1. Johnathon Quarrell

    WTB Patagonia Marlwalker

    Looking for a pair of Patagonia marlwalkers in a size 11, 11.5? or possibly a 12. Used or new just let me know what you'd like for them. Thanks a lot, John
  2. S

    FS Shimano Flats Wading Boots

    New in box Shimano Flats Wading Boots size 11 $50
  3. ScottP

    SBS Grassett's Flats Minnow

    Basic Bendback stuff; generic flats food. Change colors/size to suit your needs. hook - Mustad 3407 #2 thread - Danville flat wax chartreuse body - Estaz olive underwing - bucktail white flash - Krystal Flash rootbeer overwing - bucktail olive topping - peacock herl eyes - medium beadchain...
  4. Philonius

    FS Creek Flats Raider 9' Pontoon Boat

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this sale, just some guy I met on a local beach this morning. In case the pic isn't visible/legible to you, it reads: CREEK FLATS RAIDER 9' 4 Air Bladder Aluminum Frame Call or Text Paul 206-786-2292 $275 I spoke with him a bit; he's used it on rivers...
  5. M

    WTB Simms Dry Creek Flats Pack

    Anyone have a Dry Creek Flats Pack in good condition they want to part with?
  6. R

    WTB C and F tarpon , permit, bonefish fly box and Umqua flats box

    Looking for these Cand F , Umqua boxes in reasonable condition
  7. benisa

    WTB Simms Dry Creek Flats Pack

    As above looking for the above thanks
  8. benisa

    Wanted Simms Dry Creek Flats Pack

    Looking for the above in good condition Please PM if y can help with picture + cost Thanks
  9. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas