1. b_illymac

    elk hunting 101

    make sure you mark camp on google maps for all to see:D
  2. M

    Elk River, BC Input Requested

    I fished our legal bull season here pretty hard, pretty much all I did when it was open. I caught plenty of bulls, but I didn't break three feet, and I want more. Fernie is only about 4 hours away. Is it worth going up there in september/october? I would be going solely going to hunt bulls...
  3. Tom P.

    Trip Report Elk River/Fernie BC July 18-20

    This year the summer birthday trip was three days fishing the Elk River around Fernie British Columbia. Thought about doing this trip for some time. With the USD/CAD exchange rate making Canada something of a bargain, decided to finally book and go. Read a bunch about the Elk on this forum...
  4. L

    Elk Backstrap

    Hey gang, Looking for some nice recipes. I typically marinade and then grill. If you have something I should try and care to share I'm all ears! It's what's for dinner the next few nights:) Me
  5. ramset

    FS Elk Hunters? Integral Designs Sildome

    Bought this about 4 yrs ago, took it on one elk hunt. Never ran into much weather that trip. Aside from its age ( been in storage since) it's in 9/10 condition ( some dirt/ residue on the stakes maybe). If you're after a lightweight, just in case shelter option, this would be tough to beat. Not...
  6. ScottP

    SBS CdC & Elk (variation) SBS

    My apologies to Hans but this floats better and I can see it when the light goes off the water; dubbing loop allows use of poorer quality CdC, of which I have a sizable quantity. Also works as a small hopper (legs optional) or a Spruce Moth. hook -Dai Riki 305 #14 thread - UTC 140 tan...
  7. jwg

    Extents of Elk and Deer Migrations Discovered

    This is pretty interesting new information about the migration paths of ungulates across the landscape. In one case a deer herd assumed to be resident turned out to have a 150 mi annual migration. Elk in the greater yellowstone region migrate over quite difficult pathways. On the Path of...
  8. Elk in LaCrosse Basin

    Elk in LaCrosse Basin

    There's some elk in there if you look real hard
  9. Elk Remains

    Elk Remains

    Elk Remains
  10. SRC Swap 8/04

    SRC Swap 8/04

    Elk Hair Caddis - Griswald
  11. BC Cutthroat

    BC Cutthroat