fly rods

  1. tridentfly

    FS Black Friday Sale

    Trident Fly Fishing is gearing up for Black Friday with some great deals on the horizon. Thinking about a new fly fishing reel? We're having a 25% off sale on Cheeky Fly Reels this Friday. Need a new rod to go with that reel? The new Mystic Reaper X is $100 off for Black Friday, too. These are...
  2. Wyobee

    FS 2 fly rods

    Have two fly rods for sale. First is a sage launch in a 9ft 5wt. This rod is killer 50 ft and under and sensitive enough to nymph without an indicator/high stick. The launch is one of numerous graphite 2 incarnations by sage that has survived almost from the companies inception to present day...
  3. B

    FS Loomis fly rods

    Have to pay for my bonefish trip so I need to unload some rods. Loomis NRX Light presentation. 9' 4 weight. 4 pc. New, never even cast. $600 Loomis NRX 9' 5 weight. 4 pc. like new. Used 2 times. $500 Loomis Cross Current GLX 9' 8 weight 4 pc. used once. $450
  4. para_adams

    Dozer Talk on making bamboo fly rods - Overlake FF Club

    I've never attended an Overlake FF Club meeting before but am hoping to make this month's to hear Dave and Mary Ann Dozer talk about making bamboo rods. I know Steve is interested. Thought I'd post this in case anyone else is too. Tight lines, Ron...
  5. I

    FS 10 Assorted Fly Rods

    Loomis Cross Current GLX 9', 10 weight, 4 piece, titanium wire guides, with case--New, never used, $200 SOLD East Fork Lamiglass 9', 5/6 weight, 2 piece, Model EF 9056, excellent condition, no case, $40 Scientific Angler, 9' 1", fiberglass, 10 weight, 2 piece, with case, $30 SOLD...
  6. Old406Kid

    Clutch Fly Rods

    So...where have I been? I've never heard of these and was surprised at the number of dealers including Cabela's. I'm not in the market but out of curiosity anybody with any experience?
  7. arrow1347

    FS sage xp fly rods

    1- xp 9ft , 6wt , 2pc , sock & tube , execelent cond. used very little. $450 obo 2- XP , 9ft , 7wt , 2pc , sock & tube , execelent cond. used very little. $ 450 obo
  8. S

    FS Closet Cleaning - Mystery Loomis (prototype?) rods

    Cleaning out my closet and found the following. I used to build custom rods and found some interesting relics. To be clear, these are not Loomis *factory* rods. 8'0" 4wt 3pc Loomis IMX. This blank was bought in 2005 from a former outwrapper for Loomis, labeled as a 804-3IMX with a tag...
  9. pastorbrian

    FS 5 Fly Rods for sale- need to sell

    Fly Rods for sale-make a reasonable offer! Best to pick up or meet in the Tacoma/Puyallup area. Shipping split if needed. Pics if needed Fetha-Styx 9’ 5WT 4 piece with tube- 125$ Okuma Crisium 7/8 WT 2 piece with generic tube- 40$ TFO Switch Rod 11’ 7WT 4 piece with tube- (fished 1 time!)...
  10. Bagman

    Lifting power of fly rods of different wts

    I'm going on a blue water fly fishing trip. I've read that the lifting power of a big game Rod is important. How much weight should a 12wt 9 foot Rod dead lift, a 13 wt, a 14 wt? Is there a guide, or a rule?
  11. The T.O. Show

    FS Various Inexpensive Fly Rods

    I'm thinning out some old rods and some I bought as backups and never use. I'm just going to ask $75 for each of these but make an offer if you like. These would be good for beginners and/or backup rods. I'd rather not ship but maybe will if no one local wants them. I'm in Seattle and travel to...
  12. Joel Henley

    FS Quick Sale Fly Rods / Reels, (Winston, Beulah, Lamson, Ross)

    High End Fly Rods and Reels for sale. All are barely used or new. Rods: Winston Boron IIx, 9ft, 4wt, 2 5/8oz............MSRP $825, extremely light use, perfect condition! Selling for -$445 Beulah Platinum, 8' 8", 4/5 wt.......................MSRP $425 essentially brand new, casted a few times...
  13. TeenyBigs

    FS Beginner Fly Rods -- Powell and WetFly

    Picked up two rods last year on discount. Both are good rods and planned to get as inexpensive backups. But, would rather see them get used. Both rods are new, never used. Includes tube sock and tube. Will post actual pics soon. I'm in Seattle and happy to deliver, but, shipping included...
  14. Jerry Daschofsky

    FS Sage RPL 996-2

    Sage RPL 996-2. 9'6" 9wt 2 piece fly rod. Comes with factory sock and factory aluminum tube. Used but in great shape. $225 shipped CONUS I'd be interested in trades. Spey mostly and would LOVE an RPL 9140-3. Maybe camp gear. Nice tents, etc.

    FS Cabelas Lsi Fly Rods $113 And $149 Lifetime Warranty

    Ha guys Cabelas has LSI fly rods on sale now. $113 for single hand rods and $149 for spey/switch rods. Lifetime warranty on all Cabelas rods now. Guess Cabelas got the message about warranties on there rods. By the way my buddies who spey fish a lot said the Cabelas LSI Spey/switch rods are...
  16. H

    FS Orvis, Scott Fly Rods

    Ok, in my quest to raise $$ to purchase four wheelers, I am listing the last of my high end rods. The following will include priority shipping to the CONUS included in the price and I will pay the paypal fees. Let me know if you would like pics. I can email or text them to you. Orvis Helios 2...
  17. Peabody55

    FS Bamboo Fly Rods Restored!

    I restore or refinish bamboo fly rods as a hobby. I have been doing this for ten plus years and am very talented/knowledgeable. I can refinish, scarf sections back to length, fix delaminates sections, reset ferrules and repair fractures in the cane. I have a large assortment of silk threads or...
  18. E

    WTB 9' 5wt Fly Rod

    I picked up fly fishing about two years ago and recently broke my beginner combo pack I got off Amazon. I'm really getting into the sport and thought this would be a good opportunity for me to upgrade my kit (which I feel like I'm growing out of). I'm looking at a budget of about $300 for both...
  19. LCnSac

    Epic Fly Rods

    Lots of us glass people prefer Steffen or Epic rods for our better glass. After owning three Steffens, I replaced one with an Epic 686 and never looked back. Much lighter, for me it was just a far better casting rod. I still have my Steffen 4/5 which I love, and a 9 wt. too, but this is a...
  20. Erik F. Helm

    An Article About Bamboo Fly Rods And Graphite Together. Symbiosis And Grace. Enjoy! I hope! With a scotch or a glass of claret!