1. Southsound

    Lamps for Tying?

    Hey all... I am contemplating a change to my tying station lighting and looking for recommendations on the replacement lamp. I want as close to "true color" with the new lamp and low heat (compared to the halogen lamp I currently use). Thanks in advance for any feedback! Steve Cole
  2. Spawnflyfish

    Trip Report Puget Sound is HOT!

    Puget Sound has been unreal over the last several weeks. This time of year is just too much fun! My friend Kody and I have been using the Spawn 90 Degree Shanks with a 5.5mm Slotted Bead! The body of the fly is made up of Spawn Simi Seal which we designed just for Puget Sound and Creamsicle...
  3. tridentfly

    8 Must-Have Flies for Alaskan Rainbow Trout

    So you want to travel thousands of miles to go fly fishing in Alaska, home to giant flesh-eating Rainbow Trout, float planes, and remote wilderness. It is important to prioritize desired fishing tactics, species, and weather patterns before planning your fishy getaway. It is also important to...
  4. Lue Taylor

    FS Free Steelhead Flies

    Free Steelhead flies to whoever pays the freight or PU Kent these flies was given to me years ago use some now time to go
  5. B

    FS Famous Streamer Flies - Kelly Gallup's and Mike Schmidt's

    Sold - Thank You. These 106 gorgeous (See Photos) Streamer Flies were all personally tied by renowned streamer fly tier and fly fisher Mike Schmidt, Owner of Anglers Choice Flies. For background information on Mike, simply Google “Mike Schmidt Streamer Flies”. When I lived in Northern...
  6. B

    FS "Stonedaddy" Flies Tied By Doug Ouellette

    SOLD - Thank You! Master Guide Doug Ouellette is a recipient of the coveted “Cal Bird Fly Tying Cup”, Owner of Truckee River Fly Fishing, and creator of the “Stonedaddy” fly. The Hall of Fame flyfisher Gary Borger gave the following high praise for Doug and his “Stonedaddy” fly, “Doug...
  7. urban angler

    FS 400 + Flies in Case.. $400!

    Awesome collection of Hand- Tied Flies on quality Umpqua & Dai- Riki hooks. These are hand tied by me, my brother, and a couple of trout bums In CO, WY, & Montana. I have a few flies and no longer guide full time...therefore someone will benefit because i don't need thousands of flies! This...
  8. S

    carp flies

    hello,in the uk I target carp with dry flies or imitations of free offerings being used such as dog biscuits. after watching youtube videos of various weighted patterns being used, I fancy a go, however readily tied flies are not available. can any forum member provide details of a usa...
  9. Bugsy

    FS Steelhead Flies - traditional hairwings

    Here are 74 flies that could use a workout. They've been occupying space in the desk for a year and have never seen water or a fly box. Just basic flies, nothing fancy. Most patterns are recognizable by anyone, some of the "onesies" not so much. A good foundation for a summer/fall working...
  10. urban angler

    FS Beautiful Top- Shelf Flies $1.oo

    Variety of sub-surface nymphs, midges, emergers, chironomids, larvae & pupa patterns. All made with Umpqua or Dai- Riki hooks and with the finest materials that exist! $1 each.... midges size 18-26. I have disco, peacock, black zebra, green zebra and others. I have rainbow warriors, black...
  11. P

    Dropper Flies in Lakes

    Do you use dropper flies in lakes and ponds? Is there any disadvantage to fishing with two flies in still water?
  12. muknuk

    Kola Peninsula help with flies

    I have only fished for landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Argentina and have the opportunity to fish the Kola Peninsula in Russia this summer and was hoping someone out there can give me some advice on fly patterns that might be worthwhile to take. I prefer fishing dries, but really only have...
  13. Fishcat57

    WTB Flies and Used Gear

    I have been into Fly Fishing for quite some time and I find it very Therapeutic to both mind and soul. I often wonder why there are so few of us out there, but then again enjoy not sharing waters with hundreds of others! I have had the luxury of going on several guided trips and they are by...
  14. B

    FS Steelhead Flies & Fox Box (Egg Patterns)

    135 professionally tied flies and Fox Box that is pictured. Flies are all new, box is not. $50 shipped.
  15. wayne syn

    FS Some flies for sale

    BOX 1...Small CF Design with 42 classic steelhead patterns (Silver Hilton, Purple Peril, Mossback/Brindle bug, Green Butt Skunk, Comet, Skykomish Sunrise)..... $62 BOX 2...Umpqua Bugger Box with 25 steelhead stoneflies.....$62 BOX 3...Large CF Design (this box retails for over $40) with 15...
  16. W

    Partridge for soft hackle flies

    I'm getting quite frustrated with my soft hackles. I have to say, Hans Weilenmann and Davey McPhail make it look easy. Anyway, every time I try to wrap my partridge feathers, they're quite webby, and don't work well at all. Am I just using crummy feathers, or the wrong ones, maybe? Any...
  17. Thomas Mitchell

    FS Free - Boxes and Flies

    Now spoken for. Flies - ziplock back of a couple hundred (?) flies, all sorts, all usable, everything from #1.5 steelhead flies tied on Alec Jackson spey hooks to small softhackles. Great for salvaging the hooks if you don't wan the flies. ((% tied by me - I tend to re-tie for my boxes each...
  18. fjay

    FS Swing Flies

    $2.50 each or $20 for all 10 Buyer pays actual shipping cost. I can’t recall even using these. here is the list Squidro purple/black (green butt) Squidro blue/black Squidro chartreuse/black 2 black/blue signature intruders Purple signature intruder Pink with orange butt signature intruder 3...
  19. upacreek

    FS Ora Smith flies

    I have some Ora Smith streamer flies for sale. They came from a group of Ora flies I purchased some time ago. These flies are duplicates of flies I am keeping in my collection. The list corresponds to the order of the photos. I am open to offers for multiple flies. 1. A Gray Ghost tied by Ora...
  20. Dave Westburg

    Classic Flies

    A friend was given some old flies recently. He let me take a look. It was a walk down memory lane. Two salmon bucktails tied by George McLeod and a salmon bucktail tied by Buzz Fiorini.
  21. the_grube

    tying tube flies that are stable in the water

    I've been tying a lot of tube flies for steelhead lately. Some of them, by virtue of their construction will fish stable (by stable I mean they don't rotate around the axis of the tippet like a propeller in the water). So, I don't worry about it if I'm tying on a big top fin (rabbit strip...
  22. JayB

    Flies and Tactics for Papio in HI?

    I have to confess - I've packed along the fly rod for two trips to HI in the past six years and to say I've been humbled would be an understatement. "Humiliated" would be more apt. On a trip to Waikoloa six years ago I managed to bring in a handful of trumpetfish, and on a trip to Kauai last...
  23. eli neshiem

    Newbie Vise Options

    Hello all, Curious as to recommendations for a vise that will be capable of tying SRC flies all the way up to flies for steelhead? Is there such a vise? Trying to gain knowledge and make a purchase soon. Price cap at about $350. Thank you for the help!
  24. Jerry Bronson

    FS Merkin Crab Flies

    I have a dozen size 1/0 Merkin Crab flies from the Montana Fly Company, part of a silent auction item I ended up with a couple of months ago. I will never make us of all of these, so will put most up for sale. I am keeping 3, so have 9 to sell. I will sell in groups of 3 for $10 shipped to...
  25. SeattleFarq

    Stupid Questions about Flatwing Flies

    I have a couple trips coming up this year that could call for some large streamers, so I've been looking into tying flatwing patterns. WFF, Google, and Youtube have good instructions for tying them, but I haven't found much on the background of the design. The more I know about why a fly was...
  26. scifidelity

    FS Saltwater Flies

    24 flies. Got them for a beach fishing trip in Southern California and Catalina Island. I used only two of them. Good patterns for any salt water. Sizes range from 0-10. Additional Pics available upon request via email or text. The cost between 3 and 6 bucks per, Spent over $100 on the lot...
  27. Nick Clayton

    FS Puget Sound SRC flies

    A project I've been working on the last few days, I tied up some Puget Sound SRC fly selections for the Boise FF show. Ended up with a couple extra selections so thought I'd throw them up here. 12 flies in a selection, two each of the following : Rubber Legged Clouser, the Stonefish UV Resin...
  28. Squamishpoacher

    Flies for John Day River

    I have friends in Oregon who had a successful elk hunt and they're sending me a piece of hide. In exchange I want to tie them some flies. They have a cabin on the John Day and fish it for smallmouths and rainbows. What are some of the flies I can send them in exchange for their kindness?
  29. Salmo_g

    Box for dry flies

    I was attempting to organize my trout dry flies a few days ago, when I decided I'm dissatisfied with my random assortment of dry fly boxes. They are all characterized by having separate small compartments to sort sizes and patterns, which seems like a good thing. But in practice, when I open...
  30. Dave Westburg

    Harry Lemire Steelhead Flies

    Have been having fun filling a box with Harry Lemire steelhead flies. Many years ago I had the chance to watch him tie a full dress Atlantic Salmon fly without a vice. Remarkable. You could fish the entire season with these three Lemire wet flies (one bright, one medium, one dark) and...
  31. outlaws33

    FS 100 Trout Flies

    These are some flies that I am not using any more, some but not many I have actually fished. A few streamers, a few wet flys, a few nymphs, but mostly drys and most of those are terrestrials. (chubbies, hoppers, stones, etc. Nothing wrong with the flies, just traded out for other patterns in...
  32. the_grube

    Rave for the Rage

    I'm consistently amazed with the versatility of this line. Moreover, I don't consider it just a jack-of-all/master-of-none product. It might just be the marrying of this line to my rod; IMO the SageX 7130 does not excel at sustained anchor casts and really shines with splash and go. With a...
  33. T

    Christmas flies

    tree 4 1/2" wreath
  34. V

    SRC flies

    hi i was interested in getting some cheap flies for SRC and didn’t know your thoughts on which patterns and sizes you would suggest from the website below. Thanks https://www.theflystop.com/fly-fishing-flies-discount
  35. troutslayer1

    FS Topwater Salt Flies

    Topwater Gurgler Sliders Tied on Gamakatsu SC 15 salt hooks White - size 6 Colors - size 10 Work extremely well for Sea Run Cutts, Coho, etc. $20 for the group Custom ties available, willing to ship Conner
  36. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS Frankenstein steelhead intruder

    Steelhead season is upon us and this purple monster slays. Tied a bunch of these for everyone here on the forum who's chasing unicorns this season. Tied voodoo queen style on OPST IS-51 shanks and gamakatsu octopus size 2 stinger hooks. $6/fly or $60/dozen
  37. Skip Enge

    tiny flies and tippet

    I am curious where I could buy #32 flies and 8x tippet?...working on a "little" project that has some challenges...I have challenges ...I have tied midges to #26...My vise swallows those hooks...and the results most of the time are Frankensteinian if you look real close...I have a want list ...a...
  38. dfg

    First Time Tying Really Small Flies

    If I hadn't done it I wouldn't have believed I could actually tie a #22 fly. This image shows a bunch of BWO emergers sitting on a quarter. With a decent vise and a magnifier it's fairly simple. No 'ship in a bottle' obsessing, either. Of course, not living and fishing in Colorado, I draw the...
  39. fireman10

    FS 201 Steelhead/Salmon Flies

    I have 201 Steelhead and Salmon flies that are new un-fished from W.W. Doak company. There are 95 or so Dry flies comprised of Wulffs, butterfly and whiskers in varying sizes, and 106 hairwing wet flies in 11 different patterns and 2-3 different sizes. I would like to sell these for 325.00$ for...
  40. Tinker

    Flies for staging salmon?

    I'm seeing salmon staging in the rivers down here, If I were fishing conventional gear, I'd use small spinners to try to trigger an aggravated strike, but don't know what flies might also irritate them. Any suggestions?
  41. B

    Hill's Discount Flies Fall Sale

    Click on the image above to be taken to our sales page. I have put over 100 patterns on sale and the majority are starting at $.66 a fly. Also orders over $50 but under $100 will get a free ARC 3-Pack Leader with there order. Orders over $100 but under $200 will get a free $20 Gift Certificate...
  42. Irafly

    FS Priced to Sell Flies

    If you knew about the Fly Fishing Garage Sale, you knew there was a lot of inventory left over. As the weeks progress I'll be posting different items for sale. Here is the deal, I'm busy and taking the time to ship is not an easy thing to do. So I will meet up for a face to face sale, but if...
  43. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Salmon / steelhead flies

    Thanks for supporting local fly tiers. For sale is 8 salmon steelhead flies in a couple colors. $25 shipped to your door. Cont. US. Paypal, venmo thanks.
  44. O

    FS Huge lot of Intruder flies for sale

    all of these flies it from Aqua Flies and have not been fished. 11- Stus purple intruder 6-stus chinook intruder pink/purple 6- hart wick marabou flastail tube Char/blue 9- hartwick flashtail tube pink/purple 6- stus chinook intruder white/char 10- stus chinook intruder char/blue 6...
  45. O

    Hand tied flies

    As opposed to CNC cut flies? 3D printed flies? A chimp shat it out of his ass tied fly? Why do fly shops use "Hand tied" as a selling point for their flies? I didn't know that flies can be created in any other way.
  46. B

    FS Interlocking plastic containers (store flies or materials)

    No idea what to really call these or how to describe them. They are small round plastic containers. They all twist and interlock together. There are 28 of them. Feel free to make an offer, worst I can say is no. I'm asking $25 and I'll pay shipping?
  47. joelals

    FS Closet cleaning Ross Colorado 1, Able TR1, Steelhead Flies . . .

    Labor day cleaning and came across some stuff not getting enough use. I live in the Spokane area if you want to connect face to face. Also looking to buy/trade for a WF 4wt line. Abel TR1 Solid spool, some rim rash. Original pouch and extra spring $Sold Ross Colorado 1 (3-4wt). Reel works...
  48. S

    WTB Pink Salmon Beach Flies

    Looking to pick up a dozen or so flies for fishing to Pink Salmon off the Puget Sound beaches. PM with details and pix. Thanks!
  49. the_grube

    waking flies for steel

    I did a bit of this last night, first time waking a fly, and had some success, a few rise and refuses. Still, the toilet bowl flush depressions and the back of one fish was enough to wet my waders on the inside. The water I was targeting was fairly glassy, and moved into a tail-out. There...
  50. wingshooter

    Buying flies

    Florida saltwater guy here and I tie all my own saltwater flies but I am planning on a few jaunts to blue ridge and NC streams for friends wedding, seeing inlaws...etc. All chances to get on the sweetwater and wanted to see where you guys buy most of your flies online. Not going to tie stuff in...