drift boat

  1. SetterandaLab

    FS Drift Boat - Ray's River Dories, 14' beauty

    I've been putting it off, but I need to put my drift boat up for sale. I bought it from a list member here 5 years ago. Unfortunately, my wife was seriously injured in a traffic accident (SUV vs. scooter, she was driving the scooter) soon after I bought the boat, so the boat has sat unused in...

    FS 1984 Lavro drift boat 17’

    1984 17’ Lavro drift boat. Comes with fully functioning ez load trailer with spare tire, 3 Orr’s, 2 Orr locks and 35lb lead pyramid anchor attached to 50’ of rope, brand new Minn Kota C2 55 pound thrust long shaft trolling motor with handle extension, Minn Kota battery control center and an m27...
  3. Capn Chicken Man

    FS 2017 RO Skiff For Sale

    Always wanted a sweet drift boat but didn't think you could afford one? Well now you can. I have a 2017 RO Classic Skiff for sale. Sits on a Black Dog galvanized trailer and comes with Sawyer Polecat oars. Dry storage under all 3 seats. Includes your choice of 30 lb square anchor or 27 lb spike...
  4. flyfishmt

    FS 2004 Hyde 16.8 Drift Boat

    2004 Hyde 16.8 Combo Drift Boat with G4 floor. Boat has been stored inside its entire life and other than a few dings, is in great shape. It comes with front and rower seat dry boxes, bow storage and rear pedestal seat. It has built in rod holders, 35 pound in floor anchor system with pulley...
  5. flyphish

    FS 11' Lavro Drift Boat

    11' Lavro, used only twice, still like new. Front swivel seat with lean pocket and adjustable rower's seat. Front and rear anchor pulls with anchors. Cataract carbon fiber oars. MinKota 30lb electric trolling motor. Custom heavy duty cover. Comes with trailer licensed through Feb 2019. Will...
  6. D

    WTB Backup drift boat oar

    9' break down preferred but not necessary.
  7. Fishcat57

    Info on Places to Launch Drift Boat in Eastern WA, ID and MT

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this topic. I live in Spokane and I am new to the Drift Boat fishing world (which I can't describe how much of a game changer it is!) I have always just wade fished on the Spokane River and surrounding areas but have since mainly stayed on Lakes with my...
  8. SERE Nate

    Drift boat / duck boat?

    Does anyone use their drift boat to duck hunt out of? Thinking about it getting drift boat and mounting a motor on it for duck hunting. Not crazy about the idea of buying 2 more boats. Already have a toon and a tandem kayak.
  9. Speyrod GB

    FS Lavro fiberglass drift boat

    6 year old 16 foot Lavro drift boat for sale. Adjustable rowing seats/front seat/rowing brace. Composite oars, rear water tight compartment and newly refurbished trailer. Asking $3500. Pictures available upon request.
  10. L

    FS Diamond Back drift boat

    I have a 87 Diamond Back drift boat 16x54 guide model for sale. $2750 OBO part trade considered. This boat is in perfect condition. Fully loaded and ready to fish. Contact me asap because it will sell fast
  11. GreenSauks

    FS 1999 Willie 16 x 54 Drift boat

    Hi Folks, Moving out of the country soon and unfortunately can't take some of my things. Boat and trailer are in excellent condition. *level front floor *9'6" Cataract oars *Cobra oar locks *Heater w/tank and line *Rod Holders *Custom cover **Baker Trailer has been completely Rhino lined...
  12. S

    Need Drift Boat Rowing Tips and Advice

    Newer to drift boating but have run plenty of rivers in a 10ft pontoon. Much seems to be the same but slower in the drifter (start earlier). I have a 16' Clackacraft FFB with 9'6" MXS-G Sawyer Oars (Dynalite Wide blades). I'm familiar with the basics (ferrying, point the bow at the bad stuff...
  13. S

    WTB Drift Boat Oars

    Need to get some better oars for 16' Clackacraft. Probably looking at 9'6" in length. I'd like some Cataract's if possible or something similar.
  14. JudyG

    FS Hyde High Side Drift Boat

    2005 Hyde 16' High Side Drift Boat in moderately experienced condition. Hyde trailer with spare tire, Anchor system, Counter balanced Carbon Fiber Oars, brake down spar oar, tons of storage under seats, stored in carport. Some dings, small rips in seats, this is a solid but used boat. $3,500...
  15. Speyrod GB

    FS 16 foot Lavro drift boat

    I have decided to sell my 16 foot Lavro drift boat. I have owned the boat since 2011 and only used it about 6 or 7 times. The boat was purchased new and has a few factory blemishes on the gel coat causing the gel coat to not be smooth. The rowing seat, passenger seat platform and rowing...
  16. Jack Neville

    FS 15 foot Hyde drift boat

    This aluminum Hyde drift boat is in great shape has only minor scratches in the paint and has a UHM shoe on the bottom to prevent damage from rocks. I have had it for 6 months and due to a change in plans I am looking to sell it to buy a salt water boat. With two anchors, after market carbon...
  17. M

    FS Wooden Drift Boat with Trailer

    SOLD-- I have a wooden drift boat for sale. I was told that it was completely restored when I bought it, but I noticed that the boat would slowly take on water when there was a lot of weight in the back end. I removed the protective plywood skin at the aft end and discovered that some rot was...
  18. Skywayflycompany

    WTB Looking for drift boat oars

    Looking for 9' oars I think. Maybe 9'6"
  19. Skywayflycompany

    WTB Drift Boat or Utility Trailer

    I'm looking for a cheap trailer for this cheapo drift boat I recently bought. I have been cruising craigslist and have seen a few small boat and utility trailers pop up but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Thought I might put the feelers out on here and see if anyone has something decent and...
  20. Lance Jensen

    FS Wood Drift Boat For Sale

    Wood Drift Boat For Sale $500 This is a great project boat. Just needs to be stripped and re-varnished. This is a gem but I'm going to let it go cheap. Bought it because I needed the trailer. So, here's the scoop. This is a genuine "Crenshaw River Boat". Made in Junction City Oregon. It's a...
  21. Wood Drift Boat Project

    Wood Drift Boat Project

    This is a great project boat. Needs to re-varnished and taken fishing. Nothing beats a Woody!
  22. Augy

    $500 Drift Boat on CL

    Saw this on CL and thought I'd share. Looks like a great deal. Seller is probably a member here. lol https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/boa/6087633200.html
  23. B

    FS Drift boat for sale

    i have a hand made wooden drift boat that needs a good home. I built it 12 years ago. It is based on the Montana boat builders guide boat design with the addition of side boxes. It Is marine grade mahogany plywood, glassed outside with12 oz fiberglassa nd epoxy and a 1/4" rhino liner bottom...
  24. golfman44

    WTB 16' drift boat

    Looking for a 16' drift boat + trailer. Open to a lot of options, there are only 2 non starters for me: No skiffs...I fish big boy water and don't want to drown in a @Swimmy special. No WSU/coug themed boats Would also appreciate ebay/craigslist links if you find a good one for sale. I'll...
  25. Hardy406

    WTB WTB raft trailer and/or drift boat

    I have a NRS freestone inflatable drift boat and was looking to downsize from the trailer I'm currently using (16' alum. tandem axel) and find a smaller raft or drift boat trailer. So I am looking for a used raft trailer with a deck >10' and roller or a used drift boat trailer. Another...
  26. nomlasder

    WTB Drift Boat Trailer

    I'm looking for a drift boat trailer. Please PM Ross
  27. KFischer

    FS 2001 Wf 16ft Clackacraft Driftboat

    I have a 2001 Clackacraft for sale. Its a 16' weight forward fly fishing model. Color is green and tan. Comes with a zieman trailer with new tires. Also comes with; front and rear anchor system, new rowers seat, new front and real seat covers, extra lead anchor, new Clackacraft cover ($650 new)...
  28. seattleangler

    FS Hyde Drift Boat

    For sale by owner: Hyde drift boat Price: $7000 Year: 2010 Model: XL Pro-Series, Low Profile Purchased new from Hyde Boats in Idaho Falls, ID One owner; recreational fly fisherman. Not a guide boat. Excellent condition, used approximately 15 days per year. Minor wear, to be expected with...
  29. papafsh

    FS My Drift Boat Is For Sale

    The time has come to sell my 16ft wood drift boat, sad but true, haven't used it in a couple of years. It's been inside my shop so it's in good shape. If you want to see pics go to my gallery, it's the one in my avatar. Asking $1,000 and the homemade trailer it's on is included free! This...
  30. KFischer

    FS 2001 16' Wf Clackacraft Drift Boat For Sale

    I have a 2001 Clackacraft for sale. Its a 16' weight forward fly fishing model. Color is green and tan. Comes with a zieman trailer with new tires. Also comes with; front and rear anchor system, new rowers seat, new front and real seat covers, extra lead anchor, new Clackacraft cover ($650...
  31. M

    FS Drift Boat

    $400 This is a great drift boat, but it's time for me to sell it. 15' custom wooden boat. Very easy to row and maneuverability is incredible. Ready for new paint and clean up, but otherwise functions perfectly well. BOAT ONLY. Trailer, oats and oar locks not included. 206-819-7209
  32. freestoneangler

    Inflatable Drift Boat

    Anyone have one of these? I'd not seen one until doing some surfing for used NRS rafts. It seems to me a very niche market more widely served by raft style crafts? http://www.headhuntersflyshop.com/area-51-nrs-inflatable-drift-boat/
  33. B

    FS 2015 Hyde Aluminum High Side Drift Boat

    2015 Hyde Aluminum high Side Drift Boat. Has less than 15 trips on it. This boat is beautiful and has every available option including a UHMW bottom. Bought new in March and has less than 15 trips on it. Retailed for over $12,000. Asking $10,000. I built this boat as the last boat I would ever...
  34. M

    FS wooden drift boat

    Hand made Mckenzie style river dory. Glen L Design Length 16' 3'' Beam 6' 3'' Gunnel 2' 6'' Marine grade plywood (bottom double layer, sides single layer), exterior coated in fiberglass for easy repairs Currently on a small unregistered trailer in Seattle. Would need to be retrofitted or...
  35. pastorbrian

    FS Clackacraft HH2 Skiff Drift Boat for Sale

    dang... I really hate writing this post... For Sale: Headhunter 2 Skiff Driftboat from Clackacraft Includes: Upgraded oars Chain Anchor and Pyramid Anchor with rope and bucket Clackacraft boat cover Galvanized trailer current tabs Floor mats I bought this in 2014 new from Clackacraft after it...
  36. Cam

    Do You Like It Hard or Round?

    Ready to pull the trigger on my first grown up flotation device. I do like a hard boat, but the guys I know who own drift boat by and large say if they had it to do over again they'd look way more into getting a roundboat with a sweet frame. Price capped around $5k which gives me about even...
  37. montana_sam

    Drift boat ?

    Anyone have any opinions on Drift Lite drift boats? Hard to find info on um, they're made in Battle Ground, WA. Thanks!
  38. Cascadian

    FS 8.5' Sawyer Squaretop oars - $400

    I have a set of 8.5' Sawyer Squaretop oars for sale. They have been used for less than one year. They do have some scratches on the blades from digging gravel in shallows and a bit of boat rash on the shafts from trailering. Nothing major, just cosmetic. Over $700 new with shipping. If you...