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    My Idea Of A Great Fly Fishing Video

    No head-bangin', eye bleedin' sound track. No over the top hyperbole. Just two guys having a great time fly fishing on a great friggin' river. Trapper
  2. Madison2

    FS Waterworks Lamson Force 3 F3 Fly Fishing Reel

    $175 shipped to you - great condition with pouch
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    Free Kindle For Today: Fly Fishing For Beginners
  4. Desert Man

    Article Cispus River Fly Fishing Aug 2016

    I was able to fish the weekend before Labor Day and wanted to share my blog. You can find it here, but I've also pasted it below. More pictures at the link though. Hope you guys like this. Sitting at The Bridge...
  5. Lue Taylor

    FS Orvis Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Reels


    Pets And Fly Fishing

  7. Irafly

    FS Fly Fishing Books, Gierach, Seth Norman, Traver, Combs And More

    26 books in all. I'd love to sell these as a lot, but I will consider piecing them out if needed. I would also prefer local pick up/delivery, but will ship if you pay for it. Pictures include Fly Fishing the Olympic Peninsula by Doug Rose and Fishin' Fun A Treasury of Fishing Humor, both of...
  8. Jim Kerr

    FS Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing

    Hey Guys, We have some September dates open. More details here.
  9. DBP

    Fly Fishing Documentaries

    A couple of months back I watched a really enjoyable documentary called Cast Alaska. I enjoy good docs, and I enjoy watching good fly fishing. Does anyone know of other quality fly fishing documentaries? I spend a fair bit of time perusing YouTube for videos, and I find some good stuff on...
  10. Madison2

    FS Rio Orvis Scientific Anglers SA fly fishing lines

    All are new in the box - $20 total for each, that includes shipping to you Orvis Wonderline Gen 3 Spey Type II medium head WF11 floating spey Orvis Wonderline Advantage Salmon Steelhead WF10 floating Orvis Wonderline Advantage Salmon Steelhead WF12 floating Orvis Wonderline Gen 3 DT11 Rio...
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    Finally an suv just for fly fishing
  12. Shopkeeper

    Fly Fishing Forum Heresy

    This is completely trivial; I'm just curious... Daughter got married so we're cleaning out the garage. As I was moving rods around, I pulled out my favorite bait-caster I built in 1987 that has been sitting quietly in the corner for years; it's caught bass on countless farm ponds back in...
  13. Randy Lindahl

    Great Fly Fishing Artists?

    I'm enjoying the art of fly fishing and am now taking up oil painting with a lot of difficulty. I hear from others to paint what you have a passion for. I love seeing great fly fishing photography that captures the moment as it puts me right there on the river or lake with all the smells and...
  14. T

    Bainbridge Island: Women's Fly Fishing 101--$30

    BAINBRIDGE ISLAND: You don't want to miss this chance to meet, greet, (eat!) & learn! Join Heather Hodson & the Trout Unlimited Kitsap-Olympic Peninsulas Chapter on July 16 for Women's Fly Fishing 101 with casting instruction, women specific gear, opportunities to ask questions and socialize...
  15. AdrianM

    Fly Fishing articles

    What happened to the articles section? I used to use the one for the Yakima River and found that useful. I am going to start learning about steelhead fishing but can't find the articles. Any idea where they went?
  16. Megan

    Atlantic Salmon Fly International: June 3-5, 2016

    An International Celebration of the Art and Passion of the Atlantic Salmon Fly Due to the success of our first show in 2014, I would like to announce that we are once again hosting Atlantic Salmon Fly International this June 3, 4, 5 from 9 am to 5 pm in Renton, WA. We made sure that the event...
  17. DimeBrite

    The Christmas Island Chronicles

    I recently returned from my first fishing trip to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) and it was a bit more complicated than planned. The original flight from Honolulu was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Only one airline flies there and it does so only once per week (a big problem). The other...
  18. DimeBrite

    SILVER SALMON 2015 (pink free zone)

    COHO. White gum line, Medium size sharp teeth, Spots on only upper lobe of tail, Spots on back, Wide caudal peduncle. Hard striking salmon that will quickly take you to the reel. Known for acrobatic fight, leaps, and fast runs. Excellent table fare with prime red/orange fillets. The...
  19. Buzzy

    Article The Stalker

    THE STALKER As a stalker I am obsessed, studious, patient, my movements light and fluid; QUIET and I’m determined, relentless, stealthy, aggressive, and confident. Now that I’m retired I will have more time to develop and fine tune, even finesse my stalking capabilities. And it is my good...
  20. L

    Article A North Yellowstone Fly Fishing Primer

    Most of the press written about the north end of Yellowstone Park concerns the fine dry-fly rivers in the Parks northeast corner. These creeks and rivers in the Lamar drainage are at their best in late July and August, and every word written about them is justified. The lack of attention paid to...
  21. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing Katmai National Park

    Fly Fishing Katmai National Park By Steve Buckner The Northwest Fly Fisherman It was 4:00 a.m. on the morning of the summer solstice and I was booked on a flight from Sea-Tac International Airport just outside of Seattle to Anchorage. The sun would not be setting that evening in Alaska until...
  22. speyman

    Article Spey Fly Fishing - Demystifying The Two Handed Rod

    Having spent over 15 years plying the rivers of the world with the two handed rod it became necessary to learn to teach the art and teach it well. Every where I went folks wanted to know what that rod was and how to use one. More and more folks were buying equipment and flailing away but there...
  23. worldanglr

    Article Advanced Nymph Techniques

    Key Point 1: Depth Control Depth control is one of the most important keys to success in catching trout with nymphs. If your not touching bottom, your not deep enough. I build my nymph leaders with about 50 % 30 pound test, and then step down frrom there to 20, 13, 3x, 5x, 6x etc. When your...
  24. W

    Article Carp Fly Fishing

    Carp Fly Fishing Article by Keith Meyers There are few things that can make my heart pound and my hands shake like the sight of a big carp cruising in shallow water. No other game fish here in the northwest offers such a unique fly-fishing experience, one requiring stealth, patience and...
  25. G

    Article Fly Fishing The Salt For Searun Cutthroat Trout

    Fly Fishing the Salt for Searun Cutthroat Trout Article by Greg Tims Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout in Puget Sound are all wild fish. In 1998 the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission gave Sea-Run Cutts catch-and-release protection in all Washington marine waters. If you fish for them, please use...
  26. S

    Article Stillwater Fly Fishing - Fly Design and Presentation

    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Fly Design and Presentation In the last article, Having a Game Plan, we covered the basics of lake structure. In this article, were going to get some insight into what is necessary to make your...
  27. S

    Article Stillwater Fly Fishing - Having a Game Plan

    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Having a Game Plan If I were to make a guess, I’d say that about 80% of fly-fishers are attracted to running water. Of that 80%, I would be willing to venture that half of that 80% fish running...
  28. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing For Coho Salmon - Mining For Silver

    Fly Fishing for Coho Salmon - Mining for Silver Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman It was a typical fall morning in early September. The first of the fall freshets had risen the rivers slightly and my hopes were high that fresh Steelhead had moved into my favorite local...
  29. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing Steelhead

    Fly Fishing Steelhead Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman Steelhead holding water - A look at the variables. Although we may never understand all of the variables that attract a steelhead to a given section of water, and ultimately what leads to a successful hook-up, the...
  30. Zen Piscator

    Article Steelhead Nymphing Strategies

    Steelhead Nymphing Strategies By Andy Simon and Mike Davidchik Nymphing is a fun and effective way to take steelhead under many different conditions. Knowing how to nymph effectively will open up water to a fisherman that they have never been able to cover before. While we know that mature...
  31. Chris Scoones

    Article Fly Fishing Glossary

    Action - An elusive, but important characteristic of fly rods. Rods are said to have fast or slow action. Fast action rods are generally stiffer overall, but bend more at the tip, generating higher line speeds longer casts, especially into the wind. Slow action rods, appear to flex their entire...
  32. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing For American Shad On The Columbia River

    Fly Fishing for American Shad on the Columbia River Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman If you're looking to hook into a number of hard fighting fish, it is hard to beat fly fishing for American Shad. On the West coast, the American Shad, Alosa sapidissima is usually referred...
  33. J

    Article Yakima River Fly Fishing

    Yakima River Fly Fishing - A River of All Seasons Article by Jack Mitchell - The Evening Hatch Guide Service A success story it has been and lets hope it continues. It is the jewel right in our back yard. It is a river for all seasons; The Yakima. Scaling from the forested East slope of the...
  34. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington Fishing Related Organizations

    Washington Fishing Related Organizations American Rivers: Since 1973, American Rivers has been dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy, natural rivers and the variety of life they sustain for people, fish and wildlife. Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest: The CCA-PNW is...
  35. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington Fly Fishing Guides

    If your services needs to be added, leave a comment with the applicable information. Sponsors: Rain Coast Guides The Olympic Peninsula offers amazing diversity when it comes to fly-fishing. I have built my guide service around the very best fishing the OP offers. Fish for Coho and black rocks...
  36. Chris Scoones

    WA Reference Washington Fly Fishing Shops

    A list of the fly shops throughout Washington. Links, address & numbers. Sponsors: Pacific Fly Fishers: 1018 164th Street SE, MILL CREEK, WA 98012. 425-742-2402 Patricks Fly Shoppe: 2237 Eastlake Avenue East, SEATTLE, WA 98102-3418. 206-325-8988 Puget Sound Fly Co: 6001 Tacoma Mall...
  37. CaddisMadness

    Article Fly Fishing Argentina & Patagonia

    Fly Fishing Argentina & Patagonia By Barrett Mattison & Evan Jones of Argentina, the world’s 8th largest country, encompasses more than 1 million square miles at the southern end of the South American continent (about 1/3 the size of the US). It extends from the Tropic of...
  38. Ed Call

    Article Getting Started: I’m New To Fly Fishing – Now What?

    Background Information – Not long ago I was new to fly fishing myself. It seemed like the thing to get into when I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I had no clue what to do, not that I know much more now. I started out with a 5wt rod, reel and line combo with a starter video on casting...