1. cms829

    T Trade my Deer Creek 7 wt switch for your 4 weight spey/switch.. or sell outright

    I have a TFO Deer creek 11 ft 7 weight switch in great shape for sale Asking $225 Shipped to the lower 48. Comes with the TFO sock and tube, of course. I also have a (460 grain I think) Beulah Tonic Skagit head. $25 bucks shipped I Also have a rio switch chucker. Also like new. $30 bucks...
  2. the_grube

    NFR: wife hit a deer today

    We moved to the greater Roseburg area last August, and knew it was just a matter of time before one of us rolled a deer. The county roads around here are crawling with blacktail. I was hoping it wouldn't be so soon, and that I'd be the culprit, not my wife... Good news is she's fine. The...
  3. triploidjunkie

    Articulated deer hair dragonflies

    Saw this over on cheeches site. Wow, this is a cool deer hair pattern! I would love a couple of these for bass around here, but I don't think I'm up for attempting them...
  4. shotgunner

    Deer Opener 2017

    No posts in over a week so putting something up. Elated to be on hand and bring in a Buck for my 74 year old Mom yesterday morning. 118 long paces, off hand, 7mm-08. I wouldn't want her shooting at me (smiling)
  5. sbtm

    WTB TFO Deer Creek 11' 4wt Switch

    WTB TFO Deer Creek 11' 4wt Switch.
  6. ribka

    Urban deer

    I travelled to Washington DC area this week for work Woke up early went for a run in a near by park and ran by this guy. I thought I was hallucinating. Bedded down 15 yards from a very busy trail and 20 yarfs from a very busy highway in a 1/2 acre brushy area less than a 100 yds from a very...
  7. Luke77

    High-Tech Bow Hunting - First archery mule deer *Story and PICS*

    Like many of you, I’ve been a hunter since I was old enough to tote my own rifle. My Grandfather was an outdoorsman whom taught me to fish, hunt, hike, backpack, and take care of our outdoors and the critters that call those places home. I’ve always been a rifle hunter because that’s what...
  8. N

    Deer Body Hair Burnt Orange

    I am looking for burnt orange deer body hair and numerous searches have turned up nothing. Does burnt orange deer body hair exist? Anyone know of a source? Thanks
  9. Shawn West

    Two upcoming deer hair demos

    I will be doing a couple of deer hair tying demos in the near future. The first one will be on September 16th at Royal Treatment Fly Fishing in West Linn. The address is: 21570 Willamette Drive West Linn, OR 97068 (503) 850-4397 I will...
  10. spfd jason

    FS TFO Deer Creek Switch 7 wt

    This rod has never been fished. I'm the second owner. The first owner put a tennis racket grip on the upper cork which I removed. Had to add a bit of Pit Paste cork filler but now it looks brand new. Still had the factory plastic on the lower cork when I received it. Not a mark on the blank...
  11. S

    FS 13' 6/7 TFO Deer Creek Spey

    Rod is in great condition. Never mistreated, never warrantied and never had any fly strikes. Very slight cork soiling. Asking $225 shipped or willing to trade for a 9/10 condition 9' 6wt BVK with the full wells grip and fighting butt OR an 8' 3wt BVK. Thanks for looking...
  12. Golden Trout

    NFR NCW where the Deer and the "Antelope",????

    Ok, lived hear for 44 years and have seen a lot of deer plus many other wonderful animals but today, "an Antelope". Yep, my wife and I have been to other states and know an Antelope when we see one. Don't carry a digital, waterproof camera and don't own a Cell phone, sooooo, no pictures. Had...
  13. S

    FS 13' 6/7 TFO Deer Creek Spey

    Rod is in great condition. Never mistreated, never warrantied and never had any fly strikes. Very slight cork soiling. I can send pictures upon request. Asking $250 shipped or willing to trade for a 9/10 condition 9' 6wt BVK with the full wells grip and fighting butt OR an 8' 3wt BVK.
  14. Shawn West

    Deer hair tying demo at The Dalles

    For those interested, I will be doing a deer hair bass bug tying demo at Fly Fishing Strategies Fly Shop in The Dalles this upcoming Saturday (5/13) from 10am to 1pm. The address is: 109 East 2nd Street The Dalles, Oregon 97058 Regards Shawn
  15. K

    FS tfo deer creek series spey rod with reel

    $300 13'6" 8/9wt with redington reel. rod in excellent condition. reel has some scratches but still works great. not sure how to add photos. if interested I could try figure out how to send them
  16. fyshhead

    FS Deer creek 12'6 4/5

    TFO deer creek 12'6 4/5wt. Rod , sock & tube ,casted one time in new condition. I find it more of a 4 rather than a 5. Just in time for summer fun $275.
  17. Robert Engleheart

    Deer Creek /tfo Or Redington Chromer

    13'-6" for 8/9 (Deer Creek) or 8 (Redington), 500-800 grain weight. Needing a "big water" 2 hander for BC this fall. Thinking about these two, they both seem to be well regarded in the lower price point. What say you?
  18. G

    FS New! Tfo Spey Deer Creek (meiser/kinney) 13'6" 8/9

    I have perfectly new, clean (still in foil bag!) TFO Deer Creek 13'6" 8/9 (550-800G as described on the blank). I use smaller rods for my rivers and purchase this one "just in case". I did not have time to cast it once and put to closet.. I believe it is a very nice rod designed by Meiser and...
  19. shotgunner

    Northern Michigan Deer

    Spent Friday afternoon helping out a guy bring out a deer. My soon to be 73 year old Dad hunted all 15 days of firearms season without decent shot at any of the few legal bucks sighted. Then, never missing a beat, continued the chase with black powder.. which opened day after regular firearms...
  20. G

    FS New Tfo Deer Creek Spey 13'6" 8/9

    NEW! I did not cast it. Never put reel on it. I bought it planning for larger river trip but did not go (and it does not look like I will soon). I am sticking to my small rods for local waters and can sale this one for $300 plus shipping (20$ USA ), or you can pick u around Portland/Gresham...
  21. Alex MacDonald

    Deer Camp Kitchen

    Since I'm the cook, I decided to tone things down this year and make it easier. So no big Camp Chef stove, and no massive kitchen that I had to put up and take down! Canned stuff for the most part, Costco muffins and coffee to get us out there, then back to camp for "brunch". Once again...
  22. Alex MacDonald

    Deer Camp

    and I'm trying again to post photos, so let's hope this works! NOpe!! WTF? I seriously DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!! Sorry, guys!
  23. jwg

    Extents of Elk and Deer Migrations Discovered

    This is pretty interesting new information about the migration paths of ungulates across the landscape. In one case a deer herd assumed to be resident turned out to have a 150 mi annual migration. Elk in the greater yellowstone region migrate over quite difficult pathways. On the Path of...