fly tying

  1. P

    FS fly tying materials: salmon, steelhead, trout

    I've got lots of tying materials: whiting hackle, daichi trout hooks, dubbing, etc. Lots of steelhead stuff including shanks, marabou, bunny, saddle hackle. Even salmon stuff like pink bucktail, cones for salmon poppers, etc. I reorganized a few things: the heron, orange chenille, and orange...
  2. D

    FS used simon, brad, ect wobblers

    used wobblers for sale---$4.00 each plus much more.
  3. B

    FS Fly tying bag

    unknown maker, will sell for $25 shipped conus
  4. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Fly tying is just too hard.

  5. Headwaters

    FS Fly Tying Lamp & Spare Bulb

    Hi all, Reposting this lamp and trying to include photos. I'm selling this fly tying lamp and a spare bulb. $40 shipped to CONUS.
  6. Thrasybulus

    FS Fly Tying Materials

    I have a bundle of trout fly tying materials (89 items) available for sale. $45 takes everything. Paypal or local cash transaction. Buyer adds on 2-day USPS shipping to his/her home address in CONUS. SOLD! 24 packages of hooks (Tiemco, Mustad, VMC). 7 Spools thread 2 Spools tinsel 7...
  7. Hunter

    FS Fly Tying Collection

    I have around 50 to 75 packages of various at least 80% full fly tying material. Tons of material and hooks for fresh and salt. I have a vise, thread, beads, coneheads, etc. Multiple tools and accessories. I have everything you need for a solid tying setup, or everything you need to fill out an...
  8. fireman10

    FS Fly Tying Vises

    I have 3 vises for sale #1 Regal Medallion Rotary Jaw c-clamp in perfect condition with minimal use. 125.00$ #2 Renzetti Apprentice c-clamp in perfect condition with minimal use 50.00$ #3 Danvise pedestal and c-clamp included used but still in good condition. It will hold from size 20 to 4/0...
  9. bxboy

    FS Fly Tying Travel Bag

    JW Outfitters portable fly tying kit bag roomy enough to carry more than you'll need prime condition complete with thread tubes may need new poly bags asking $60
  10. R

    FS Fly tying supplies

    Selling off all of my fly tying supplies. Hundreds of $$ worth of supplies...asking $150 for all!
  11. fishingcheftim

    FS fly tying materials

    $50..00 gets the lot
  12. Headwaters

    FS Fly Tying Lamp

    NEW PRICE -- Bought a tying lamp a short time ago and it's not serving the purpose. I tie at a fairly large tying station that I built a few years ago. The goose-neck on the lamp is a little too short and stretching it out over the vise crowds my work space. I found another desktop-type lamp...
  13. fishingcheftim

    FS fly tying materials

    $50.00 here are the pics. Cash only meet and greet. Queen Anne
  14. fishingcheftim

    FS Fly tying materials lots

    I'll post pictures on Wednesday. First $50.00 gets it. Worth way more then that.
  15. TeenyBigs

    FS 1996 Orvis Portable Fly Tying Kit -- $195

    I received this portable fly tying kit as a Christmas gift in 1996. It was a kit sold by Orvis and is stamped 290L on the bottom. I have held on to this for sentimental reasons and was hoping my kids would take to tying and use it. But, I am at point where I would like to perhaps see someone...
  16. Shawn West

    Fly tying demo in Longview Washington June 10

    I will be doing a fly tying demo in Longview Washington on June 10th. The focus will be deer hair bass bugs; but I hope to tie a couple of other patterns I like to fish for bass. The event will be from 11 - 3. It will be held at: Black Heron Fly Fishing 105 Debbie Street Longview, Wa...
  17. silvercreek

    Fly Tying Tip

    Every once in awhile, I find a tying tip I have never seen that is so simple and so great that I am compelled to share it. My apologies to to anyone who know this tip already, but it is new to me:
  18. Shawn West

    Wasatch Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo

    I will be tying at the Wasatch Expo this upcoming Friday and Saturday (4/7 & 4/8). The event is being held in Sandy Utah. This will be my first time at the show. I have been told it is well organized and worth the trip. I will try to take photos and/or video and post when I return. That will...
  19. T

    Dry Fly tying made easy

    Check out this video from the UK. Truly revolutionary!!!
  20. Jeremy Floyd

    Between polar bear and rhea, I've had my fly tying world rocked, this weekend

    So here I am, locked in a hotel room with an uncanny South African fish assassin. We are tying tube flies with pre made polar bear brushes, and rhea, and tinsel. They kick the shit out of any fly I've ever tied, or fished. These are "April's". They weigh almost nothing, have a very low...
  21. SERE Nate

    WTB Fly tying material

    I need everything except for tools. Looking to spend around $300. Want to be able to tie drys, nymps, streamers. Need hooks, beads, thread, feathers, etc. What do you have laying around that you're not using?
  22. Andrew Shoemaker

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact Spey Line + Misc Fly Tying Stuff

    I have an Airflo Spey Skagit Compact line 27ft 630 grain. Will sell for $30. I also have a bunch of misc fly tying stuffs from when I used to tie. Will sell all that for $30 as well or $50 for everything.
  23. F

    FS Fs Czech Nymph Fly Tying Components

    FS Czech Nymph Fly Tying Components. Tungsten Knapek Hooks: 25 ea., of #8, #10, #12 hooks, 75 fully weighted hooks. Knapek Grub Hooks: 25 ea., #8, #10, #14, and #16. 100 unweighted hooks. Total of 175 hooks. Grating Foil, 11 color sheets. (1 olive, 2 sand, 2 hydropsyche, 2 pink, 2 brown...
  24. Augy

    Wffc Beginner Fly Tying Class Review

    I completed the beginning fly tying class at WFFC last week and wanted to give kudos to the club. I learned so much and got to meet some really great folks. The amount of experience and knowledge the instructors bring to the forum is staggering but they are so eager to help and teach you. It was...
  25. W

    Old Washington Fly Tying Books

    I have been cataloging my fly fishing-related books, and came upon a couple old books: "Flies of the Northwest," put out by the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. "Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns," put out by Patrick's Fly Shop Are there any other books like this around? There are a lot of...
  26. Shawn West

    NFR Camera Set-up Options For Live Online Fly Tying Teaching

    I was blessed with the opportunity to tie at the International Fly Tying show in New Jersey last November. One of the folks I met has gained an interest in tying deer hair bass flies. We talk often on the phone trying to answer questions regarding technique. I would like to be able to interact...
  27. sakana

    FS High Quality Fly Tying Vise

    I have the following for sale—all for $325 Shipped Renzetti Presentation 4000 Vise. I haven't used it in years. I bought it new. Renzetti Tool Caddy Umpqua Fly Patterns Book See Photo.
  28. jeff bandy

    Fly Tying Class

    Interested in taking up fly tying but not sure if it's for you? Well, here's your chance to find out. Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds is putting on a class in Edmonds. Class starts tomorrow night and there are still openings. Here a link with class info and sign up...
  29. J

    FS Jw Outfitters Fly Tying Bag

    The basement purge continues! I don't much tie anymore and certainly don't need this fine piece of luggage to carry all the fly tying stuff I don't use. Lots of zippered pouches to hold various tying materials. Velcro attachments allows this to be fully configurable. Also has a zippered...
  30. AdrianM

    WTB Fly Tying Bag

    Does anyone have one lying around? I have about $20 to spend on this... Not looking for fancy, just something to organize. I'm new to tying so I don't have a ton of stuff, but I don't like storing my vice and tools all in a box. Prefer local pickup (Seattle area, I'm in the north end).
  31. Dog Catcher

    FS Norvise Rotary Fly Tying Vise Setup, Hmh Spartan Vise, Hmh Sx Vise

    I am consolidating some of my fly fishing gear, starting with my vises. PM if you have any questions. Will ship to any where in the US at the actual shipping cost. Sold - Norvise Rotary Fly Tying Vise Setup - $200 - Sold HMH Spartan Vise with HMH Bobbin Rest - $125 HMH SX Vise - $75 Norvise...
  32. F

    Fly Tying Class - Just For You!

    The Washington Fly Fishing Club is offering its Beginning Fly Tying Class for 2017. The Class Begins on Thursday, January 5, 2017 on Mercer Island and will meet weekly for eight weeks. Cost of the class is $60 if you bring your own material...if you are just starting out and do not have any...
  33. SpringCreek

    FS Clarks Spinning Blocks - Fly Tying

    In early December I became interested in tying flymphs and other soft hackles. As I was developing patterns I discovered the use of the Clark Spinning Block to build dubbing brushes for use on these wonderfully productive patterns. I found one being made, however, it was a little shorter in...
  34. scottybs

    FS Fishpond Fly Tying Case

    The BIG Fishpond Fly Tying case, way too big for my needs. Almost new condition. $50 to your door.
  35. Anil

    Opst Fly Tying Demonstration!

    This Saturday the 10th of December, Puget Sound Fly Co. will be hosting a fly tying demonstration by a couple of the guys from OPST! Here is the best part, it is completely FREE!!! Starting at noon and ending at 3pm; you'll get to see some cool new ways to tie flies for steelhead, salmon, and...
  36. para_adams

    FS Some Good Books On Bamboo Rods, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying

    SOME ARE SOLD, THE OTHERS ARE NOW LOWER PRICES... Offering some good books on bamboo and other fly fishing topics. All prices are shipped within the CONUS. Take $5 off for local pickup near Bothell/Mill Creek. A Master's Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod, Garrison/Carmichael. With slip...
  37. R

    FS Fly Fishing, Tying, Casting & Kayaking Books & Dvd's

    Take 50% off prices shown! All items are in "Excellent" to "Like New" condition. Inquire about purchasing all remaining books at a discounted price. Payment through PayPal. Suggested shipping method: USPS Media/Book Rate. Very reasonable! If you teach casting, you may want to print this out...
  38. R

    FS Fly Tying Desk, Materials & Tools

    Take 50% off prices shown! (Except the Desk, Chair, JW Bag & Lamp, priced as shown) Everything is “New to Near New” Fly Tying Desk w/Chair - $500.00 Custom Made, One a Kind, Made with Limbs & Branches 48”W x 28”D x 45.5” H 4 Small & 1 Large Drawer 2 Shelves Custom Made Chair to Match Desk (Lamp...
  39. Z

    Fly Tying Class In Spokane

    One of our own is giving a class on fly tying in Spokane.
  40. Tacoma Red

    Other Than Wff...

    What are your favorite Fly Tying Websites or YouTube Channels? Sites: Global Fly Fisher YouTube: Davie McPhail Tightlinevideo Hans Weilenmann
  41. I

    WTB Fly Tying Materials

    Am a pure rookie with fly tying (don't even have a vise yet but working on it). Looking to find materials (and tools/accessories) for tying large (Salmon and steelhead) flies. Anybody want to get rid of some good quality materials (for a reasonable price)? Please contact me. Thank you
  42. I

    WTB Fly Tying Vise

    Am excited to get into fly tying. Mostly large salmon and steelhead flies. My dream is the regal big game but due to finances, that'll have to wait. If anyone has any vise they want to pass on (for a reasonable price), please contact me. Thank you
  43. nb_ken

    FS Fly Tying Kit On Cl

    I'm reluctant to post this because I don't know anything about anything about this ad. But... There's an ad on Craiglist in Paulsbo for fly tying tools and materials. If you're looking to learn to tie flies this winter, this would be a good place to start. He's got a nice vise, a good selection...
  44. SpringCreek

    FS Original Norvise Fly Tying Vise

    Original Norvise fly tying vise still in the box. Includes vise, mounting screws and original VHS. $179 + actual shipping. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  45. Jmills81

    FS Fly Tying Gear

    More items up and available to add to your collection. Oasis Sparkle Spinner--$15 Feathercraft spool safe-$30 Thread...
  46. R

    FS Wts: Fly Tying Desk, Materials & Tools

    Take 50% off all prices shown! (Except the Desk, Chair & Lamp, still 35% off!) Everything is “New to Near New” Fly Tying Desk w/Chair - $750.00 Custom Made, One a Kind, Made with Limbs & Branches 48”W x 28”D x 45.5” H 4 Small & 1 Large Drawer 2 Shelves Custom Made Chair to Match Desk (Lamp not...
  47. Cozmo4196

    Custom Fly Tying

    I'm new to fly fishing, have zero experience on the vice(besides tying double egg loop yarn balls) and in a few weeks I'm fishing an area that has a very specific bait fish as the primary food source. Can anyone suggest where I should go to get some custom flies tied? Is this something that fly...
  48. radamson

    New to fly-tying.

    Hello all, I am new to fly tying and have some questions about getting tying materials. The closest fly shop to me is about 40 minutes away and their hours don't always coincide with my ever changing work schedule. As much as I love to support local businesses as much as possible, it's looking...
  49. scottybs

    FS Fishpond Coyote Fly Tying bag $50 plus shipping

    So I bought this fly tying bag on eBay for $50 and it is wayyyy bigger than I need. So if anyone wants it for $50 plus $15 shipping it's all yours. It's in great shape.
  50. ScottP

    SBS Spent Hackle Mayfly SBS

    Found this over on a UK site; frogwater stuff. hook - TMC 5212 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 brown tail - pheasant tail rear hackle - barred cream (undersize by 2) rib - Uni Stretch brown abdomen - dubbing tan front hackle - brown (oversize by 1) mash barb, start thread at 2/3 mark, wrap to...