1. Adam Saarinen

    DIY packer!

    Here's the deerhair packer I made year or 2 ago! Got the idea from Pat Cohen's fuggly packer! Brass & aluminum from the hardware store, nuts, bolts & washers borrowed from work! Works well! Cheers Adam
  2. J. Sargeant Pepper

    Epic DIY saltwater fly fishing, Mexico and Belize

    I am planning a trip of epic proportions this winter from roughly Feb. 1st to March 15th. I plan to fly to Cancun, then heading south to Akumal, then to Tulum and the Sian Ka'an bioshpere, stopping in Majahual (there is an amazing flat just off this town I am interested in checking out) and...
  3. muknuk

    DIY Southern Chile

    For those of your that have read other post you know I am addicted to far off places that aren't easily accessible. After experiencing Patagonia on the Argentina side for the past 12 years I thought I would try the Chilean Patagonia for 5 weeks on a do-it-yourself adventure. After 1,000 miles...
  4. Adam Saarinen

    DIY rod rack in van!

    Was getting pissed on when i left the sea Saturday, so i just through everything in the van & put rod in the rack! Took pictures when i got home before rinsing flies & reel! Made it a few years ago cos' i needed a way to transport my Hardy Proaxis-X 8'10" 11wt 1 piece rod! Idea came from the...
  5. B

    DIY Destinations for Winter/Spring

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get a little advice for planning a DIY trip for steelhead or salmon. I'm fairly new to spey fishing with a two hander and would like to increase my chances as much as possible. I usually make it out to the Deshutes once a yearwhere my brother lives. Flights from...
  6. stilly stalker

    Looking for plans/ dimensions for wooden net DIY

    I would LOVE to have a beautiful long handled wooden net with a clear catch and release bag, but theyre so pricey. The clear net material can be cheaply purchased as a replacement for nets already on the market. My brother has a nice set of wood working tools, and I have some (SOME...LOL)...
  7. muknuk

    Looking for help DIY in Chile

    I am looking for any help on do-it-yourself trips to Chile. I have a rental car and a pontoon boat for one month in Nov-Dec. I have fished Patagonia Argentina for the past 15 years and know it well, but I am wanting to try another part of Patagonia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. P

    OP DIY

    I am tentatively planning a short DIY weekend on the OP in October. I've never fished the OP before or in Washington at all. My understanding is that there should be good numbers of steelhead around, and lots of SRCs. My goal is to try and get some fish on top. I generally prefer to fish...
  9. Adam Saarinen

    DIY rod cady!

    Made this just over 1 year ago! Got the idea from visiting a event on the calender for the Finnish flyfishing championships twice on my local river! People in the comp had ones made of wood, when you have 15min slots for a pool or section, you don't have time to set up a new leader & flies, just...
  10. Adam Saarinen

    DIY pikefly rack!

    Been work'n on this over a few weeks in the back of my van, holds 35 flies & is removable with the wingnuts! Bought the smallest hooks i could find, but they where still to big! Not a full house cos' i ran out of Mustad fast conection clips! Because i fish for most of my pike in the sea, this...
  11. flyfishmt

    Trip Report DIY ELuthera Bahamas

    I just returned from a two week vacation and DIY bonefishing trip in the Bahamas. As luck would have it, I tore my rotator cuff three days before the trip, so I became my wife's personal guide. The weather was a bit tough with clouds and winds, but we managed to catch a few fish. We kayaked...
  12. Flying Forester

    DIY Jackson Hole, WY

    I will be in Jackson Hole on business all of next week. The rough part is that once we're there my "business" is done...I just fly the plane and then pass the time until we leave. I know, my job sucks. Anyways, I've managed to get my co-hort into fly fishing as well, so we're looking for some...
  13. Luke77

    Raft side-rail racks - DIY

    I've been wanting to do this for years now and finally got the afternoon to pull the trigger. I just can't justify the $300 price tag to get pre-fab'd boards from NRS, so I made a trip to the hardware store and swung by the parents' house for a Sunday funday project. Home depot shopping list...
  14. Tommy Behind the Deuce

    DIY rod racks

    Anyone made anything that they can share pics of? Thinking of something basic like this.....Doesn't need to be elaborate or fancy. I could dress it up by doing reclaimed wood, but that is about it. Have use of some tools but never done much woodwork so it almost has to be basic. I think I...
  15. Greg Price

    Fishing buddy portable fish finder broke mount

    I have a bottom line fishing buddy that has served me well since the mid 90's. I hit a stump in lake kapowsin, breaking the mount and ejecting the fish finder in the lake. (Who knew I could row a drift boat that fast?) My dog heard the finder splash down, exciting her and she got in the way of...
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