1. W

    FS For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel.

    For pictures see: https://yakima.craigslist.org/spo/d/for-sale-orvis-spey-rod-and/6511024871.html For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel. Both are unused, Rod was only taken out of tube to photograph, has never been joined. Reel is cast/not fished, in pouch, it was mounted on various 8W...
  2. C

    FS Loop Evotec LW 7/9 reel

    Loop Evotec LW 7/9 spooled with 9 wt Airflo Bonefish line. $250 shipped. You pay 3% PayPal fee if you don't send payment friends and family. Inquires PM or call/text 407.462.1492 - Chad
  3. bourdino

    FS Loop NXT 7124, Loop Xact 8124 and loop evotec HD 8/10

    For sale: Loop NXT 7124-4 in excellent condition. Used 5 times. With tube and sock. 500$ US shipped. Loop Xact 8126-4 in very good cond. With tube and sock. 225$ shipped. Loop evotec HD 8-10 blue in mint condition with 2 heads and backing/running. Loop GDC line #7 head and airflow scandi...
  4. Adam Joyce

    WTB Loop Evotec Hd 8/10

    Looking to purchase a Loop Evotec HD 8/10. If someone has one they are willing to sell please PM me. Thank you. Adam
  5. UtahKingb

    FS Loop Reel Evotec G4 Lw 5/8

    I've got a hardly used loop G4 evotec LW 5/8 reel, sad to let it go but need to thin out a bit. A buddy of mine is a loop rep and I picked it up new a few months back for a small discount. Its been fished 5-6 times but is more reel than I need for the fishing I do. Retails for $479, make me...
  6. Jason Decker

    FS SOLD Loop 4six Evotec Reel

    Fall Fishing by Jason Decker posted Oct 31, 2007 at 7:33 PMused Loop Evotec 4six reel, new this reel retailed $350. Original box, reel pouch, included. Reel comes with lifetime warranty. I just sent it in and had it checked out, brand new drag installed. Comes loaded with backing and set up...
  7. Danielsson built original evotec 9/thirteen

    Danielsson built original evotec 9/thirteen

    Entire back plate rotates to adjust drag. Very cool old reels from the latter 90's