fly fishing

  1. Hiouchibear

    Hardy Perfect Question

    I’m trying to determine age and approximate value on a Hardy Perfect 3 5/8 reel. I have several Hardy’s, including the St John, St George and lightweight, all purchased from a friend of mine many years ago after he returned with an array of reels from his trip to England while doing research for...
  2. Madison2

    FS Patagonia SST size L fly fishing jacket

    Not the newest model but I have barely used this - Patagonia SST size Large - $140 shipped to you
  3. critter_s

    Klone Lakes last stocked 2004?

    Hello, I am new to fly fishing and am looking for good lakes and rivers in the Grays Harbor County area. Klone Lakes caught my attention due to its more exclusive and private landscape that comes with it, however, I am curious about the amount of trout in the lakes. From what I found, it was...
  4. Perry Azevedo

    Central WA Salmon on the fly

    I just recently moved back to Wenatchee after a decade and a half away. Though I didn’t really get into fishing until I first picked up a fly rod 4 years ago, I do know several local hotspots for the various salmon runs. Trouble is, most all my fishing experience has been trout and bass (though...
  5. Dr Bob

    Jon Boat for Fly Fishing Lakes?

    I am considering adding to my fleet for still water fishing and want a vessel that can handle 3-4 people. It will mostly be 2 people, but I may take my son and grandson. It needs to be a stable craft as kids don't seem to stay seated as instructed. Also it has to not be too heavy and easy to...
  6. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Is guideschool or freelance the way to go

    Guiding isn't for the faint of heart. From what I see on the outside looking in is that the fly fishing industry is constantly evolving to stay innovative and fresh to keep up with todays standards. Fly shops that have been around for ages are struggling to stay afloat to offer their services to...
  7. Bajema

    Fly Fishing Film Tour in Mt Vernon

    Anyone else going to the Fly Fishing Film tour in Mt Vernon tonight?
  8. troutslayer1

    WTB Float Pontoon/ Raft

    Hey folks! I'm in search of a new stillwater float, preferably a pontoon or raft. I'd like to see what others may have available for sale! Please feel free to respond to the thread here directly, or shoot me a direct message. Cheers! Conner
  9. Madison2

    FS Patagonia SST size L fly fishing jacket

    Not the newest model but I have barely used this - Patagonia SST size Large - $145 shipped to you
  10. Jerry Daschofsky

    Unsold items - Consider donating to Project Healing Waters

    There are some of you who have flyfishing, gear fishing, and camping sales ads that have been up for quite awhile, and not selling. If by chance it's something you just want gone, and would like the items to go into the hands of veterans/military in our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Got...
  11. silvercreek

    Guide to Fly Fishing the Yellowstone Region

    Longs for Cutts just revamped the Parks Fly Shop website and has put up a DIY guide for the Yellowstone Area. Click on this link to start. At the top of the page are other links, some of which are pull down menus such as the one on flies and hatches. Yellowstone Fly Fishing Info Site...
  12. Salmo_g

    FS 8' fly fishing pram

    8' fly fishing pram. Fiberglass reinforced plywood construction. Oars and anchor included. Fits in back of small or standard sized pick up truck. $275.
  13. DJSponge

    Best small boat for fly fishing PNW waters?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the best small boat for fly fishing up here in the PNW? Ideally, something that could cover lakes, the Puget Sound, and maybe some rivers? I'm considering all options at this point, but I'm leaning towards a 16'-18' Bay boat center console style vessel. I'd...
  14. BDD

    Terrible News at NW Fly Fishing Magazine

    I just don't know what to say...except my sincere condolences to Jon's family and friends.
  15. chief

    Fly Fishing for Carp Videos

    For those who like to fly fish for carp, or want to learn what it looks like when a carp eats a fly, this Australian fisherman has several good videos on Youtube... I am getting itchy for spring....
  16. Trapper

    Hazards of Fly Fishing Montana (and elsewhere)

    Background. After guiding, working, and playing in the outdoors of the Rocky Mountain West and Alaska for many years, I consider myself fortunate to have never had a death in any of my guide trips or camps. We came close once with a guy who had a heart attack and fell off his horse...
  17. Kjell S. Rakkenes

    Ten Rivers Trip - father and son on a fly fishing mission

    Here's a first episode of Ten Rivers Trip, a mini series on me and my son exploring fly fishing throughout the short Norwegian fly fishing season. It's has English subs, and I do hope they're ok. The first episode is a celebration of spring and emerging midge Kjell
  18. D

    FS 3 fly fishing prams

    1 Dogfish boat-Rotomolded polyethylene 8 foot long, one man boat, weighs 98 lbs, 525 lbs. capacity, 6.5 foot oars, hatch cover, battery box, storage bag, movable seat, new in 2017----$885 1 Sundolphin Sportsman 8.5 foot two man boat, weighs 100 lbs., 550 lbs. capacity, 2 sliding swivel seats...
  19. Madison2

    FS Patagonia SST size L fly fishing jacket

    Not the newest model but I have barely used this - Patagonia SST size Large - $150 shipped to you
  20. P

    fly fishing show

    the west kootenay fly club will have it's annual fly fishing symposium on april 7&8. fly tying, demo casting etc. free admission. castlegar rec centre. check out the west kootenay fly club website for more info.
  21. Perry Azevedo

    Wenatchee Sportsmen Show: Meet up?

    Going to be at the Town Toyota Center. Wenatchee Valley Flyfishers will be there, as well as a couple local fly shops. Schedule is: Friday: 12pm–7pm Saturday 10am–6pm Sunday: 10am–5pm I’m thinking of going either Sat afternoon or Sunday. Anyone else planning on going?
  22. C

    Surf fly fishing Nuevo vallarta Staying at Marival resort

    Hello, Would like to walk the beach in the early morning and fish the beach by my resort. Surf fly fishing Nuevo vallarta Staying at Marival resort. Suggestions on Rod size, line, leader type, and flies would be very helpful. Time of day and things to look for. I have stayed there before...
  23. Shane Stewart

    FS Fly Fishing Books

    All prices include shipping CONUS only. I will ship international but buyer pays shipping costs Two Handed Fly Casting - Spey Casting Techniques - Al Buhr This book is extremely hard to find at this price Paper Back in New Conditions $100 A River Never Sleeps - Haig-Brown Hardback VG w/Dust...
  24. M

    FS Fly fishing log

    Fly fishing log Rustico, made in USA Unused, nice leather, good smell. Will tan and wear in nicely with use and time. Has my initial at the bottom. Bought it thinking I would use it. Originally $40 Sell $20 obo
  25. T

    The evolution of fly fishing gear and costs....

    the thread about the max catch or whatever reels really kinda got me to thinking about the evolution of fly fishing gear, costs of gear, costs of where it is or is not made etc..... We seem to live in strange times. Personally i am a fly shop guy. I love walking in, i love trading fish...
  26. Perry Azevedo

    Spey on lower Icicle or Wenatchee

    Wondering if anyone here has experience fishing for salmon in the lower Icicle or the Wenatchee? I grew up in the area but didn’t get into fly fishing until a few years ago (just prior to moving back) but have been primarily fishing trout & bass. I just learned how to fish for Steelhead via...
  27. The T.O. Show

    FS Fly Fishing Film Tour - Queen Anne, Tonight, (1) Ticket

    I bought five tickets and then one guy in our group bailed, so I have one extra. I paid $18 online but will sell it for the shop price of $15 and meet you outside the venue.
  28. ryan2202

    Fly Fishing and Camping at the Lake - Looking for Advice

    Every year, My dad, Brother, and family friend all go fishing on the east side around the opener. We usually fish Lenice and/or Nunnally, making a weekend out of it. A fews back, we all got travel trailers - makes the stay a little more comfortable. We want to find a quality fly fishing lake...
  29. freestonebound

    Travel / Fly fishing Vacation

    I am going on vacation in June (Oregon) and I have a few questions.The plane ticket, car rental, and lodging have already been scheduled. I have never flown somewhere to go fishing, only driven. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. 1. What is the easiest, most convenient way to...
  30. M

    Fly Fishing Travel Agencies

    I am in the process of deciding on going on a fly fishing trip to Christmas Island next year. I was wondering if any of you could suggest a fly fishing travel agency that would assist in my travel plans. I know that there are a few out there but I am looking for someone who could provide...
  31. triploidjunkie

    Fly fishing with Powerbait

    Yeah, I did it. No, I don't feel as dirty as I expected, though I still feel like a shower. No, I didn't catch anything.
  32. Greg Smith

    Fly fishing film tour in Eburg!

    The Yakima Headwaters TU Chapters is again hosting the F3T film tour on Saturday May 5th at 6:00 PM. This is a major fund raiser for the chapter. More info at: Greg
  33. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $325 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, (stock photo attached, but can send photos upon request). Thanks, Conner
  34. Roper

    WTB used NW Fly Fishing magazines

    Anyone in the greater Everett area have old NWFF magazines they'd like to pass on? Will pick up (and buy you a beer) or pay postage. Roper
  35. jamma

    What's your favorite fly fishing joke?

    Here's mine:80 year old man goes in for a check up. Dr.:I must say,you have the constitution of a man half your age.I'm curious,tell me,to what do you attribute your good health? FF:I'm a fly fisher.I'm up at the crack of dawn,hiking up and down the river,taking in all that fresh air. Dr.:I'm...
  36. Trapper

    Spring Fly Fishing Hazard

    This is similar to another thread. I think it's a warning that needs to be emphasized. In a (I hope) short time Spring will start. We're all anxious to get out there and enjoy the tug. Keep in mind there is a danger that could easily kill you. Ice. Several years ago I was fishing the Missouri...
  37. SalterLee

    FS Patagonia Watershed SST Fly Fishing Wading Jacket - Large / Teal

    This is a bombproof classic with a ton of life still left in it. From some years back - the Patagonia Watershed SST Fly Fishing Wading Jacket (Teal). SOLD via PayPal which will cover fees and shipping CONUS. SIZE LARGE Armpit to Armpit - 24 inches / hood to cuff 30 inches DETAILS: Patagonia...
  38. Madison2

    FS Winston Kairos 4 Weight Fly Fishing Rod

    9 foot, 4 weight, 4 piece, factory made with Winston sock, no tube. Rod is in new condition. $275 shipped to you
  39. DimeBrite

    A New Year's Resolution Proposal

    Book a travel trip in 2018 to fish a new saltwater destination or fishery that intrigues you. Don't think, just do it. Sign up, pull the trigger, say "Yes"! No more delaying that dream trip. Budget now, Borrow the gear, Go with a friend or family member. Hire a guide, book a lodge, or plan...
  40. FinLuver

    2018 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo...

    As 2017 winds to a close, it's not too early to make plans for 2018. I am really looking forward to this event, as I do every year.
  41. Poff

    Alaska fly fishing location advice

    I’ve been taking university/community groups to Missoula, MT 1-2 times a year since 2012. I love the location because there are several awesome rivers that our outfitter (Missourian Angler) can access. We stay in a downtown hotel and are walking distance to lots of great local restaurants. It’s...
  42. D

    FS Fly Fishing Pram

    Almost new Dog Fish Boat. Extremely stable 1 man pram. Great for stillwater's. Not used very much. Need bigger boat to take grandson. Boat only--$900. Will sell extras separately.
  43. B

    Fly fishing Guam

    It seems like there isn't a whole lot of information available. I am going to Guam for xmas with my gf. I was curious if anybody has had any experience fly fishing here. I know there are rivers, estuary water, a few lakes, and the salt. Have heard Guam has large catfish in rivers, peacock bass...
  44. B

    Fly fishing Guam

    It seems like there isn't a whole lot of information available. I am going to Guam for xmas with my gf. I was curious if anybody has had any experience fly fishing here. I know there are rivers, estuary water, a few lakes, and the salt. Have heard Guam has large catfish in rivers, peacock bass...
  45. B

    Fly fishing Guam

    It seems like there isn't a whole lot of information available. I am going to Guam for xmas with my gf. I was curious if anybody has had any experience fly fishing here. I know there are rivers, estuary water, a few lakes, and the salt. Have heard Guam has large catfish in rivers, peacock bass...
  46. Woodman60

    FS Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Books

    ALL SOLD OR SPOKEN FOR. Thanks for looking. I was gifted a bunch of great books, a number of which are duplicates for me. Most are in good to very good condition. A few as noted are a little worn but still very readable/useable. Shipping and paypal fees of $3.50 for one book, $6 for two or...
  47. L

    Fly fishing Forum

    Is the North American Fly Fishing Forum down? I can't access it.
  48. B

    Fly Fishing Sea Run Cutts

    While fishing the sound in my kayak in late August, I met a fellow fly fisher. He told me that fishing sea runs in the sound in late fall can be really productive. I was just now the time to fish for sea runs or is it too late? Does anybody fish sea runs off the beaches in...
  49. Mike Ediger

    FS Proof Fly Fishing Devon 8'6" 5wt Fiberglass rod

    This is a custom rod wrapped by me. Here is the link to the rod although this set cost more than listed due to upgraded hardware (black nickel hardware and guides). I am asking less that cost of the components Rod has never...
  50. weiliwen

    Fly fishing Autobiographies

    The recent thread about Lefty Kreh's health troubles included a posting about his autobiography, "My Life was This Big." I know of a few autobiographies - Roderick Haig-Brown's Seasons books are autobiographical in nature, as are many of John Gierach's. What other fly fishermen biographies and...