1. D

    FS FS Hardy Zephrus FWS 5wt 9’

    FS I have a nice Hardy Zephrus FWS 5wt 9’ 4pc that’s never been used. I planned on using it as a backup rod but I never took it with me. For some reason my rod tube and sock is missing so I’ll ship it in a 4pcs sock of a different maker. (No tube) Let me know if you have any questions. $375...
  2. B

    Wanted Steffen Bros. 2/3WT Fly Rod

    Looking for a 2/3 WT SB fly rod. Would prefer a Steffen built, 3-piece. PM me with what you have. Thank you. Rox
  3. B

    FS Unique Winston IM6 3 Weight, 8'6", 3 Piece, Graphite Fly Rod

    Sold - Thank You, Bob A unique Winston IM6, 3 weight, 8’6”, 3 piece, Graphite Fly Rod, Serial #37,339. Winston built this rod Rod for me on April 27, 1995, with a hand-picked blank, and a special grip and reel seat (photos). This Rod is unique because at the time it was built, 1995, Annette at...
  4. Wyobee

    FS 2 fly rods

    Have two fly rods for sale. First is a sage launch in a 9ft 5wt. This rod is killer 50 ft and under and sensitive enough to nymph without an indicator/high stick. The launch is one of numerous graphite 2 incarnations by sage that has survived almost from the companies inception to present day...
  5. James St. Clair

    Reds Rendezvous - Fly Tying Competition

    Hi Guys - Bunch of great tyers back here. Thought a few of you might be heading over to Reds for the Rendezvous. If you are, we are hosting a little fly tying competition at the end of the event. Should be a really fun time, and not only will we be supporting a great cause, the winner will get...
  6. B


    Selling my 7 wt and don't need the versitip anymore. Only used a handful of times and 2 lines never used. Each line comes with a selection of interchangeable tips that allow anglers to switch tips as fishing and water conditions change. A unique mending and handling section at the back end of...
  7. B

    FS St Croix Imperial 7wt 9’ 4 pc fly rod - Excellent condition - $150 + shipping

    The rod's only been used a handful of times and is in perfect condition. I decided to focus my limited fishing time on trout and figured it's better someone else uses it vs. it sitting in my closet. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
  8. B

    FS TU Donation for 1985 Fisher 9' 2 Weight Graphite Fly Rod

    I am offering this 1985 Fisher 9’ 2Wt graphite fly rod, in excellent condition with rod sock, for a $100 check made out to Trout Unlimited. Several years ago I bought this rod from a member of the Washington Fly Fishing Forum who lived in British Columbia and had built this rod in March 1985...
  9. B

    FS Rex Richardson Chest Fly Box - 1979

    SOLD...Thank You! I bought this Rex Richardson 2-Tray Chest Fly Box in 1979. I consider this Chest Box to be in Excellent working condition. On the other hand, today the finish is pretty darn worn…Yes, I have used the heck out of this great box. The deep tray remains original with the...
  10. Troutlife

    Swap Soccer World Cup Fly Swap Interest?

    I saw the recent March Madness swap ( and I thought it was an interesting idea. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a similar thing with the Soccer World Cup. However, I am less of a...
  11. Tim Ihle

    How to extend the life of PVC fly line?

    Question: how does one extend the life of a PVC fly line for years of good casting? Is it possible to make them last as long as the PU product?
  12. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Wanted Bright colored fly rod

    My lady is looking for a line green, bright blue or pink fly rod. Anyone out there have one? Dont really want to go to cabelas and none of the local fly shops have em.
  13. B

    FS TU Donation for 7 Fly Line Package

  14. Morpheus

    FS Fly Tying desks for sale in Bozeman

    Craigslist ad:
  15. 2

    FS WTB Scientific Anglers WF 8 F Anadro Fly Line

    Looking for a WF8F Scientific Anglers Anadro fly line. Please send me a PM with price and condition if you have one you will sell.
  16. jim52

    FS Echo carbon xl fly rod , new , 5 or 6 wt , good value

    Thanks. I bought both a 5 and a 6 wt. ,, heard good reviews but wasn't sure on which one I wanted .. I like them both , doesn't matter which one I keep. But either one is for sale. Or I can return it but I paid 99. Which was a pretty good deal. Your choice. 9.29 shipping.
  17. Monkey Paws

    Classic Reels Union Hardware Sunnybrook Fly Reel

    Good Afternoon All, I purchased a UH Sunnybrook fly reel to pair up with my UH fly rod. From what I have read these reels are made from brass so it should be an easy restoration. Does anyone know who makes replacement springs for these old reels? I have the material to make them myself but I...
  18. Lue Taylor

    FS Fly rods

    Redington Crosswater 8wt 4pc with case $80 ship Redington Pursuit 5wt 4pc with case $90 ship Custom built Fiberglass fly rod 7'6" 3wt 3pc $70 ship Specimen Bottle 6 inches long 10 pcs for $10 ship
  19. SERE Nate

    Wanted Fly rod and reel for pike in MT

    I'm in Whitefish MT and the ice is just about off the lake. I need to get a complete setup for pike. Prefer to buy package but can piece it together to. I have a 6 weight Scott radian currently, so I think that I want an 8 weight. Pm me post here or text me. 515-556-6568 $500 budget
  20. Monkey Paws

    Classic Reels Antique English Brass Fly Reel

    Sport Joined: 06/24/15 Posts: 49 I picked up an old English brass fly reel for a low price and I was hoping you guy's can tell me more about it. I have not received it yet but it appears to have no manufacturer marks on it. So what do I have?
  21. R

    FS Huge Fly Tying Kit - $575-

    Reply to this post or phone or text Randy Hardy @ 425-870-3386 I will meet anyone half-way or you pick up. This is Puget Sound only - no shipping. This is the only place I have placed this for sale. In about 2-3 weeks, if it has not sold, I will post it on Craigslist. Thanks for looking!
  22. Dr Bob

    Boats Jon Boat for Fly Fishing Lakes?

    I am considering adding to my fleet for still water fishing and want a vessel that can handle 3-4 people. It will mostly be 2 people, but I may take my son and grandson. It needs to be a stable craft as kids don't seem to stay seated as instructed. Also it has to not be too heavy and easy to...
  23. C

    Tube Fly Adapter

    I just purchased a previously used HMH tube fly tool kit. Included was a tool/piece I'm not familiar with...but it appears to be a tube tying adapter. It's on the right in the photo. HMH large plastic tube material is a perfect fit at the tip. The only threads I see on the unit are in the brass...
  24. T

    FS TFO Edge 9' 6 Wt Alpha Fly Rod - Brand New $575

    Brand New, in case with sleeve - never been used. This unfished TFO Edge 9' 6wt Gamma Alpha Fly rod. Retails for $855. Selling for $575. Great all around trout rod with a moderate action. 20% lighter than other rods on the market, great for a long day on the water! Received as a gift. Any...
  25. Dry Fly Dutchman

    Is guideschool or freelance the way to go

    Guiding isn't for the faint of heart. From what I see on the outside looking in is that the fly fishing industry is constantly evolving to stay innovative and fresh to keep up with todays standards. Fly shops that have been around for ages are struggling to stay afloat to offer their services to...
  26. Bajema

    Fly Fishing Film Tour in Mt Vernon

    Anyone else going to the Fly Fishing Film tour in Mt Vernon tonight?
  27. dekartes

    young childs fly rod

    Anyone here have young children fly fishing? My 6 year old mastered the spinning rod last summer. Want to start her on a fly rod. I am looking at the Redington Crosswater Youth Outfit at STP for 80$. Cheap for a rod, reel and line. Was concerned the 8'6" might be long for her. She is...
  28. Max P

    SBS Articulated Squid Fly (saltwater safe)

    Did a blackmouth swap recently with this fly. I appreciate the SBS other people have posted and I thought I'd give it a try, so without further ado here it is. Materials Tentacle half Hook: Gamakatsu SL12S, size 1/0 Shoulder: tan artic fox tail Hackle: ostrich drab feather (white) sandwiched...
  29. B

    FS St Croix Imperial 7wt 9’ 4 pc fly rod - Excellent condition - $175 + shipping

    The rod's only been used a handful of times and is in perfect condition. I decided to focus my limited fishing time on trout and figured it's better someone else uses it vs. it sitting in my closet. Any questions let me know. Thanks.
  30. wetswinger

    Fly Selection Strategies

    We've all been there, fishing our favorite beach and nothing is happening. Tried our go to flies for said beach and nothing. Now what? I'm always conflicted on what to do next. Leave, or try something else. With no signs in the water to guide me I tend to fish from 3 o'clock to the 9'clock...
  31. Jerry Daschofsky

    Unsold items - Consider donating to Project Healing Waters

    There are some of you who have flyfishing, gear fishing, and camping sales ads that have been up for quite awhile, and not selling. If by chance it's something you just want gone, and would like the items to go into the hands of veterans/military in our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Got...
  32. jdarling1991

    Wanted Scott F2 Fly Rod (3 weight)

    Does anyone have a 3 weight Scott F2 available? Just testing the waters. Thanks, Jon
  33. Concrete Angler

    FS C&F Scientific Anglers Nympher's fly box.

    <<<SOLD>>> This fly box is in great shape as I never used it. Water-proof C&F Design, SA branded, with a latching clip to keep closed. Has two compartments to store splitshot, indicators, stinger hooks or whatever else chuck-n-duck methods call for these days :p Tight and clean slit foam can...
  34. silvercreek

    Guide to Fly Fishing the Yellowstone Region

    Longs for Cutts just revamped the Parks Fly Shop website and has put up a DIY guide for the Yellowstone Area. Click on this link to start. At the top of the page are other links, some of which are pull down menus such as the one on flies and hatches. Yellowstone Fly Fishing Info Site...
  35. F

    FS Fort Shockley Fly Tying Station “Gene’s Box”

    FS. Fort Shockley Fly Tying Station Gene’s Box Features European Birch Exterior, Dovetail Joinery, Solid Brass Appointments, and a White HPL Work Area. The Left Interior Door has Storage for Forty Spools, and the Right Interior Door has Two Tool Bars for your Bobbins and Tools. The Storage...
  36. S

    FS Loon Outdoors Fly Tying Kit

    This is a great kit for the person just starting tying or for the experienced person who wants to upgrade tying tools. It includes the Ergo Arrow Point and Ergo All Purpose scissors, the Ergo Bobbin, Ergo Bodkin, Ergo Whip Finisher, Ergo Dubbing Brush and the Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner—all...
  37. F

    FS A Few Extra Fly Tying Materials and Accessories

    FS Spool Safe W/17 Spools of Mylar Tinsel, 19 Spools of Holograph Tinsel, 16 Spools of Giorgio Benecci Thread, and 18 Spools of Ultra Wire. A Total of 72 Spools. $85 A Jim Teeny Line Winder $35 An Oasis Double Dubbing Tower W/8 Boxes. $65 Sirman (Czech) Turbo Brush Spinner $30 Henry’s Fork...
  38. Salmo_g

    FS 8' fly fishing pram

    8' fly fishing pram. Fiberglass reinforced plywood construction. Oars and anchor included. Fits in back of small or standard sized pick up truck. $275.
  39. Mark DiOrio (Mike Melfa)

    FS 6 Weight Fly Lines

    Going threw my lines and found a few that I have No use for, as I Sold all my 6 weight Rods..... Honestly I do not remember the Names of the lines but I believe they were Rio, Orvis, and Cortland I do know they are 6 weights and 3 are sink tip lines , All lines are in Great condition with...
  40. Lue Taylor

    FS Redington Crosswater 5 WT fly rod

    Selling a Redington Crosswater 5wt 9ft rod that has been use maybe 5 times comes with case $80 ship
  41. DJSponge

    Boats Best small boat for fly fishing PNW waters?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the best small boat for fly fishing up here in the PNW? Ideally, something that could cover lakes, the Puget Sound, and maybe some rivers? I'm considering all options at this point, but I'm leaning towards a 16'-18' Bay boat center console style vessel. I'd...
  42. S

    FS Einarsson 9Plus Fly Reel Sparkling Red

    "9plus The 9plus reel from Einarsson is a heavy workhorse engineered to give the fisherman the edge. The silky smooth brake will handle the biggest of Salmon as well as Tarpon in the 100lb plus class, meaning the Einarsson 9Plus reel will match both your double handed rod or heavy single handed...
  43. Poff

    Wanted 3wt fly line

    I'm looking for an inexpensive 3wt fly line. I'd prefer something that would work for euro nymphing, but would consider a standard wf line. By inexpensive, I'm hoping to find a line for around $15
  44. B

    FS Abel TR3 Fly Reel + Spare Spool

    Abel TR3 Stealth Black(Guide Finish) Fly Reel with spare spool Both are new $525 CAD obo Box, pouches, warranty card and extra clicker wire included Located in Vancouver, B.C.
  45. Shane Stewart

    FS 3 Plan D Intruder Fly Boxes - $25 each

    Used once or twice. Holds up to 8 full size Intruders. They sell for $35 at the local fly shop Sold Pending Funds
  46. T

    FS Sage Xi-3 1090-4 fly rod, Sage reel, and spools

    Here is a custom Sage Xi-3 10wt built to Sage specs with sf guides - but never fished! Included is a Sage 4210 reel loaded with backing and WF line, plus 2 spare Sage 4210 spools loaded with backing and different sinking tip lines. Also included is a Simms 4 section rod case - $1000 tyd. If...
  47. BDD

    Terrible News at NW Fly Fishing Magazine

    I just don't know what to say...except my sincere condolences to Jon's family and friends.
  48. B

    FS Loomis fly rods

    Have to pay for my bonefish trip so I need to unload some rods. Loomis NRX Light presentation. 9' 4 weight. 4 pc. New, never even cast. $600 Loomis NRX 9' 5 weight. 4 pc. like new. Used 2 times. $500 Loomis Cross Current GLX 9' 8 weight 4 pc. used once. $450
  49. B

    FS 9wt fly line SA. Mastery Textured Series

    For Sale:- 9 wt SA. Mastery Textured Series ,Magnum Taper fly line. designed for big Flies.Mist green color. In good shape as it has seen little use. Details on back of box pictures. Good shape $35.00. Plus shipping. blackloon (David) 360.739.4238
  50. B

    FS Fly Line Wf. 6 wt floating Indicator SA.Quick loading taper

    For Sale-: Scientific Angler Sharkweave "Siege" series for Chironomid fishing. Head length 38'. Sharkskin texturing on the tip for the ultimate in floatation. Mastery textured running line delivers longer casts without abrasion. Features Tactile Reference point (TRP), a non- embossed section at...