1. liem.salim

    Hike and Fish the Yakima.

    I have recently move to Washington (Bremerton area) from Montana. I love earning my fish rather than drive, park, fly fish, repeat. I am looking for a trail or area that I would be able to hike a couple of miles and fly fish that is away from the road and away from people. I do not have a boat...
  2. Billy McFly

    FS Fish Cat 4

    With FC Step in Fins and pump. This Fish Cat 4 has not been wet... Funny story (now). My son bought this as a replacement for mine which he took without asking and left somewhere. At least he was smart enough to buy a new one before he told me about it. Same thing happened to my 9' 4wt...
  3. D

    FS 2017 Dog Fish Pram

    Beautiful lake fly fishing Pram. $750 firm
  4. Nick Clayton

    Wanna fish Sunday?

    This recent weather has kept me cooped up way too much lately and I'm dying to get out on the water. Sunday looks like it will be pretty decent, at least as far as the big W is concerned, so I'm thinking of taking the boat out on the south sound. My buddy had to bail so I've got a seat or two...
  5. Billy McFly

    Fish on Drugs Sorry if this has already been posted but this is disturbing stuff.
  6. Love2fish_

    FS Fish Cat Float Tube

    Fish Cat float tube for sale, used but in good condition. Stored indoors. Great for the spring openers. Asking 150$ OBO.
  7. PezVela

    A good reason to fish more...!

  8. para_adams

    FS Sage - Anderson Custom Rods - Big fish rod

    Mint condition Anderson Custom Rods built Sage 1290-2 RPLX. The rod has the beautiful Anderson wraps and a utilitarian, functional and somewhat ugly seat with fighting butt. Two cork grips. Original sock but no tube. Can send pics if interested. $200 local pickup, or $230 shipped and I'll...
  9. Lymitliss

    Trip Report The curse has been lifted- First fish on the new rod

    As some of you know I am a very amateur Fisher, and an even more amateur fly Fisher. I have caught plenty of fish on gear setups, but only a handful on a fly, none of the catches being on either of my two newest setups. For whatever reason there seems to be a minimum of a one month probation...
  10. G

    FS Fish Cat Scout

    2016 Fish Cat Scout - blue/gray in color. Brand new/never taken out of the box. $585 or best reasonable offer. Brand new K-pump and top of the line self inflating PFD in their original packaging available for sale with the pontoon boat.
  11. D

    FS 2017 Dog Fish Pram

    Slightly used Dog Fish fly pram. $750 Firm. Very stable, rows well, tracks well, carpeted, includes two waterproof side storage compartments, battery box under lid up front, wired, moveable seat, oars, two lead anchors, rope, anchor drop with base, sweet fishing machine.
  12. Chris Johnson

    Farmed Fish and Disease

    Watch the video titled "What Government Knew"
  13. TJ Fisher

    Fish hunting!

    Made it out a little late this morning birds were already working way off the beach. Fished until 10 before switching over to some smaller stuff I tied recently. fishing was consistent thru the outgoing tide with this fly. All in all a great day with lots of sun. Definitely was wishing for a...
  14. Daniel Baker

    Alpine Laker in search of fish

    I’m relatively new to Washington and am looking for places to go Alpine lake fishing. I’m not afraid to hike in fact I prefer it if it means getting away from crowds and finding bigger, more stupid fish. Anyone want to share with me their second best spot? I’m especially interested in the Alpine...
  15. Gyrfalcon21

    need a quick saltwater fish ID- Hawaiian?

    saw this online with no caption, can anyone identify this beautiful species? @Mems?
  16. T

    Tell me where I should fish this weekend

    Little thrown off as far as where I should fish this time of year. Rookie fly fisherman, and not opposed to some spin casting, and or sinking some worms. I live in Seattle. Willing to drive 2 ish hours. Weather conditions don’t matter to me, except high windows are no bueno. I have a...
  17. freestonebound

    The fish you didn't catch?

    The One That Got Away. Or the one you didn't attempt to catch for some reason. What was the most memorable fish you've encountered in your travels? I was fishing a stream in the Catskills at it's headwaters. It was higher altitude and a simply beautiful day. As I walked up on a pool I saw a...
  18. Steve Kokita

    Lue's 2018 fish count

    Ok, here's the question again, how many fish have you caught this year AH?
  19. Bruce Baker

    Fish Washington App - Soft Launch

    FYI Testing for the Fish Washington app has been completed and it is now available from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. At the moment it is a soft press release or advertising. That will come later. If you were an app tester, you will want to uninstall and delete...
  20. Roper

    First fish of 2018

    I should have known better when I went out to my frosted over truck that it was going to be a cold morning. When I fired it up the temp was 26 degrees...why am I doing this again? Because a bunch of us are masochists that like catching trout. So off I went to meet up with Scott and Tim at Pass...
  21. Nick Clayton

    Let's see your favorite fish of the year

    Big, small, unique, hard fighter, beautiful colors etc etc etc.... Let's see your favorite fish of 2017! Dry, nymph, swing, power bait.... I care not. Just hoping to see some fish porn tonight! Starting off I think my favorite fish of the year was this little chinook caught while fishing with...
  22. SalishSeaAngler

    Cool Fish Art Stickers including SRC, Sea Run Bulls, and more

    This is a belated gift idea since Christmas is past, but here is a great gift idea ongoing and also just to share with others. See pic of SRC I put on the back of a small fly box. Great artist and purchased on ETSY :) I will be happy to share the artist info and I would bet many of you know him.
  23. Clint F

    How many fish the beaches of the deep south sound?

    Question is just that? how many people fish the deep south sound, (agate, harstine island, north bay)? Just curious to see if the numbers of fish ferther south are the same as that I'm seeing in gig harbor/port orchard area? i havnt fished my new local areas, i have been sticking to my old...
  24. D

    FS Dog Fish Boat

    Super excellent fly fishing pram- very lightly used. Wired for electric motor. Boat only. $900
  25. Matt Paluch

    Ideas for getting more Fish & Wildlife Officers

    One consistent complaint I've heard since I started fly fishing 26 years ago is that we don't have enough game wardens in Washington State. I know that there is little chance of getting anything done through the legislature since they haven't provided enough money for WDFW to operate at current...
  26. BobA

    Pass Lake... anyone fish this lately?

    I have been driving by Pass lake these past couple of weeks and it seems that some folks have been fishing the lake. I am thinking about it now that the temps are lower. Any reports?
  27. KerryS

    Sea lions take more fish
  28. wadin' boot

    Fish ID

    Went up to Vancouver to the Anthropology museum at UBC and in among the collection of masks there was this guy.... I'm thinking....Not Salmon...... the mask was about 4 foot long....Steve? Ira?
  29. Lue Taylor

    Dear Saltwater fish God!!!

    Saturday my friend and I decided to chase some Chums first stop we found lots of boots none we could cast to they was all over the beach (dead). Next stop if not for my friend would have got swamp by a giant waves still no fish. Next day decide a different beach beat the shit out of the water...
  30. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Anyone fish pass lake for browns recently?

    Heading up to pass lake this week to target browns before the end of the year. Had anyone fished it lately and what was working for flies would be a huge help. Thanks. Tight lines
  31. BN2FSH

    Cray Fish Pattern

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good cray fish pattern?
  32. ScottP

    SBS Fish Hawk

    Vintage wet fly; tied in a skinny version for SRCs. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 brown rib - small wire gold tail - mottled turkey wing body - tinsel gold wing - mottled turkey wing hackle - Indian hen mash barb, start thread; tie in rib, wrap to bend prep turkey slips (got...
  33. T

    Nov 10: Vancouver Fish Film Night, "Our Two Hands" (Heathen Brewing)

    It's time to question the status quo! "Our Two Hands" takes you on a dynamic visual journey that will have you seeing familiar places, faces and fish management strategies in an entirely new light. Society has a complex relationship with salmon and steelhead. The current management paradigm has...
  34. MileHighFlyGuy

    Now even rain kills the fish ...

    From today’s Seattle Times. "Stormwater pollution in Puget Sound streams killing coho before they can spawn". As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours...
  35. hbmcc

    Fish Trap Journal

    There may be some interest in this link: They have shut down the journal for 2017, but you may want to be included in future posts.
  36. Matt Hutch

    Why Are Ocean Fish So Much Stronger?

    I can land a 2 lb trout on a 4 or 5 weight rod without much trouble, and I doubt it'll take more than a few minutes to land it. A 2 lb bonefish, on the other hand, will still pull into my backing on an 8 weight rod. Everything in or from the ocean seems to be considerably stronger than...
  37. Darby

    Fighting a Fish

    This summer, my son & I went to a bass pond. While waiting for the evening bite, we pulled out our 3 & 4wt rods and fished/caught Crappie, Bluegill, & Perch. It was a blast, actually a lot more enjoyable then when the bass started hitting our 7 & 8wt rods. A couple of weeks ago, we were in...
  38. Rob Allen

    low numbers don't mean no fish

    the wife low holed me today on a Columbia trib. 8 lb hatchery buck jumped once but pulled hard the whole time.. it is possible even in a low return year guys..
  39. Nick Clayton

    Fish ID

    Found this in an albacore today. None of us were sure what it was Thoughts?
  40. Steve Kokita

    Fish carvings

    Here's a Steelhead carving I did a few years ago....:)
  41. Kfish

    FS Fish Cat Scout Frameless Pontoon

    Hello all, Selling my OutCast Fish Cat Scout. It's been a great frameless pontoon, light and maneuverable. Absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, the reason I am selling is because I just bought a NRS raft to bring the kids along fishing. I've always taken good care of it, gentle use at...
  42. C

    FS Searun Cutthroat replica wall mount fish display

    21" Searun cutthroat fiberglass fish replica featured within a saltwater beach scene. This is a museum quality interpretive wall mount feature that was created, hand-painted as well as air brushed by a local artist. The fish is a trophy size Pacific NW Searun cutthroat and represents a 6 pound...
  43. Greg Armstrong

    A Fishing Report-w/a new fish

    At least it was a new fish for me. I always wanted to catch an Arctic Grayling, but never had a chance to do so. I did go out of my way to catch a Montana Grayling once and that was pretty special too. But I wanted an Arctic. After some research I discovered that it's not that far to go to...
  44. sconnie

    Farmed fish spill

    Recent Atlantic salmon spill from Fish farm in Washington. Requesting help collecting lost salmon, before they create problems with Pacific salmon . Reportly the fish stay near shore. Who's going fishing?
  45. A.A.

    How do I take fish pictures like these?

    Just wondering if you experts have any good advice on lenses, filters, settings, light direction etc. to get great fish pics like these. I have a crop sensor canon (80D) and am loving it so far. I'm looking forward to taking it on fishing trips and getting some cool photos... These are all...
  46. Jeffer

    Upper Gibbon River in Yellowstone to be poisoned to kill nonnative fish
  47. W

    WTB Patagonia Flying Fish camo hat

    This one in particular; new or used
  48. Ian Horning

    This fish loves me

    You'd think with all those fish in Pass Lake, this wouldn't happen very often. Last Fall: February: This Summer: Same fish, three separate times. Two different techniques, two different flies (twice the same pattern). She's gained a couple of inches since our first encounter and she's...
  49. Steelhead ©

    FS Pink/Coho Spinning Combo- ready to fish

    I don't fish gear off the beach anymore so here's a perfect setup for coho and pinks and is ready to fish. The rod has a lifetime warranty and I'm pretty sure the reel would be covered by warranty also. Rod: Diawa DXS 8'6" Medium Action Reel: Okuma Sienna 2500 Line: 30# power pro Other...
  50. Vladimir Steblina

    Nah, didn't want to fish Beda Lake anyway...