dimebrite is the keyser söze of the nfl

  1. Fast Action Freddie

    NFR Official Rams Thread

    Have at it. You can post Pats stuff here too.
  2. bakerite


    This thread is here so DimeBright has a place to post about his team without clogging up the Seahawks! I’ll start it out. Long live Roman Gabriel! Now there was a great Ram.
  3. GAT

    NFR Seahawks?

    Did I miss the "official Seahawks thread" ? I can't believe nobody has started one yet :eek:
  4. MRKbass

    NFR Official Rams thread

    I thought we would make a little place for their fans to console each other after the Hawks smash them on Sunday. So they have some friends, I went ahead and automatically enrolled all their season ticket holders. Their names are listed below... ...