1. deb_deb

    FS Flycraft Stealth Fisherman Package $2900 PDX

    The coveted Flycraft Stealth Fisherman package! I’ve owned this raft for 1 year. I’ve taken this thing down the deschutes, the cowlitz, the mackenzie all kinds of costal rivers. Lakes and ponds. I mounted a Suzuki outboard motor and fished the bays for kings and coho. Will do great for...
  2. VanAllen

    Up for grabs

    I'm sad to say that this plate, "FISHING", is officially retired to my fly tying room. But, that means that it's up for grabs in the WA DOL system. Figured I'd let you guys know before it gets snagged by somebody!
  3. donce

    Fishing in Iceland 2019 camera underwater

  4. liem.salim

    Hike and Fish the Yakima.

    I have recently move to Washington (Bremerton area) from Montana. I love earning my fish rather than drive, park, fly fish, repeat. I am looking for a trail or area that I would be able to hike a couple of miles and fly fish that is away from the road and away from people. I do not have a boat...
  5. doublehandnightmare

    FS FS: Large Arbor 425 TFO gold reel

    Up for Sale, the TFO LA 425 fly reel, (Gold). Some boat rash and dings, it has been a great reel, but time to sell. 10/10 mechanically, and had the carbon fiber drag cleaned and serviced. It has been well used, but as I mentioned mechanically a very solid reel. Have a few other of these in...
  6. donce

    Trout Fishing underwater camera GoPro

  7. David D

    MA13 fishing

    fished in Case inlet today. Cutthroat were all over the beaches. Didn’t make it to Victor area but that’s only because the catching kept us from moving! Didn’t see many baitfish but didn’t seem to matter. Clousers and sculpin patterns were producing over the eel grass beds all day. The wind was...
  8. Dave Westburg

    Fishing Books in search of new owner

    Culling the herd and have some free fishing books in search of a new owner. I live in Kirkland. You pick them up and they're yours. Salmon Flies Their Character, Style and Dressing by Poul Jorgenson. 1978 edition. This and Pryce-Tannant's book should be your Bible if you tie full dress...
  9. Skip Enge

    NFR April ain't a fishing month

    Not for me's deep wading into gardening It took 3 afternoons but transplanted my tomato starts into 4"... 5-7" tall and about 130 plants...2 are crosses I seem to be growing at F5 another F1...Next up to transplant peppers...a LOT of and sweet...mostly...
  10. Kilmer72

    FS Korkers OmniTrax v3.0 Kling-On Sticky Fishing Soles

    New, never used. Size 11 $22.00 shipped conus. Thanks
  11. Tristan Mikoleit

    Guided Trip and Fishing Abroad Questions

    Hey Everyone, I am going on my honeymoon in August, and thanks to my awesome fiance, sales skills, and luck, we were able to settle on Slovenia for the destination. On this trip, we will have a full day guided trip going for marble trout and hybrid browns. I will be bringing some of my own...
  12. Dr Bob

    Jon Boat for Fly Fishing Lakes?

    I am considering adding to my fleet for still water fishing and want a vessel that can handle 3-4 people. It will mostly be 2 people, but I may take my son and grandson. It needs to be a stable craft as kids don't seem to stay seated as instructed. Also it has to not be too heavy and easy to...
  13. Flyfishinwrangler

    1st time beach fishing advice wanted

    I'm going to give beach fishing for sea runs a try for 1st time. I've read some different articles and parts of books... been to fly shops to buy flies and get advice. Not looking for secrets, just some basic rules or knowledge I should be aware of before setting out. Thanks in advance for any...
  14. Bajema

    Fly Fishing Film Tour in Mt Vernon

    Anyone else going to the Fly Fishing Film tour in Mt Vernon tonight?
  15. J

    Bass fishing timing for Skagit Co

    Looking forward to targeting bass in four lakes near Anacortes. Beaver Lake, nearby Mud Lake and also Campbell Lake and Trafton Lake (private). In Southern CA right now is the time that the females are eating like a fat lady at a buffet (before taking turns with the smaller males guarding the...
  16. Jake Dogfish

    King County fishing report

    Youngs lake: Bass are biting on the North end. Trollers are catching cutthroat trout 15-18 inches. Chester Morse lake: Rainbow trout and Kokanee is starting to pick up. Flyfishers are catching Whitefish off the mouth of the Rex river. Note: please release Pygmy Whitefish. Refer to the Wdfw...
  17. Old406Kid

    Fishing Two Indicator Rods

    My wife said she thinks it's starting to have an effect on me.:confused:
  18. M

    FS Columbia l/s fishing shirts

    Two Columbia long-sleeve fishing shirts of identical make/model. Lightweight ripstop nylon, omnishade. Button down tabs. Loops and tabs to roll up sleeves. Size large (I'd say good for folks 6' to 6'2" and in the roughly 175-200 lbs range). Both lightly used and in excellent condition. The...
  19. Jerry Daschofsky

    Unsold items - Consider donating to Project Healing Waters

    There are some of you who have flyfishing, gear fishing, and camping sales ads that have been up for quite awhile, and not selling. If by chance it's something you just want gone, and would like the items to go into the hands of veterans/military in our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Got...
  20. Lymitliss

    Been lurking for a while-Started fishing later in life than most

    I've been lurking on the forum for a handful of months now and thought I might make an official "New guy" post, since it looks like I'll be sticking around for a while. My name is Lucas, I'm a 28 year old Honda Master Technician currently living in Shoreline. It seems to me that the majority...
  21. silvercreek

    Guide to Fly Fishing the Yellowstone Region

    Longs for Cutts just revamped the Parks Fly Shop website and has put up a DIY guide for the Yellowstone Area. Click on this link to start. At the top of the page are other links, some of which are pull down menus such as the one on flies and hatches. Yellowstone Fly Fishing Info Site...
  22. Vladimir Steblina

    SFR-Why Fishing has gone to hell in east of the Cascades.

    CSA/*MSA: 2016 | 2017 | Change | Percentage Boise: 770,213 | 790,363 | +20,150 | +2.62% Spokane: 707,921 | 721,873 | +13,952 | +1.97% *Tri Cities: 283,799 | 290,296 | +6,497 | +2.29% *Yakima: 249,323 | 250,193 | +870 | +0.35% Idaho Falls: 239,329 | 243,805 | +4,476 | +1.87% Bend: 203,019 |...
  23. Salmo_g

    FS 8' fly fishing pram

    8' fly fishing pram. Fiberglass reinforced plywood construction. Oars and anchor included. Fits in back of small or standard sized pick up truck. $275.
  24. DJSponge

    Best small boat for fly fishing PNW waters?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the best small boat for fly fishing up here in the PNW? Ideally, something that could cover lakes, the Puget Sound, and maybe some rivers? I'm considering all options at this point, but I'm leaning towards a 16'-18' Bay boat center console style vessel. I'd...
  25. A.A.

    Dad, when are you going to take me fishing?..

    My daughter (7) had been begging for weeks. So it finally worked out to take her and my son (10) out on the Umpqua on Saturday. Beautiful lucky green water on St. Patrick’s Day. Pizza already cooking in the bow. Headed downstream... Perfect drift. These kids learn fast... (And no, my...
  26. plaegreid

    Hot Dawg, a Fishing Report!

    It's not from Washington, but anyone who really cares can go SUCK EGGS. I had to drive up to Casper, Wyoming for a business thing on Friday. This was good for two reasons: first, it meant a day driving and out of the office. Score! Second, it meant I would be in the neighborhood of the fabled...
  27. BDD

    Terrible News at NW Fly Fishing Magazine

    I just don't know what to say...except my sincere condolences to Jon's family and friends.
  28. Mike22

    Gear Fishing Tactics/Techniques

    Gear fishing is fishing and valuable bits and pieces can crossover well into fly fishing. When I first started fishing, split shot was something that I thought was only used for sinking powerbait under a bobber while sitting on a dock and waiting for a planter to come take a sniff. I have since...
  29. M

    Hazarding a fishing report

    Gonna give this a try since I sponge so much information off you guys...I figure I owe some kind of entertainment. Used a great guide yesterday and managed to hook into a small one which broke off rather quickly. My guide mentioned that I might want to 'tone down' the trout hook set a little...
  30. chief

    Fly Fishing for Carp Videos

    For those who like to fly fish for carp, or want to learn what it looks like when a carp eats a fly, this Australian fisherman has several good videos on Youtube... I am getting itchy for spring....
  31. T

    Hazards of Fly Fishing Montana (and elsewhere)

    Background. After guiding, working, and playing in the outdoors of the Rocky Mountain West and Alaska for many years, I consider myself fortunate to have never had a death in any of my guide trips or camps. We came close once with a guy who had a heart attack and fell off his horse...
  32. Matt B

    Rare winter Western Washington stream resident trout fishing report

    What a surprise. Mostly, we wanted to go for a walk in the woods by the river. We wondered, Should we string up a rod? Might as well, we decided. Not five minutes into casting into a deep, slow glide, my indicator dipped and I set into what felt like a decent fish. I ended up landing what is by...
  33. Kjell S. Rakkenes

    Ten Rivers Trip - father and son on a fly fishing mission

    Here's a first episode of Ten Rivers Trip, a mini series on me and my son exploring fly fishing throughout the short Norwegian fly fishing season. It's has English subs, and I do hope they're ok. The first episode is a celebration of spring and emerging midge Kjell
  34. D

    FS 3 fly fishing prams

    1 Dogfish boat-Rotomolded polyethylene 8 foot long, one man boat, weighs 98 lbs, 525 lbs. capacity, 6.5 foot oars, hatch cover, battery box, storage bag, movable seat, new in 2017----$885 1 Sundolphin Sportsman 8.5 foot two man boat, weighs 100 lbs., 550 lbs. capacity, 2 sliding swivel seats...
  35. Madison2

    FS Patagonia SST size L fly fishing jacket

    Not the newest model but I have barely used this - Patagonia SST size Large - $150 shipped to you
  36. M

    Furry Fishing Companions

    Hey, fellas! I've just created this thread for us to show off our furry fishing companions. Mine is a Pomeranian named Lexi. She's an adorable furball who loves the outdoors. She also loves to cool down, so bath time is never an issue for her. This results to endless fun times in her dog bath...
  37. P

    fly fishing show

    the west kootenay fly club will have it's annual fly fishing symposium on april 7&8. fly tying, demo casting etc. free admission. castlegar rec centre. check out the west kootenay fly club website for more info.
  38. Troutlife

    Fidalgo Island Fishing

    I will be staying on Fidalgo Island over the weekend and am wondering if any of the lakes other than Pass Lake are worth trying.
  39. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Filson co. fishing vest

    Very nice vest in good condition as pictured. Doesn't say a size but seems pretty universal. Lots of pockets for storage and is very breathable. $80 shipped cont us. Nice vest. These go for $300+ as filson makes quality products. PayPal, venmo, cash in Seattle. This will go quickly.
  40. C

    Surf fly fishing Nuevo vallarta Staying at Marival resort

    Hello, Would like to walk the beach in the early morning and fish the beach by my resort. Surf fly fishing Nuevo vallarta Staying at Marival resort. Suggestions on Rod size, line, leader type, and flies would be very helpful. Time of day and things to look for. I have stayed there before...
  41. Shane Stewart

    FS Fly Fishing Books

    All prices include shipping CONUS only. I will ship international but buyer pays shipping costs Two Handed Fly Casting - Spey Casting Techniques - Al Buhr This book is extremely hard to find at this price Paper Back in New Conditions $100 A River Never Sleeps - Haig-Brown Hardback VG w/Dust...
  42. M

    FS Fly fishing log

    Fly fishing log Rustico, made in USA Unused, nice leather, good smell. Will tan and wear in nicely with use and time. Has my initial at the bottom. Bought it thinking I would use it. Originally $40 Sell $20 obo
  43. Dave Westburg

    Free Fishing Books

    Culling the herd and am giving away the following fly fishing books. Saltwater Fly Fishing For Pacific Salmon by Barry Thorton Royal Coachman by Paul Schullery The Atlantic Salmon by Lee Wulff Atlantic Salmon Fact and Fantasy by Gary Anderson Atlantic Salmon Chronicles by Richard Nightangale...
  44. F

    FS Fisknat “MacKenzie Model” Fishing Nets

    FS Fisknat “MacKenzie” Fishing Nets, (2). The overall dimensions of these Nets are: 22” Overall, Net 11”X 15”, and Handle 7”. These Nets feature the “Purple Heart” Handle, and are in excellent condition. Also included are “Quik Release” attachments, and an extra quick release for both Nets...
  45. spfd jason

    NFR Kinda Fishing Related: Time for a newer truck

    Hey Everyone, Got the news from the mechanic that its time to trade in the 2003 Silverado 2500HD Duramax. I've done my research and there are several newer Duramax trucks in Puyallup that I'm planning to test drive on Saturday. Possibly one in Bremerton, also. Inventory is low in Oregon for my...
  46. T

    The evolution of fly fishing gear and costs....

    the thread about the max catch or whatever reels really kinda got me to thinking about the evolution of fly fishing gear, costs of gear, costs of where it is or is not made etc..... We seem to live in strange times. Personally i am a fly shop guy. I love walking in, i love trading fish...
  47. The T.O. Show

    FS Fly Fishing Film Tour - Queen Anne, Tonight, (1) Ticket

    I bought five tickets and then one guy in our group bailed, so I have one extra. I paid $18 online but will sell it for the shop price of $15 and meet you outside the venue.
  48. Adam Saarinen

    Another fishing fashion thread!

    Finally payed off my Simms G4Z's the other week, were on lay away at my local flyshop for only about 3 months! Put a dress shirt on to try & keep Swimmy happy! :) Damn they feel good, gonna be a dream to pee out in my float tube this spring, can even drink some coffee before now! Still a month...
  49. freestonebound

    Travel / Fly fishing Vacation

    I am going on vacation in June (Oregon) and I have a few questions.The plane ticket, car rental, and lodging have already been scheduled. I have never flown somewhere to go fishing, only driven. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. 1. What is the easiest, most convenient way to...
  50. cabezon

    Darwin or Cairns, Australia Fishing Recommendation

    Hi folks, My wife and I will be returning to Australia for a month next summer. While our primary foci are Great Barrier Reef marine life and Australian wildlife, I think that I might have some time for a day of flyfishing either while we are in Darwin or Cairns between tours. I don't have any...