1. fjay

    FS Airflo Switch Float 270gr (4 Weight)

    Used Airflo Switch Float 4 wt (270 gr, integrated running line) - $65 shipped conus ($99 retail) Used 5-6 times, great shape, very clean. I did mark the back of the head with a black sharpie (1-2" thick), no bleeding on the rest of the line. Moving to head system--I will probably regret...
  2. yellowlab

    FS Float tube or pontoon rod holder

    Nylon webbed strap and carry your rod. $15
  3. 8

    Idaho Float Trip Ideas?

    Any recommendations on rivers in Idaho for an overnight raft trip? We're looking for something fairly mellow (under class III) and decent fishing. We were hoping To find a river that has a hot spring(s) we could stop at. Located in Montana so we're hoping to do a long weekend this summer.
  4. kyle

    Group River Float

    I have some Army buddies that are coming back to Washington to get together in May. The plan is to do a kayak trip down a river. Probably a couple to three days. I don't have a kayak but a friend just gave me a sportsmans warehouse 9' pontoon. I think its the outcast ir-9 model. My question is...
  5. the_grube

    Airflo Switch Float Integrated Line

    I wanted an integrated line for still water where I like to strip all the way back to just about the tippet connection. So I picked up one of these lines in 270gr for my 3wt Reddington Hydrogen trout spey. Definitely a different beast than tossing a skagit head. The back taper seems...
  6. Dustin Bise

    WTB Float Tube

    Hello, are you afraid of the deep dark water? Is float tubing to cold for you or does it limit the amount of coolers you can bring? Do you have an old, questionably seaworthy (if its to trusty it takes some of the fun out of it) floatube that has sat in the garage for a few years with no love...
  7. S

    Family Float/camp/fish

    Hi all, new here so offering respectful greetings and admiration for this excellent forum. I'd also appreciate wisdom from anyone who will share. My wife and I decided that this summer is the last best chance to get our 3 teenage girls on a float/camp/fish trip somewhere that the stars come out...
  8. J

    FS Force Force - Float Tube Fins

    In excellent condition, likely used on about 4 occasions. I prefer going with the current! Includes leashes to protect your investment. $120 and I cover shipping to lower 48.
  9. dfg

    Open Seat On The Yak Canyon On Saturday

    I'm thinking of floating Ringer to Red's tomorrow if I can find some company. PM if interested.
  10. dflett68

    Trip Report: First Float

    My sweet family bought me a full day float on the Yakima with Red's Fly Shop for my birthday this year. As a part-time musician I play at a lot of wineries and I picked a date adjacent to one of my Yakima shows to save some travel cost. So Thursday was my day. I've never fished with a guide...
  11. B

    FS Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape Float Tube

    I am selling a blue, lightly used Escape. Probably fished with it six times. Like it a lot but I bought a fishing kayak and a backpacking float tube and also have a vintage Outcast SFC. The Escape has not been used in at least a year, just hanging in my garage. Someone should be enjoying it...
  12. J

    Question - Looking For A Lightweight Backpacking Float Tube

    Hi all, I have searched the internet and found a few of these float tubes - just wondering if anyone out there have backpacked any particular tubes into high mountain lakes - and have suggestions on any particular models of tubes or have suggestions on models? Have looked at Outcast and...
  13. R

    FS W.w.grigg Float Tube Brand New

    Have w.w.griggs The V-Boat ultimate open front float tube. Comes with HD D-Rings 3sets of HD rod holders work table removable fly patches and oversize pockets .new in box extra tough 600 denier. $ 125.00 located in Bremerton wa can't figure out how to post pics my nuber is 360-328 8092 text me...
  14. FlyOrDie

    FS Caddis Float Tube $50

    Creek Co. Caddis float tube. Excellent condition. Great for fishing in lakes. Will throw in size 8-9 fins, too, if you want them. $50
  15. S

    FS Float Tube And Boat Fs

    Selling my Fish Cat Float Tube with fins and inflatable fishing boat. The float tube is in excellent condition. I purchased it and never ended up using it. Fins are included. Asking $150. The inflatable is a really cool boat and very stable. Has a standup casting platform and a well for...
  16. B

    FS Buck's Bags Hi&Dri Float Tube

    Like new float tube, only used a couple of times. $100. Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal
  17. Dan Massaro

    Lower Deschutes Float Question

    Me and my girlfriend are looking into floats in the Oregon area in mid to late August. We've floated the Deschutes from Warm Springs to Maupin, but I'm interested in trying the lowest section from Buckhollow to the mouth. My main question is will there be good opportunities for both steelhead...
  18. Randy Lindahl

    Mega Float on the Yakima

    We took our new DB out for the first time by ourselves between Big Horn and Roza on the Yakima and were surprised by the many rubber hatches. The gentleman at Big Horn told us they are expecting over 1,000 rafters next weekend. We also saw people screaming for help as they were passing the Roza...
  19. B

    NF Stilly float question

    Hi, Anybody know how long a float from Oso (221st Bridge) to Cicero would take in the current flows? Has anyone done this or a similar float recently? If so, is there anything to be aware of? Thanks in advance! Brian
  20. VanAllen

    Float tube?

    This isn't as exciting as posting a fun trip report or some new artwork, but I promise there will be some of that following my next trip. My dad was suppose to join me last September, but he broke his foot. This time around, he has tickets to fly to Seattle and drive with me for a week-long...
  21. S

    FS Fisknat Steelhead Float Tube Net

    For sale is a very gently used Fisknat Steelhead Float Tube net. This is a good-sized net that can easily be carried on your back when wading or used from a float tube or pontoon boat. Longer reach than the standard "hand net" but definitely not too big to carry. It is the best of all worlds...
  22. Storybook

    FS Woodriver Stealthrider Float Tube

    Haven't used this thing in about 10 years...so letting her go. U tube and in great shape...albiet dusty ;) Included is a pair of Adjustable Force Fins. First $100 takes it. Local pick up in the greater Seattle area only.