1. Tmik

    Guided Trip and Fishing Abroad Questions

    Hey Everyone, I am going on my honeymoon in August, and thanks to my awesome fiance, sales skills, and luck, we were able to settle on Slovenia for the destination. On this trip, we will have a full day guided trip going for marble trout and hybrid browns. I will be bringing some of my own...
  2. Lymitliss

    Trip Report The curse has been lifted- First fish on the new rod

    As some of you know I am a very amateur Fisher, and an even more amateur fly Fisher. I have caught plenty of fish on gear setups, but only a handful on a fly, none of the catches being on either of my two newest setups. For whatever reason there seems to be a minimum of a one month probation...
  3. Troutlife

    My first attempts at fly tying

    My first two tries at fly tying... any suggestions on how to make a start bettering my technique? The olive started as a wooly bugger and then I misjudged the marabou and the pink is just me messing around-on that one I know that I should have cut the Maribou farther up so it would be bushier
  4. Adam Saarinen

    Trip Report First winter coastal seatrout trip & new line test!

    This is the line I bought at the start of the year when I got my Sage X 8wt, it's not a bad line but the bird nesting of the running line is horrible, more ruined casts then good ones, used it a few times on the coast in the spring & a couple times last month on the river, think i'll try & sell...
  5. B

    First Time Cowlitz Float

    Hi All, A friend and I are taking my new (to me) 14' NRS raft out Thursday. Our plan is to float from Barrier to Blue Creek. Everything I've read implies that this is a pretty straightforward float with little technical difficulty. I've had an Assault XX that I've floated the Snoqualmie and...
  6. dfg

    First Time Tying Really Small Flies

    If I hadn't done it I wouldn't have believed I could actually tie a #22 fly. This image shows a bunch of BWO emergers sitting on a quarter. With a decent vise and a magnifier it's fairly simple. No 'ship in a bottle' obsessing, either. Of course, not living and fishing in Colorado, I draw the...
  7. Skip Enge

    Building my first fly rod

    I am attempting to build a fly rod...and eight ought..."#.00000000"... The reel seems a bit large...I figure I could roll cast into a gold fish bowl for feeder goldfish...The reel seat is going to be tough A sz #32 caddis fly is going to be a bit like trying to "cast" a gaff hook...Hmmm? what...
  8. b_illymac

    My first fashion thread...

    Simms gets the inseam right for this tall guy....No more neoprene:DI might have to consider a collared shirt @Swimmy...
  9. T

    A first for me; Arctic char

    I'm not a big fan of fish porn, but I know many here are. I have fished Alaska off and on for 20 years. I never caught an Arctic char until this trip that ended Sunday. These bad boys are very strong. They are a handful on a 6 wt. This one took me into my back twice. When you get into them...
  10. Spg

    First cutthroat

    Being a beautiful day today, I decided to head out to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie as my intro to Washington freshwater. Drove up to the start of the gravel and was all set to keep going on the right hand track when the missus got nervous, so we decided to head back to a spot that looked...
  11. biker_dd

    (SFR) First backpacking trip for a kid-looking for suggestions

    I'm hoping to get my daughter out for her first overnight backpacking adventure this summer. She is 7 yrs old, has plenty of car camping and sleeping in a tent experience. She's done plenty of day hikes and I'm figuring she can handle 3-4 miles one way, with a light pack. I'm looking for...
  12. SquatchinSince86

    First Aid

    The most recent article on Gink and Gasoline, got me thinking again about first aid. All the meds in mine are probably expired so nows a good time to restock and access my system. Usually I have a small one on day trips and a larger one for multiday trips. Rarely will I ever carry one on short...
  13. Moose38

    First time in the PNW!

    Hey all, This weekend a friend and I bought plane tickets to Portland from NYC. This has become sort of a habit for me.. Plan a spur of the moment trip and then turn to the members of this site to steer me on to some awesome experiences. You've helped me out tremendously in previous trips to...
  14. T

    WTB Guru 4 First Generation

    Looking for a Guru 4 first generation reel in good condition. I have a few of these reels and several spare spools , so finding another compatible reel is key. Might consider a Lamson Litespeed with a spare spool, or a spare spool for a lamson Litespeed ( gen IV) as these reels are on...
  15. Richard E

    WTB Lamson Litespeed 3.5 spool, the old school first gen model

    I fished with a guide in Mexico whose Lamson LS 3.5, the older model with the round hole porting in the frame, was causing him some issues. He wasn't sure what to do with it or who to contact, so I brought it back to the USA to take care of it for him. I was able to the reel fixed, but the...
  16. T

    First time June visitor asking for river advice

    A fly-fishing couple will visit the region early June. Like to fish rivers for trout, steehead, rainbow or whatever takes flies. Any advise on where to go. Preferably Olympic peninsula or coastal waters. Cascade rivers also of interst. We are considering one guided day and one on our own so bank...
  17. J

    Moving to Anacortes first post

    Hey folks, just wanted to introduce myself. Old guy (56) been fishing my entire life and moving from San Diego to Anocortes in August. I worked there a few years ago, and am looking forward to learning Stillwater fly fishing. Forums like this are truly a remarkable wealth of knowledge. I bought...
  18. Todash19

    First catch of the season

    Fishing is on in east Clark County. The largest one (10 inches) of 10 caught yesterday on a nymph rig. T'was a long winter....
  19. V

    First Outfit

    Not to date myself, but my first fly fishing outfit consisted of a Heddon tubular steel fly rod a Perrine automatic reel with a light level nylon fly line that my dad brought home for my brother and I to share. The light line was impossible to cast, so when I got some money I bought a level...
  20. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Hardy Golden Featherweight First Edition #15

    >>>>SOLD PENDING FUNDS<<<<<<<THANKS!>>>>>> Very fine used example of a First Edition (Serial Number 015) Golden Featherweight, click spring and pawl with tension regulator, single action, contracted (narrow) drum, aluminum alloy fly reel made by Hardy Brothers of Alnwick, England - circa 1985...
  21. 8

    Buying first vice

    Looking to buy my first vice. I was thinking about purchasing the vice listed in the link below. Are they're any fly tying material kits work buying? So far I plan on tying some San Juan, mop flies and Wooley buggers to start.
  22. J

    Rocky Ford first timer

    Hi all- work is taking me to Moses Lake and Ephrata for the next four days, however Monday afternoon / early evening is the only free time I will have. I have never fished the Ford before and wanted to give it a try. I have done some research on-line and I can see the access points from the...
  23. astoneflyguy

    Silver Doctor For A First Pattern

    So I picked this fly for a first classic salmon fly to learn on. Its taken a few tries, and I`m getting closer at any rate. Still not where I want it, and still learning how to do some of the elements. Couldnt get the teal to marry with the barred shoulder. Mark M., I need to learn how to get...
  24. Gary Thompson

    First Fishing Trip After Surgry

    I had my left shoulder replaced on Jan. 25th. I was back on the creek today and I must say for a man with one and a half arms I feel pretty good about myself. I'm still aways from a double haul, but I taught some trouts a lesson or two.
  25. Lue Taylor

    NFR First Lowland Snow In Years

    too bad the roads are screwed good day to be on the water
  26. Gary Thompson

    First Trip Rf

    It has finally warmed up enough to go fish this year. 01/19/17 I didn't try to get going to early cause of poor road conditions and was driving through Quincy at 0900 with 30 degrees. Foggy and gray with wet pavement all the way to Trout lodge rd. Trout lodge road was a ice rink and just...
  27. the_grube

    First Fish On A Fly I Tied

    Started tying flies recently. I'm really enjoying it, very therapeutic. My wife calls it arts-n-crafts for rednecks. I can't disagree. I scratched out this Bull on the Sauk today with an unweighted intruder I tied last night. Fun stuff.
  28. SaltyTippet

    My First Video....

    After a few months with a GoPro and a steep learning curve with iMovie this is all I got folks.... go easy on me.... but very open to suggestions and feedback thanks.... tight lines!!!!
  29. SERE Nate

    First Chum! How Big?

    Caught my first salmon swinging flies. Purple egg sucking leach was the ticket. Biggest fish of my life. 1st one fought hard and was a blast. 2nd fish took forever to get in. Took my into my backing 3 or 4 times. 1st fish I have black gloves on , 2nd fish no gloves. 2nd was a little...
  30. dflett68

    Trip Report: First Float

    My sweet family bought me a full day float on the Yakima with Red's Fly Shop for my birthday this year. As a part-time musician I play at a lot of wineries and I picked a date adjacent to one of my Yakima shows to save some travel cost. So Thursday was my day. I've never fished with a guide...
  31. A/L/D

    Trip Report First River Rainbow Trout

    First post here, hi! I i have been perfecting my fly casting for a while now on my local pond and creek, and had my first outting on a wild trout river. Got there around noon, was planing to get their earlier, but sleep needed to be had :) I tried to nymph but I am not really good at it, no...

    Well caught my first native brook trout

    Yea this little guy must have been hungry. LOL Pretty little fish. Of course I released him.
  33. My first steelhead (2 of 2)

    My first steelhead (2 of 2)

    Caught this guy on the NF Stilly on 9/25/04
  34. My first steelhead (pic 1 of 2)

    My first steelhead (pic 1 of 2)

    Caught this fella on the NF Stilly at Fortson Hole on 9/25/04. He took a #8 Matt's Golden Stone nymph.
  35. Methow Steelhead

    Methow Steelhead