1. T

    FS Echo Spey rod and Lamson guru

    Echo tr 13 foot 7 weight Spey rod with lamson guru reel and airflo running line an skagit shooting head and 10 foot t14 sink tip, like new bought this year just don’t use it enough. Awesome setup paid 750 new
  2. naaagz_

    FS Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Loop Multi 3/6, Rio Xtreme Indicator WF6F

    - Echo Carbon XL 690-4, Solid Rod for the price, I’ve fished this rod a lot and has a lot of mojo. It’s a pretty fast action rod and I love how it fishes that Xtreme Indicator line. Condition 8.5/10 $80 Loop Multi 3/6, super slick reel and it is an absolute work hog. It has been beat up and...
  3. naaagz_

    T RL Winston for Trout Spey

    Got a last gen Winston BII-MX I’m looking to trade up for a trout spey, could throw in a reel or cash on top for the right trade. Let me know what y’all got.

    FS Echo Ion 8/10 reel

    In used condition 8 out of 10. Great back up reel. I will sell for $50 loaded with backing and ready to roll. Shipping included.
  5. jim52

    FS New,Redington classic trout & echo carbon xl , 89.95

    Thanks. These are a good deal if anyone can use them Have both a Redington classic trout, new with warranty card,, case . 5 Wt And a echo carbon xl .. 6 Wt new in case. Remaining from the river clean up project 89.95 ... each. Pick up or add 13.29 shipping. Each PayPal is...
  6. jim52

    FS Echo carbon xl fly rod , new , 5 or 6 wt , good value

    Thanks. I bought both a 5 and a 6 wt. ,, heard good reviews but wasn't sure on which one I wanted .. I like them both , doesn't matter which one I keep. But either one is for sale. Or I can return it but I paid 99. Which was a pretty good deal. Your choice. 9.29 shipping.
  7. Aaron Banks

    FS Echo TR2 6126 $200

    Used one day. Still has the plastic over the cork. Paypal only. No signs of wear. $200 -Aaron
  8. dekartes

    WTB Echo Gecko kids rod + basic 4/5 reel and line

    Interested in picking up an Echo Gecko 4/5 weight and basic fly reel with line. One that I wouldn't care if my 6 year old accidentally dropped....
  9. Klickrolf

    FS Echo Switch SR81010, 10'10" 8wt.

    New in tube. Would be good for spring chinook with heavy tips on smaller PNW rivers where chinook pool up. $220 delivered to lower 48 US states and paypal works, fees on me. Pics...
  10. flyfisherman_sean

    FS/T Echo Ion Xl 9' 9wt

    Hi, I have a brand new Echo Ion XL I lawn cast once so the wrapping is off the cork. Other than that, its brand new. Im looking to sell for $125.
  11. C

    FS FS: Echo 3 7130-4

    For sale: Echo 3 7130-4 Retail: $595. Rod is gently used. Condition 8/10. Cork lightly soiled, some scuffs on blanks. Not perfect but highly functional! Excellent rod for all around Scandi & Skagit work. Combo with Pflueger 1498 if interested. I have both Akron & DA model. I can customize weight...
  12. yellowlab

    FS New In Tube: Echo Ion, 10' 6 wt

    Brand new in tube, never casted or fished, still in plastic wrap. Will sell for $110, shipped to you in the CONUS.
  13. DanielOcean

    FS Echo ion xl 690-4

    Rod is used but in great shape and well taken care of. $80.00+ shipping but face to face preferred.
  14. F

    FS Echo Ion XL 10' #7 weight

    Rod is in excllent condition. Very little use. Maybe a half dozen days of boat streamer fishing on it in the last year. I was gifted a high end rod that will replace this rods usefulness to me. Its a great rod and great value at the price point. Asking only $120. I will pay shipping to location...
  15. Adrian

    FS Echo 3 7100-4

    Brand spankin’ new. Check out the photos. Great reviewed rod, exceptional price point here. Shipping to CONUS included. $160.00 Thank you, Adrian
  16. Anil

    NEW ECHO SWING PACKAGE DEAL! 6,7, or 8 WT's Spey and Switch

    We are offering a ready to fish Spey or Switch package for $399!! Seriously, all you need to do is string it up and tie on a fly. Everything is BRAND NEW with warranty. Rod tube and sock included. You have the option of choosing 6,7, or 8 wt. configuration. Here's what is included: ECHO...
  17. Anil

    Spey and HEAVY Saltwater Rods - G. Loomis and ECHO

    Have a few rods sitting here looking for new homes. Rods are new with the exception of the one noted below. Includes sock and tube. Spey: G. Loomis Stinger GLX - 13' 500 gr. 4 pc. - Retail $875 SALE $450 SOLD ECHO GLASS SPEY - 6124-4 - 12'4" 6wt. 4 pc. - Retail $299.99 SALE $175 SOLD...
  18. VanAllen

    FS 10' 7wt Echo 3 Like New

    I bought this rod about 3 months ago. It casts extremely well as a single hand spey using 270 GR SA Spey Lite, or an OPST Commando. Also great as an all-round single hand rod or nymph rod. Love it, but with an upcoming change in location, there is another setup that I need more and this won't be...
  19. Woodman60

    FS Echo Shadow II - 10'6" 4 weight

    Nearly new (fished all of twice) Echo Euro nymph rod. Includes competition kit, which extends the rod to 11' or 11'6" and includes a fighting butt and several weights to balance the rod to your reel. $250 includes shipping in US and paypal fees.
  20. D

    FS Complete outfit Echo Solo 7129

    For sale, Echo Solo 7129-4w/tube and bag. Echo Ion8/10 reel w/30lb backing and airflo ridge running line 30lb yellow. Also includes an airflo 510 gr. Rage head. Paid around $229 for the rod 5yrs ago. It is in good shape, the gold lines are painted on to measure fish. Normal soiled cork. The reel...
  21. mtnsaremyhome

    Echo Classic 11' 8wt question and general switch rod questions

    I couldn't find much on here, as I guess this is an older rod. Has anyone spent any time with this particular stick? Long story short I believe I am looking for a true switch rod in small/medium rivers often with high banks for salmon, steel and bulls. I have a 10ft 8wt vapen single hander and...
  22. Limnos

    FS Echo Switch Rod

    I’m selling a lightly used Echo 10’ 10” #8 Switch Rod for $200. Buyer pays for shipping and handling from Portland, Oregon via PayPal. PM me if you’re interested.
  23. N

    FS Echo TR 3 Weight Trout Spey

    A Echo TR TR Trout Spey rod, this rod is am 11 foot 3 weight four piece rod. I purchased this rod about a year ago and it has never been cast or fished, I just used my 4 weight and the 3 is not getting used. This rod retails for $380.00 asking $275.00 plus the actual shipping. Pictures added
  24. driftboatdan

    FS/T Echo 3 spey for sale/trade for centerpin reel

    Echo 3 8134 spey rod. This rod is a cannon. Good for winter run and large summer run fish. The rod is in great /almost new shape with a little soiling/wear on the cork from approximately 10 days of fishing. I would also be very interested in trading this rod for a sweet centerpin reel like an...
  25. B

    WTB Echo Gecko Kit

    WTB: If anyone has one of these and isn't using it I would be happy to take it off your hands. Thanks, Brett
  26. 4sallypat

    FS Echo TR 10150 10wt 15' big stick for big waters or competition spey caster

    Up for sale: Echo Tim Rajeff's TR10150-4 = 15' 10wt 4 pc rod. Used in great shape - see photos. Cork is 9.5 out of 10. Ferrules and guides are 10 out of 10. Was used to cast: 720gr skagit compact, 750gr skagit max long, and 756gr Gaelforce 63' Equalizer mid belly lines. Perfect: big fish...
  27. muaytyler

    WTB Echo glass switch 4 wt

    I would like to buy a echo 4wt switch rod. Thanks for your time. Tyler
  28. Mike Ediger

    FS/T New Echo Shadow II 10' 3wt

    New, unfished Echo Shadow II 10' 3wt. Comes with the reel seat counter balance. Factory rod, with sock and tube. Would consider trading this rod and cash for a 10' 4wt or 5wt rod or blank. Asking $190. I will cover shipping (conus) and PayPal
  29. F

    FS Echo Ion XL 10' #7 weight

    Rod is in excllent condition. Very little use. Maybe a half dozen days of boat streamer fishing on it in the last year. My father in law passed...and passed down some higher end rods. No need for this anymore. Its a great rod and great value at the price point. Asking only $120. I will pay...
  30. M

    FS Echo TR2 4113 and Airflo Skagit Scout 330

    Bought this pair for when I had plans to put some hours in trout speying early this year but new plans have been made that won't need a two hander. Had the outfit out no bs one time last fall, paired with 30# mono and a T8 tip I was throwing streamers a ways rather easily. Condition is like...
  31. Stuart_Stringer

    FS Echo Pin Rod

    For all of you centerpinners lurking around here... Echo pin rod. Near new condition, only used 4-5 times. It’s a great rod, it just doesn’t get much use now that I have a custom pin rod. $250 plus shipping. I am located on Bainbridge Island so can do Seattle or Kitsap for an in-person exchange.
  32. scifidelity

    FS Echo Show - $150

    Brand new in the box echo show. retails for $230. Received as gift, don't want it. AMZN won't take it back.
  33. G

    FS 9' Echo Boost 6 wt. with Okuma Reel $150

    Used but in good condition echo boost 9' 6 wt with Okuma SLV 5/6 weight with 200 grain rio 24 ft sink tip line. line has several cracks in it. $150 shipped
  34. L

    FS Orvis H2 5wt and Echo Base 8wt

  35. Anil

    ECHO GLASS SPEY - 6124-4 - NEW

    Echo Glass Spey 12'4" 6 wt. 4 pc. Retail $299.99 SALE PRICE $199 BRAND NEW w/tube, sock, and warranty. $10 shipped UPS CONUS Call the shop for fastest response, or reply here by PM Thanks for looking, Puget Sound Fly Co. 253-472-2420
  36. Porter

    From the Echo Man!

    Abstract Hyper Distance Theory Fly Casting Perfect for Puget Sound Beach fishing, except the only way I can reach 200 feet is have one of my kids take the fly in hand, jump in the kayak and row out 200 feet and drop the fly in the water.
  37. A

    FS Echo , Orvis , lines

    Some random stuff available for sale. Prices include USPS shipping within the US, buyer pays paypal fees or sends money order. Thanks Echo 3 10ft 7wt single hand rod in great condition cork soiled, missing a tiny bit filler - TRADED Orvis battenkill 5/6 made in England disk drag in good...
  38. North 40 Fly Shop

    Echo Spey and Switch Close Outs

    Got 4 Echo rods to clear out to make room for 2018 inventory. Echo 3 6110 - 11' 6-weight Sold Echo Classic Spey 7129 - 12' 9" 7-weight $149.97 Echo SR 4106 - 10' 6" 4-weight Sold Echo SR 5108 - 10' 8" 5-weight $149.97 Free Shipping in the contiguous 48. Sales by phone only. Call North...
  39. A

    FS Echo Glass Switch 7wt - $220

    Begin and end your search for the .30-06 of two handed rods here. Low miles, great shape. I should probably keep it, but I'm terrible about flipping gear. $220 bucks, located in Kitsap, but I can occasionally arrange to be other places. PM me for questions, I'll post photos in the day light
  40. L

    FS Echo Classic 7129-4 Outfit

    Selling a great spey outfit for someone that is getting into spey. It includes everything you need to get started. Just add fly and tippet. This is a great deal and worth over $400. The reel and line is matched perfectly to the Echo Classic. I have only used this once on the casting pond...
  41. LD

    FS Echo Gecko Kids 7'6" 4/5 WT Rod

    I have an Echo Gecko 7' 6" 3pc fly rod for a 4 or 5wt line. This is the best kid's rod there is. Easy to cast and provides lots of feel, you can really feel the rod load which is important. You can cast over hand or has a small handle on the bottom to make it into a switch rod which can be...
  42. Shaun Martin

    FS Rods for Sale - Sage 8150, Echo 8100, Redington 690S, Fenwick, W&M Grangers, Sharpes Scottie 12'

    Hi Everyone, Just putting some gear up for sale that I'm not using or thought I'd get more use of. PM with questions or interest. 1. Sage 8150-4 Graphite III - Classic rod here. It's in really great shape. See pics for more. $375.00+ Shipping 2. Sharpes Scottie 12' Spliced...
  43. kvannice

    FS Echo solo and ion package

    I have a echo 12’ 6” 6# spey rod and echo ion 7/9 reel both are bran new condition never used I was going to try getting in to spay casting but never got around to it. Asking $260 obo rod case, rod sock, rod and reel.
  44. fjay

    FS Echo Glass 4108 10'8" 4 weight (troutspey)

    $150 plus shipping Echo glass 4108 10' 8" 4 weight switch rod 210-270 grains, can throw up to 300 or so grains. Used about 10 times has a few light scratches Case and sock have minor soiling This is an excellent trout spey rod. Very versatile, can throw skagit and scandi lines.
  45. Anil


    Making room for some new stuff, so offering these rods at discount. The rods are brand new, including Echo lifetime warranty, original rod tube and sock. ECHO GLASS 3106-4 - 10'6" 3 wt. Retail $279.99 SALE $179.99 ECHO GLASS 6124-4 - 12'4" 6 wt. Retail $299.99 SALE $199.99 We will ship CONUS...
  46. Matt Roelofs

    FS One of these needs to go...Sage Z-Axis 7136-4 or Echo SR 5108-4 + Solitude 4 Reel

    I have two items to offer for sale - your choice at $450 for either one. The first item is a Sage Z-Axis 7136-4 spey rod...lightly used with factory sock and tube. The second is a Echo SR 5108-4 switch rod package (rod + a Solitude 4 reel in gold + Wulff Ambush Line and includes cordura tube and...
  47. A

    FS Echo 3 1007-4 , Loop multi 6/9

    I have for sale an echo 3 10ft 7 wt fished less than 5 times in great condition 225.00 shipped Loop multi 6/9 left hand retrieve has some rash and scratches but fully funtioning and features the well known sealed matrix drag. $150 shipped line not included. If you buy them together I will...
  48. C

    FS Echo Switch Rods

    I am selling two Echo Switch Rods. Echo 3 8110- This rod is brand new and has never been fished. Bought if for a trip and never used it. $375 Echo TR 4113- This rod has only been on the river one time. A very fun rod but I don't use it much. $250- Sold Paypal Accepted
  49. F

    FS Echo DH II 8133 4

    Good condition, no tube or sock , ship w/i the US $165 paypal
  50. bluedunn

    FS Echo Rods

    Hi- I have a couple Echo fly rods for sale... 1) Echo Glass 6’9” 3-weight. Rod is in mint condition and comes with the original rod sock and case. Asking $90, shipped. 2) Echo Carbon XL 9’ 5-weight. Rod is in excellent condition and comes with the original rod sock and tube. SOLD. Please PM...