1. Shawn West

    Tying demo in The Dalles, Oregon

    I will be tying flies at Fly Fishing Strategies Fly Shop on Saturday, January 13th. The fun will start at 10 AM. The address is: 109 East 2nd Street The Dalles, Oregon 97058 I hope to see you there. Regards Shawn
  2. 4sallypat

    Gaelforce Equalizer 63' line demo program by RedShed

    It's my first time delving into long belly lines... Just got in a pair of demo Gaelforce Equalizer 63' lines for my Echo 10wt 15' stick. Got in these demo lines: 9/10 756gr and 10/11 802gr... Has anyone tried / own this line ? Love their demo program - get to test out lines to see if it loads...