid holidays a few years back so I took full advantage on Friday. I thought it was a good move by the company, albeit quite a few years overdue. Thanks to all you Vets! I hit South Sound in the morning on the incoming tide knowing I...
  8. Elliott5400

    Day off, nice trout

    Biggest trout I have landed on fly so far, thankfully my friend was equipped with a proper camera vs cell phone pics (though new phones are decent quality)
  9. stilly stalker

    Trip Report Eastern Sierras day 3- dry fly debauchery

    For the last day of fishing I hit the San Joaquin river in devils post pile national monument.... Woah, what an amazing place. The hiking and scenery were jaw dropping, and the dry fly fishing was phenomenal - my best day of dry fly fishing ever. They weren't big- 10" browns and 8-10" bows, but...
  10. stilly stalker

    Trip Report Eastern Sierras day 2- Crowley lake grand slam

    Went with Jerry from Sierra Drifters for a 1/2 day of chironomid fishing in gorgeous Crowley lake. Wow, the water was clear as could be - and the fishing was red hot. 22 trout total 14 rainbow all 14-16" and flawless 6 browns all 16"-18" 2 Lahontan cutties, both over 20" Really really nice day...
  11. stilly stalker

    Trip Report Eastern Sierras day 1

    Damn it's gorgeous here.... Caught so many trout today. Stocked rainbows, but so fun on the new 3 wt Scenery can't be better -
  12. Troutrageous

    National Hunting and Fishing Day events for kids.

    There are a few events coming up for kids to get them interested in the outdoors. I got to see last year's event in Wenatchee and it was a really neat opportunity for families/kids. Stations set up for kids included casting demos and practice, an archery range, an air rifle range, a .22 range...
  13. C

    joey newbie question of the day

    i think the answer is no, fly tying materials go bad? I inherited a wealth of materials that definitely have sentimental value...and I have aspirations of making the former owner proud. But...I'm learning...and with the limited amount of time I have to devote to the vise...and the...
  14. james.jimenez


    No fly fishing today, BUT took my pops to the nasty Nisqually in an attempt to get him on some kings or some pinks... Pops hooked two fish but both broke off. First one I forgot to mess with the drag and I was to late when he hooked into it. Second one you would think someone hit the lottery and...
  15. cutthroat kid

    thank God for day trips

    I love finding new territory and five plunge pools in row by taking a second closer look at and area I fished 2 weeks prior I love hand knee arm, back leg pointed toe hanging on tree branch butt and back scrapping scrambling over 10 feet of rocks and boulders after going down something...
  16. b_illymac

    Trip Report Day of firsts....

    Beautiful morning but smokey:Eager but nothing huge:Healthy little guy:Headed to a different lake:This lake was better for carp then bass so I decided to switch gears. Glad I did. After I channeled my inner @Buzzy it was game on. First carp! Then I got a mirror carp! So two firsts on the day...
  17. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Reference Technique of the day

    Reach Cast: A cast used for adding extra slack in the line, or when fishing downstream, in order to provide a more natural float. I use this quite a bit. Post your own technique in your...
  18. J

    Day Creek?

    It appears that there are some creeks that run north into the Skagit. Day creek looks interesting but I am not finding much information on this area. The S. Skagit highway seems to come close to a few creeks. Is there any fishing to be had in this area or am I looking in a hopeless area? As...
  19. Irafly

    Epic... Day 2 - The Sequel

    The 5 year old decide he was not interested in joining me again out on the water, so on a whim, I asked the 10 year old to join me. I anticipated an emphatic "NO!", but to my surprise and delight he said yes. He quickly changed out of his PJs and we headed out the door. Lucky for me he is a...
  20. Irafly

    Epic... Day

    Epically interesting anyway. After more than a month of not fishing, I managed to motivate myself to head out to a local lake yesterday, where last year I landed lots of little 8"-12" large mouth. I wanted to put on a little clinic for my 5 year old. He was ready, while my 10 year old felt...
  21. triploidjunkie

    Happy Father's Day

    My girls' love me. For my father's day gift, I get a whole day of alone time doing what I'm passionate about: fishing. They'll go slather Grandpa with attention, while I head North for toothy fish. Maybe even catch enough to pay for fuel and lunch.
  22. kanaskatbandit

    Brutal day on the upper green (orvis question)!

    Fished the upper green yesterday, sure was quiet and serene... Got to fish for about 20 minutes and got this little guy tossing a dry! Promptly after releasing fish i slip and land flat on my ass, I was ok but I broke the tip section of my Clearwater! Frustrated I make the long walk back...
  23. Olive bugger

    Mother's Day

    It is just around the corner. Don't forget to pack your fly box with Caddis Flies for the Henry's Fork's Mother's Day Hatch..
  24. ScottP

    SBS Morrish May Day (Carnage variation)

    Rivers are up around here this time of year; not a place for dubbed-body flies. Fight foam with foam. Tied here as a Purple Haze; change color/size to suit your needs. hook - Dai Riki 135 #12 thread - Danville 6/0 purple core - 20lb mono tail/underbody - moose body hair abdomen - 1mm...
  25. Irafly

    Opening Day

    I still love it, still love the crowds, the cacophony of boats, the bored kids, the angry parents, the folks who can't back a trailer, the giant smiles, the fish. Bad mouth it if you wish, but it generates massive license sales and therefore drives our fisheries more than most. I'll be out...
  26. IveofIone

    Retiring the day before the opener-brilliant!

    Just two more wake-ups, Roper, and the good life will get even better. Congratulations bud and welcome to the footloose and fancy free fraternity. The best is yet to come. Ive
  27. BDD

    A Day In The Life...

    With apologies to the Beatles The day started and ended like most of my days; thinking about fishing. Actually, it started just after midnight. I loaded the last of my gear into the truck and took off for the coast. I was meeting two fishing guides at a primitive boat launch on the peninsula to...
  28. Kenneth Yong

    Trip Report Opening Day 2017

    February 26 was the first day in 2017 that trout could be legally targeted in Central Italy. With an able assistant, I went to recce the water. Didn't do any fishing, but I did wet a fly line a day after on another stream not too far from home. In honor of its centenary, I decided to take the...
  29. MountainTrout

    Oh Crap. Good Day To Stay Away From Discovery Park

    Beware the Brown Tide! From KOMO: 'Major Emergency' Dumps Millions of Gallons of Raw Sewage Into Puget Sound SEATTLE - A major emergency at one of the region's largest wastewater treatment plants is dumping millions of gallons of untreated raw sewage into Puget Sound, officials said. King...
  30. Porter

    Beautiful Day To

    Do some street casting ......threw an older WF5 on our kids learning set-up. All my kids have learned some basic casting on this set-up. Plus a fun small water set up Youngest worked on the single haul today. Watch that backcast....... As usual no fish pics !!!!!
  31. SERE Nate

    Christmas Day Steelhead?

    I'm free tomorrow morning until 2pm. I'm going to head out and chase some steelhead. If anyone is interested in joining let me know. I have a pontoon and can float / shuttle, or we can wade. . I'm open to whatever. Thinking about heading to the Skykomish unless someone has a better idea...
  32. Porter

    NFR Happy Day Off

    Wishing all you fishing persons a happy day off to celebrate whatever you believe in or don't. Raise a cup to 2017 the year of the Leech? And of course the leech in any size, sex, or color!
  33. Bajema

    Snow Day

    Spent a couple hours swinging flies in the snow this morning. No action from the fish, but some good casting practice. Talked to a guy who fished the run ahead of me and pointed out where he'd gotten a grab, but when I got there either no one was home, or no one was interested. Still, fishing...
  34. Rob Ast

    Tenkara Deal Of The Day (12/22/16)

    For those of you who remember Freestone's thread about the mini mini tenkara rod (mini-sawtooth), here is a deal of the day for significant savings. Other models available as well. For those of you not familiar with Touch of Modern, its sort of like groupon for hipsters. All sales final, ship...
  35. L

    FS Swap Bird Hunt Over Setters For A Day On A Trout River

    I am a Long Haul pilot from Vancouver Island that has recently moved to Seattle (Issaquah) 2 months ago and have been shooting Quail over my Setters in Eastern Washington .I am looking to swap a day bird hunting over my dogs for a float trip down one of the local rivers . I have my own...
  36. ribka

    NFR Happy Birth Day Usmc

    I know we have a few marines on here Happy 241 st
  37. K.Cunningham

    FS Simms Day Pack

    New price. first gen. good condition. $55+stamps.
  38. LCnSac

    Happiest Day Of My Life!

  39. mcoomer

    Today Was A Good Day

    Headed out to North Bend today to hit the Snoqualmie. The road was open and is in very good shape except for one spot where they're doing some serious work to prevent future slides. Weather was typical Pacific NW when I got there, with a few drizzly showers. Still, the fishing was good and...
  40. S

    WTB Simms Dry Creek Day Pack

    Interested in purchasing a waterproof Simms Dry Creek Daypack or Fishpond Westwater Backpack. Preferably the older zipper style with approximately 24 liter capacity. Please PM me if you have one your interested in selling.
  41. F

    FS Sagebrush Dry Day Pack

    Sagebrush Dry Large Day Pack. Green, Large Size 11'W, 23"H, 7"D. Like New. When Ordered had D-rings added for Patagonia Convertible Fly Fishing Vest(not included). Pics on request. Will pay shipping, $200.00
  42. Porter

    FS Only on a day like this

    Beautiful day but lost power around one o'clock. Kenmore, Poulsbo, and Mt Vernon. Really? Firing up the Weber and gas grill now. Oh my. No winds, no electric storm. Taking it in stride. Happy Fathers Day to all and may the plumbing be good, the paint good, the electrical to code, and...
  43. Winter Steelhead

    Winter Steelhead

  44. Lovely lenice Lake!

    Lovely lenice Lake!