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  1. D C Brenna

    Fly Casting Lessons, Olympia

    Retired, 55 years fly fishing experience, starting fly casting, fly tying lessons. My website: Would love to hear from folks.
  2. T

    FS sold

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    FS Sold

  4. Spawnflyfish

    FS New Marabou for Puget Sound!

    Hareline has helped perfectly match and complement our Spawn Simi Seal with the addition of Spawn’s Southern Peach Marabou! If you love peach colored flies as much as we do here in Western WA then you’re going to love this product! Now available on our site and to all Hareline Dealers! Thank you...
  5. Spawnflyfish

    Salish Sea Simi Seal

    Wanted to share a couple photos of the new Spawn Simi Seal, (Salish Sea Collection) that we’ve been working on for the last several months with John Rohmer. These colors are all specifically for our home waters of Puget Sound! Colors like Chum Fry and Ghost Shrimp have been my go to colors. We...
  6. T

    Mar 15: Return of the Elwha w/ John McMillan (Shelton, WA)

    Join us for a post dam removal Elwha River update with Trout Unlimited's Wild Steelhead Initiative's Science Director, John McMillan, from blast to present! This will be a fun evening with a lighthearted fly tying competition, prizes, heavy appetizers, no host beverages and a raffle with...
  7. bartigm

    FS Selling a pair of Size 12, medium, Frogg Toggs Hellbender Wading Boots,

    Good Morning!!! A used pair of Frogg Toggs boots for your consideration - size 12, Medium Width. They have Felt bottoms, some wear on the sole, a top lace hook on both boots were professionally repaired by our Brown's shoe store (new rivets) since they were too loose when I first bought the...
  8. T

    FS Fly Tying Feathers

  9. James St. Clair

    Reds Rendezvous - Fly Tying Competition

    Hi Guys - Bunch of great tyers back here. Thought a few of you might be heading over to Reds for the Rendezvous. If you are, we are hosting a little fly tying competition at the end of the event. Should be a really fun time, and not only will we be supporting a great cause, the winner will get...
  10. Morpheus

    FS Fly Tying desks for sale in Bozeman

    Craigslist ad:
  11. R

    FS Huge Fly Tying Kit - $575-

    Reply to this post or phone or text Randy Hardy @ 425-870-3386 I will meet anyone half-way or you pick up. This is Puget Sound only - no shipping. This is the only place I have placed this for sale. In about 2-3 weeks, if it has not sold, I will post it on Craigslist. Thanks for looking!
  12. F

    FS Fort Shockley Fly Tying Station “Gene’s Box”

    FS. Fort Shockley Fly Tying Station Gene’s Box Features European Birch Exterior, Dovetail Joinery, Solid Brass Appointments, and a White HPL Work Area. The Left Interior Door has Storage for Forty Spools, and the Right Interior Door has Two Tool Bars for your Bobbins and Tools. The Storage...
  13. S

    FS Loon Outdoors Fly Tying Kit

    This is a great kit for the person just starting tying or for the experienced person who wants to upgrade tying tools. It includes the Ergo Arrow Point and Ergo All Purpose scissors, the Ergo Bobbin, Ergo Bodkin, Ergo Whip Finisher, Ergo Dubbing Brush and the Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner—all...
  14. F

    FS A Few Extra Fly Tying Materials and Accessories

    FS Spool Safe W/17 Spools of Mylar Tinsel, 19 Spools of Holograph Tinsel, 16 Spools of Giorgio Benecci Thread, and 18 Spools of Ultra Wire. A Total of 72 Spools. $85 A Jim Teeny Line Winder $35 An Oasis Double Dubbing Tower W/8 Boxes. $65 Sirman (Czech) Turbo Brush Spinner $30 Henry’s Fork...
  15. B

    FS Magic tool by Petitjean fly tying

    For sale;- Sold. A Petitjean Magic tool for fly tying. Great for tying and trimming. $ 20.00 blackloon 360.739.4238 text or call David
  16. Troutlife

    My first attempts at fly tying

    My first two tries at fly tying... any suggestions on how to make a start bettering my technique? The olive started as a wooly bugger and then I misjudged the marabou and the pink is just me messing around-on that one I know that I should have cut the Maribou farther up so it would be bushier
  17. F

    FS FS Fly Tying Accessories and Material

    FS Oasis Sparkle Spinner, 5” X5” Base, 20” Ht., holds 32 packs of Sparkle material. Includes 28 packets of Krystal Flash, 6 packets of Krystal Flash Ultra, 7 packets of Streamborn Midge Rainbow Flash, 10 packets of Flashabou “Marabou Action “‘ and 5 packets of Larva Lace Angel Hair. A Total of...
  18. Squamishpoacher

    Kind of fly tying related...maybe.

    There's a new coffee table book out. Where would we fly tyers be without this noble bird.
  19. H

    FS Fly tying supplies

    SOLD I have a large amount of tying material for sale. One lot, one price. There are over 200 spools of thread in the box alone. The rotary vise retails for $70 on its own. Price is plus shipping if you are not local. I’m in the Tacoma, WA area. $SOLD
  20. 1morecast

    FS Custom fly tying tools with display case.

    Wastach tools with one of a kind display case. There were 4 of these custom cases made. A rainbow, brook, cutthroat and brown trout. For sale is the brown trout. The workmanship on this piece is exquisite. I have seen a couple of these kits go for a couple thousand each at auction. I am asking...
  21. GAT

    Speaking Of Fly Tying Expos

    I won't be attending this year but I know a number of you here will be making the trip to Albany to do some demonstration tying. If you've never been, this flyfishing /fly tying expo is a dandy!
  22. VanAllen

    Fly tying on the ferry

    My wife and I are moving to Bremerton in March. I'll be commuting to downtown Seattle on the 7:20AM boat, maybe the 6:20AM on some mornings. I plan to make use of the extra commute time by tying flies both ways. If anyone here is a ferry commuter from that side, and you see a guy tying really...
  23. L

    Wanted Basic fly tying tools

    Looking for basic fly tying tools, enough to get a newbie started in the fine art of tying… If anyone is looking to offload their vise, bobbin, whip finisher, scissors, etc. please let me know. Willing to pay a fair price. Thanks in advance!
  24. Davbaker

    FS A whole Mess of Fly Tying Gear

    I have a whole box of various fly tying gear, including 2 vices, a very nice lamp + magnifying glass, bobbins, wire and tons of material. I’m guessing hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Selling it all for $125. Saving for that new boat!
  25. sakana

    FS Fly Tying Tool Caddy

    This tool caddy is beautiful—it has a brown trout engraved. Holds a number of tools (tools pictured are not included) $38 Shipped. See Photos.
  26. Stonefish

    Weird stuff in fly tying material

    Anyone ever find any odd stuff mixed in their fly tying material? Last night I opened a new package of laser dub and there was part of a fingernail in there. Looked like someone had trimmed their nails and one ended up in the dubbing. SF
  27. Paul_

    Pampered Chef, essential oils... Fly tying equivalent party

    So I’m hiding/tying flies upstairs, while my wife is having some type of party downstairs. Someone is trying to sell some great oil or cooking utensil to a group of woman. It got me thinking... Some one needs to start Fly Tying Materials Party Company. They bring the latest and greatest must...
  28. Skip Enge

    fly tying "box"

    years ago I found some plans for a fly box in an old 50's era fly fishing mag ...suitcase actually
  29. pastorbrian

    Wanted Fly Tying desk

    I would love a tabletop/portable fly tying desk. Send a PM or post a pic if you can!
  30. Brennen Busse

    FS Fly Tying Tool Kit (Portable) -Cabelas

    For sale is a Cabelas Fly Tying tool. Used very minimally. See link below for the description. All the tools are functional and work just fine. My 4 year old daughter leaves me with no time to tie flies. Located in Covington, or can ship if you're willing to donate some extra funds for the...
  31. J

    Wanted Fly tying starter kit

    I need a new hobby. I'm looking to tie semi seal leaches first and the maybe some SRC flies in the future. I am considering the Griffen tying tool kit at about $130 but thought I should make a post here before making a purchase. I am willing to piece together the tools and plan to buy the hooks...
  32. G

    FS Fly tying material collection

    SOLD I'm clearing out all my tying stuff. It's a lot and I am moving soon so looking to make a bulk deal of material and tools. There's a lot of stuff, mainly lake and steelhead materials, including the saddles included in the pictures below. PM me an offer, want to just sell it all at once...
  33. Brennen Busse

    FS Fly Tying Materials-Lot of Stuff

    Evening ~ Please take a close look at the attached pics. I have a ton of fly tying materials inherited from a late relative's Uncle. This gentlemen was an avid at fly tying. My 4 year old daughter leaves me with little time to tie, so I would like someone else to get some use of it the...
  34. R

    FS Griffin Montana Mongoose fly tying vice (Spokane, WA)

    Hello! I'm located in Spokane. This vice is in great condition, am only selling as it's not being used much. Comes with pedestal AND c-clamp! Asking $180, or best offer. Local offers only please, cannot ship item at this time. *Cash only, will provide pictures to serious inquires*...
  35. A

    New to fly tying

    Hello all, I just started tying my own flies and I have no clue what I'm doing, so I'm interested in gaining some tips and advice. The only fly I have tied is a Zebra Midge, which went relatively well considering it was my first time. I really enjoyed the experience of tying my own fly and I'm...
  36. Woodman60

    FS Last of the Fly Tying Materials

    SOLD Fly Tying Materials Blowout – Fur, feathers, tools, etc This is the last batch (for a while) of the stuff my Dad passed on to me. Thanks to all who have purchased so far. It’s going to go towards a nice fishing trip this summer – which will be one of his last at age 92. Those who...
  37. Brennen Busse

    FS Fly tying Materials-Lots of It

    Hey folks. I have a bunch of fly tying feathers. There's too much to list, so please try to examine the photos closely to get an idea of what the container includes. We could arrange local pick up (Renton, WA area) or mail (possibly) without the white container. Includes: Peacock feathers 1...
  38. silvercreek

    Free Beginner's Guide to Fly Tying

    The Southern Wisconsin Chapter of TU is giving a free beginner’s course in fly tying. The course guide is an excellent free guide for beginners with a pattern list of basic flies. They also have a list of basic tools and materials. Since the course provides all fly materials, there is no list of...
  39. Craig Hardt

    Winter fly-tying classes

    It’s almost that time of year again: fly-tying class season! Many clubs in the area offer classes but I’m a bit biased being a member of the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club. Starting in January the EFFC will be presenting our annual 12-week fly-tying class. We begin with the basics and work up to...
  40. Woodman60

    FS Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Books

    ALL SOLD OR SPOKEN FOR. Thanks for looking. I was gifted a bunch of great books, a number of which are duplicates for me. Most are in good to very good condition. A few as noted are a little worn but still very readable/useable. Shipping and paypal fees of $3.50 for one book, $6 for two or...
  41. troutslayer1

    FS Topwater Salt Flies

    Topwater Gurgler Sliders Tied on Gamakatsu SC 15 salt hooks White - size 6 Colors - size 10 Work extremely well for Sea Run Cutts, Coho, etc. $20 for the group Custom ties available, willing to ship Conner
  42. pwoens

    FS SOLD Pending Funds - TONS of fly tying material and tools

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS 15 years worth of fly tying material up for sale. Have roughly 8 hackles that were all $30-$60 each. Also a plethora of every other type of material you will ever need to tie every fly out there; rubber legs, foam bodies, hackles, dubbing, chenille, threads, wires...
  43. Irafly


    First one to pick it up at my house, takes it home. I also have two chairs, and a sofa table. PM me for directions.
  44. P

    FS Fly Tying Supplies for Sale

    Father's Fly Tying Supplies for Sale I Fly fish but don't tie patience Hackles, foam, wire, floss, thread, glue, etc.... Serious inquires only at 253-232-4844 thread - $1.00 Each Foam - 5 for $1.00 Floss - Large 1.00 each; small $.50 each Wire - Lead 4 for $6.00, colored $1.00...
  45. I

    FS Fly Tying Equipment and Materials

    Selling all my tying stuff. Renzetti Traveler vise, lamp with magnifier, all the usual tools, bobbins, pick, etc. See pics. Materials mostly for wets and salt water. Includes storage cabinets. $225
  46. Irafly

    FS Fly Tying and Other Stuff West Seattle Garage Sale 2 and Options

    So the inventory was vast and after two days of guys literally walking away with boxes of materials, there was still way too much stuff to lot out, so the family has decided to do the same next weekend. Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM See bottom thread link for address. Trust me, there...
  47. Lett

    Fly Tying Garage Sale and shout out to Ira

    I am re-posting this from the FF forum. Some of you may have seen the postings here and in the classifieds for the Fly fishing/fly tying Garage Sale. This sale continues tomorrow the 10th of September. I stopped by on a fluke today. Short version: This will be well worth your time. There are...
  48. Irafly

    FS Fly Tying "Plus" West Seattle Garage Sale Sat/Sun Sept 9-10 Update W/Photos

    The Garage sale will be in West Seattle (6506 37th Ave SW) on Saturday and Sunday September 9th-10th. 9:00 AM-4:00 PM both days. No EARLY BIRDS and I will not be setting things aside for people. I'm sorry if you can't make it. Please do not disturb the family until the garage sale. -There...
  49. NW_flyfisher

    Fly tying materials galore

    a coworker of mine is having her mother hold a garage sale for tons of fly tying material, hooks, thread, feathers. etc. I stopped over last week to see the inventory her father had and I was overwhelmed. There was even polar bear fur. PM me for the location.
  50. DanielOcean

    FS/T Regal Medallion, C-Clamp Fly Tying Vise

    This vise has been at my bench for about a year now, has standard jaws, and is what I would say a 10/10 for used market. I am wanting to sell this so I can buy a Peak Rotary. Or if someone wanted to trade straight across I may be interested as well. I am asking $120.00 Shipped. Payment forms can...