1. Shawn West

    First outing of the year 2018

    My friend and I fished the Gorge yesterday. It had been our first outing since October. When we got on the water (noon), I was disappointed to find the water at temperature to be 48 degrees. My game plan was to fish deep and slow using a bait fish pattern. I had absolutely no action at all until...
  2. Tmik

    Guided Trip and Fishing Abroad Questions

    Hey Everyone, I am going on my honeymoon in August, and thanks to my awesome fiance, sales skills, and luck, we were able to settle on Slovenia for the destination. On this trip, we will have a full day guided trip going for marble trout and hybrid browns. I will be bringing some of my own...
  3. Lymitliss

    Trip Report The curse has been lifted- First fish on the new rod

    As some of you know I am a very amateur Fisher, and an even more amateur fly Fisher. I have caught plenty of fish on gear setups, but only a handful on a fly, none of the catches being on either of my two newest setups. For whatever reason there seems to be a minimum of a one month probation...
  4. Troutlife

    My first attempts at fly tying

    My first two tries at fly tying... any suggestions on how to make a start bettering my technique? The olive started as a wooly bugger and then I misjudged the marabou and the pink is just me messing around-on that one I know that I should have cut the Maribou farther up so it would be bushier
  5. troutnutt

    First time to this lake......

    Heading south to oly area tomorrow. Never fished that lake before.......any suggestions?
  6. B

    My first Cuts in the salt!

    Only had a little time to fish this morning. Got out early to a new spot and caught three! Was out before the next guy got to the water. Super stoked! What a cool fish these guys are. Man. I love swinging flies but catching fish is really fun. This I will do again.
  7. S

    ? on a centerpin build for King's

    Tidewater King's - Have swinging covered with Echo and Beulah switch rods. However, swing action dies in the last hour of peak flood tide, and I see some opportunities for using a centerpin float rod, with a jig tied Super Clouser hanging under a float. So looking for advice on rod components...
  8. 4sallypat

    Tournament casting report - first time using mid belly - placed 3rd but.....

    So my first time competing casting at the Long Beach Casting Club last weekend. Entered as a novice division with about 12 other newbie casters. There were seniors, women and open division casters that attracted a bunch of Spey O Rama (SOR) folks like Tommy A (flew in from Norway), Jim...
  9. TJ Fisher

    First attempt!

    So I rushed to a beach as fast as i could in I5 traffic at 3pm. Made it there with about an hour of light left conditions were probably about as bad as they could be for fishing but I got the opportunity to practice in 15 to 20mph winds. Said beach was chosen specifically to habe the wind in my...
  10. Roper

    First fish of 2018

    I should have known better when I went out to my frosted over truck that it was going to be a cold morning. When I fired it up the temp was 26 degrees...why am I doing this again? Because a bunch of us are masochists that like catching trout. So off I went to meet up with Scott and Tim at Pass...
  11. K

    First spey rod questions

    I'm looking to get into spey style casting for steelhead and salmon once I move out to Washington. Iv been doing a bit of research over the past few weeks on rods/reels/lines and would like to ensure I purchase the correct weight/length rod. My budget is 600ish for the rod or 3-400 for used...
  12. Sir Homey

    First SRC - tip o' the hat

    Sometimes it is your fishing partner that really drives or motivates you to try something new. Maybe it's a new lake, new fly, new species, or in this case...chasing SRCs in the salt. While I may push more for the alpine stuff and hitting those remote hidden lakes, I must credit...
  13. Adam Saarinen

    Trip Report First winter coastal seatrout trip & new line test!

    This is the line I bought at the start of the year when I got my Sage X 8wt, it's not a bad line but the bird nesting of the running line is horrible, more ruined casts then good ones, used it a few times on the coast in the spring & a couple times last month on the river, think i'll try & sell...
  14. A

    Recommendation - First Fly Rod

    Hello All, Just getting into fly fishing, and I have a family member who is willing to teach and make a fly rod for me and my wife. This will be our first fly rod, and we will each be getting our own. The primary species will be trout, we will be fishing out of a raft and wading on local...
  15. B

    First Time Cowlitz Float

    Hi All, A friend and I are taking my new (to me) 14' NRS raft out Thursday. Our plan is to float from Barrier to Blue Creek. Everything I've read implies that this is a pretty straightforward float with little technical difficulty. I've had an Assault XX that I've floated the Snoqualmie and...
  16. dfg

    First Time Tying Really Small Flies

    If I hadn't done it I wouldn't have believed I could actually tie a #22 fly. This image shows a bunch of BWO emergers sitting on a quarter. With a decent vise and a magnifier it's fairly simple. No 'ship in a bottle' obsessing, either. Of course, not living and fishing in Colorado, I draw the...
  17. F

    Finally caught my first one!

    After three years of trying I finally caught my first steelhead! A hatchery buck on the Cowlitz at Blue Creek. I know it's not as exciting as catching a wild one on the Hoh but I figure the fish gods are having me work up to that. Thanks to everyone who posts here for all the great info and...
  18. Rob Allen

    First casts with a Beulah Platinum

    Yesterday i tried the Beulah Platinum 12' 4" 8 wt. Went into this knowing next to nothing about the rod. It is light in the hand. I thought yhe grip was too small but i didn't notice it at all while casting. The build quality was better than most and it's not a bad looking rod. I was...
  19. Mems

    Chloe's first bonefish

    My four year old niece Chloe got her first bonefish this past weekend. It fought pretty well, and put up a good fight. She was too scared of it to take a hero shot. I showed her the little black mustache and she thought it was cute. She wanted to catch her own fish on her barbie pole. She...
  20. Skip Enge

    Building my first fly rod

    I am attempting to build a fly rod...and eight ought..."#.00000000"... The reel seems a bit large...I figure I could roll cast into a gold fish bowl for feeder goldfish...The reel seat is going to be tough A sz #32 caddis fly is going to be a bit like trying to "cast" a gaff hook...Hmmm? what...
  21. JasonG

    First time Hunting Grouse!

    So I went hunting for the first time yesterday. I tried to hunt Grouse off a gated logging road at the top of the pass on I 90. A couple of mistakes 1) I brought my dog who is not a bird dog . He got to far a head of me and flushed two birds off the gated road before I was able to get a clean...
  22. Luke77

    High-Tech Bow Hunting - First archery mule deer *Story and PICS*

    Like many of you, I’ve been a hunter since I was old enough to tote my own rifle. My Grandfather was an outdoorsman whom taught me to fish, hunt, hike, backpack, and take care of our outdoors and the critters that call those places home. I’ve always been a rifle hunter because that’s what...
  23. b_illymac

    My first fashion thread...

    Simms gets the inseam right for this tall guy....No more neoprene:DI might have to consider a collared shirt @Swimmy...
  24. Trapper

    A first for me; Arctic char

    I'm not a big fan of fish porn, but I know many here are. I have fished Alaska off and on for 20 years. I never caught an Arctic char until this trip that ended Sunday. These bad boys are very strong. They are a handful on a 6 wt. This one took me into my back twice. When you get into them...
  25. Shawn West

    First time fishing the Gorge in the evening this year

    The wind gods decided to show mercy on me this weekend. It was the first time this year during my time off that I could fish the Gorge without fighting hurricane winds. I decided to fish a couple of different lakes. I launched at the first lake around 2:15. I decided to throw a 3/0 popper and...
  26. Spg

    First cutthroat

    Being a beautiful day today, I decided to head out to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie as my intro to Washington freshwater. Drove up to the start of the gravel and was all set to keep going on the right hand track when the missus got nervous, so we decided to head back to a spot that looked...
  27. J

    First try at Pass Lake

    Finally, after months of anticipation, I put my float tube in at Pass Lake! Crimped the barb on my olive Wholly Bugger at 9:30 am. 5 minutes later a strike. 5 minutes later fish on.. for 5 seconds. 10 minutes later a fish comes half way out of the water following the bugger 2 ft from my tube...
  28. Jeremy Floyd

    First Skeena chrome

  29. biker_dd

    (SFR) First backpacking trip for a kid-looking for suggestions

    I'm hoping to get my daughter out for her first overnight backpacking adventure this summer. She is 7 yrs old, has plenty of car camping and sleeping in a tent experience. She's done plenty of day hikes and I'm figuring she can handle 3-4 miles one way, with a light pack. I'm looking for...
  30. SquatchinSince86

    First Aid

    The most recent article on Gink and Gasoline, got me thinking again about first aid. All the meds in mine are probably expired so nows a good time to restock and access my system. Usually I have a small one on day trips and a larger one for multiday trips. Rarely will I ever carry one on short...
  31. Moose38

    First time in the PNW!

    Hey all, This weekend a friend and I bought plane tickets to Portland from NYC. This has become sort of a habit for me.. Plan a spur of the moment trip and then turn to the members of this site to steer me on to some awesome experiences. You've helped me out tremendously in previous trips to...
  32. T

    WTB Guru 4 First Generation

    Looking for a Guru 4 first generation reel in good condition. I have a few of these reels and several spare spools , so finding another compatible reel is key. Might consider a Lamson Litespeed with a spare spool, or a spare spool for a lamson Litespeed ( gen IV) as these reels are on...
  33. Richard E

    WTB Lamson Litespeed 3.5 spool, the old school first gen model

    I fished with a guide in Mexico whose Lamson LS 3.5, the older model with the round hole porting in the frame, was causing him some issues. He wasn't sure what to do with it or who to contact, so I brought it back to the USA to take care of it for him. I was able to the reel fixed, but the...
  34. SquatchinSince86

    Ready to engage in political/conservation topics? Please read this first.
  35. Engee

    First post. Good Carp fishing with Buzzy

    Had a great day on Banks with Buzzy Saturday. Water was a little choppy but the Carp were on the prowl and very plentiful. This is my first post and I'm sure I'll hear about it from my old friend!
  36. R

    First Pontoon

    Hi, I'm wanting to buy my first pontoon for rivers and some lake action. I need some advice. I've been looking at the Creek Company Sport, found one locally new on craigslist for around $300. I'm also considering Bucks Bags Sawtooth or the Bucks Bags High Adventure. I found both of them...
  37. NickTIG

    First steelhead!

    my first steelhead today on the sky! Woohoo
  38. Greg Price

    Finally, my First "real" Bass

  39. J

    First choices for flies

    Branching off from my previous thread. I'm looking to get my first flies to fish a sinking line at Pass (and other local lakes near Anocortes). Leeches seem to be favored, Maroubou leech and Black bunny along with olive chennile (wooly bugger?) have been suggested. I will likely try the Pass...
  40. T

    First time June visitor asking for river advice

    A fly-fishing couple will visit the region early June. Like to fish rivers for trout, steehead, rainbow or whatever takes flies. Any advise on where to go. Preferably Olympic peninsula or coastal waters. Cascade rivers also of interst. We are considering one guided day and one on our own so bank...
  41. J

    Thoughts on my first fly line?

    Moving to Anacortes soon. Have a #5 rod with a reel. I've read "Stillwater strategies" (and watched a lot of youtube) and think that a type 5 sinking line is a good start. Shopped around and am looking at the "Rio intouch wf5s5" from Avidmax ($67). Questions: for a beginner would the wf5s3 be a...
  42. J

    Moving to Anacortes first post

    Hey folks, just wanted to introduce myself. Old guy (56) been fishing my entire life and moving from San Diego to Anocortes in August. I worked there a few years ago, and am looking forward to learning Stillwater fly fishing. Forums like this are truly a remarkable wealth of knowledge. I bought...
  43. 8

    Buying first trailer ?

    So with a raft purchased, I need to buy a trailer. There so many choices out there so it's a little overwhelming. I've narrowed it down to a few choices and would like to get your feedback.
  44. Todash19

    First catch of the season

    Fishing is on in east Clark County. The largest one (10 inches) of 10 caught yesterday on a nymph rig. T'was a long winter....
  45. Tyler Speir

    First SM of the season

    I hit Lake Tapps today and had some luck. I landed a few nice size SM and lost one good size Tiger right at the boat. I thought some of you might like a report, and to let you guys know things are starting to heat up on the lakes.
  46. S

    Absolutely newbie: building first fly fishing rods

    Hi, I'd like to start fly fishing and after days of research on equipment I found out that it can be at least as expensive as any other hobby, if not more expensive :). I decided to start with building some rods and see how's it going, is it worth it or spending money is the key to a successful...
  47. V

    First Outfit

    Not to date myself, but my first fly fishing outfit consisted of a Heddon tubular steel fly rod a Perrine automatic reel with a light level nylon fly line that my dad brought home for my brother and I to share. The light line was impossible to cast, so when I got some money I bought a level...
  48. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Hardy Golden Featherweight First Edition #15

    >>>>SOLD PENDING FUNDS<<<<<<<THANKS!>>>>>> Very fine used example of a First Edition (Serial Number 015) Golden Featherweight, click spring and pawl with tension regulator, single action, contracted (narrow) drum, aluminum alloy fly reel made by Hardy Brothers of Alnwick, England - circa 1985...
  49. troutnutt

    First Time at Cady....

    What a beautiful lake! Fantastic weather! :) Fished from about 7am to dark. Had the joint to myself all morning then 3 guys show up and shared the lake with me the rest of the day. I'm bad with names but I believe they were Steve, John and Lou. Great fishing banter. Had six to the net. Biggest...
  50. Shawn West

    First fishing trip of the year

    I had some business with the fly shop in The Dalles. I decided to bring my gear and see if the smallies would play. Considering the water temp would be low, I arrived at the lake with low expectations. The first thing I did was check the water temp. It was a chilly 49 degrees. Armed with a...