1. Lue Taylor

    FS Free Steelhead Flies

    Free Steelhead flies to whoever pays the freight or PU Kent these flies was given to me years ago use some now time to go
  2. T

    TACOMA: Free Fearless Female Film Night (4/19)!

    THURSDAY: Free Films, Food Trucks & Fun at Half Lion Brewing! Join us for fun, films and new friends! Go on a visual journey while getting a dose of inspiration as the films go to exotic locales and celebrate adventurous women on the water. Bring a friend! All are welcome. Trout Unlimited is a...
  3. Lue Taylor

    FS Cam Straps Free

    I have at least 7 Cam straps 4 are 18 inches 3 are 12 inches Free you pay shipping $10
  4. R

    FS FREE Redington Red Storm Wading Jacket (XL)

    it’s certainly seem some time on the water and has evidence of wear, but if FREE is your brand, it’s all yours. You pay shipping from Edmonds, WA
  5. Squamishpoacher

    FS Shakespeare spare spool - free!

    I know this is off a Shakespeare but can't recall which one. It's missing the retainer and latch spring mechanism. I'll mail it anywhere for the cost of postage. I'm in Canada at postal code V9P 1A8. The packed weight would be about 5 ounces or 145 grams and 7x5x 2 inches in dimension so use...
  6. T

    FS Sage RPLXi 9wt 9 1/2' 3 pc rod - FREE

    I have a custom Sage RPLXi built off a 996-3 blank with all Sage components, by Cedric Knuckey of Interior Alaska Rods from Minnesota. I had a fore grip added for salmon fishing. It does have my nickname written on the blank. I will include this Sage RPLXi for free with my Sage Xi-3 package...
  7. G

    FS Free - Dave Scadden DLS

    Green Scadden pontoon boat - first person to contact me gets it. I bought it from a dude several years ago for my brother-in-law, but it never got used. The valves need to be replaced, I think, but it should work other than that. Includes one piece composite oars - I forget the brand name. I'm...
  8. Thomas Mitchell

    FS Free - Boxes and Flies

    Now spoken for. Flies - ziplock back of a couple hundred (?) flies, all sorts, all usable, everything from #1.5 steelhead flies tied on Alec Jackson spey hooks to small softhackles. Great for salvaging the hooks if you don't wan the flies. ((% tied by me - I tend to re-tie for my boxes each...
  9. Dave Westburg

    Free Fishing Books

    Culling the herd and am giving away the following fly fishing books. Saltwater Fly Fishing For Pacific Salmon by Barry Thorton Royal Coachman by Paul Schullery The Atlantic Salmon by Lee Wulff Atlantic Salmon Fact and Fantasy by Gary Anderson Atlantic Salmon Chronicles by Richard Nightangale...
  10. Lue Taylor


    I have about 10pcs of these glass specimen bottles in order to maybe spread around ship 5 per at least not one would get all
  11. Lue Taylor


    I have some small hooks I will never or has ever use up for grabs for cost of postage: TMC2457 size 22-50pcs tmc101 size 22- 50pcs tmc100 size 22- 50pc tmc101 size 20-50 NOTE: COUNT IS A GOOD GUESS NOT ABOUT TO TRY COUNTING EACH
  12. Philonius

    FS FREE * Streamer Hooks

    TAKEN! I was cleaning out my tying supplies and decided these were just taking up space. They literally went into the trash, then I had a second thought.... someone else may appreciate them. So out they came, no worse for the experience. It looks like around forty hooks in four different sizes...
  13. silvercreek

    Free Beginner's Guide to Fly Tying

    The Southern Wisconsin Chapter of TU is giving a free beginner’s course in fly tying. The course guide is an excellent free guide for beginners with a pattern list of basic flies. They also have a list of basic tools and materials. Since the course provides all fly materials, there is no list of...
  14. Tyler Speir


    I'm cleaning out my garage (way overdue) and I have a bunch of old stuff that I need to get rid of that's just sitting around taking up space. I have 3 float tubes that need to be cleaned up. I'm not sure if they hold air anymore or not. All I can say is last time I used them they worked but...
  15. Anil

    Free Spools! NEW

    these are very old discontinued reels that we have spools sitting around for we will give them to any good home for free. Free pick up in store, or just pay the shipping. we have.. Echo Solo Spool 4/5 SAGE 1401 spool
  16. Irafly


    First one to pick it up at my house, takes it home. I also have two chairs, and a sofa table. PM me for directions.
  17. S

    FS FREE Cabelas Wading Boots

    Size 12, felt soled. Bought these for a friend who cancelled his trip. Used 3-4 times. MUST pick up in Kirkland. exceptions.
  18. silvercreek

    Free Kindle book for today for the Philosophical Fly Fisher

    If you have a kindle, I strongly recommend this free book. It is about living as much as it is about fishing. When you are having a bad day, read this book.
  19. silvercreek

    Free Kindle general fishing books for today

    I haven't read these but they are free for a short time. DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO BASS FISHING: A PRACTICAL STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT FOR : BASS FISHING TIPS 101 eBook: Fred Roberts: Kindle Store Fishing Tips for Beginners: Your Fishing Guide to Equipment and Techniques eBook...
  20. T

    Sept 16: FREE Veterans & Veteran's Family Event--Mt. Vernon

    The North Sound Trout Unlimited Chapter invites veterans and their families to come together for a fun event on September 16th in Mount Vernon! If you are not in the Mount Vernon area, consider connecting with your local Trout Unlimited chapter to bring cold water conservation to life in your...
  21. silvercreek

    Free Kindle for a short time, "The Fly Fisher’s Book of Lists"

    This is a really a book of Fly Fishing Wisdom. I recommend it.
  22. SARG950

    FS Free to Good Home...

    Hoping this "free" item thread is appropriate here; just putting this out in case someone can use this for maybe a small project. I've got approximately 42 square feet of Brazilian Cherry laminate left over from a previous project. There are 21 boards, each board is roughly 48" x 6" and has a...
  23. the_grube

    FS Hardwoods, walnut and maple -- free

    Cleaning the man cave out in preparation for moving. I've had this stuff for almost 30 years. Some of it is water stained and even worse (small rodent problem for a while). Lots and lots of useabe stuff here. Price is free to the first taker with two caveats. There's a large chunk of black...
  24. Mike22

    Journey On (Free Film)

    Stumbled across this hour-long film that was recently made free to view online. Simple narrative, decent soundtrack, crisp clean footage. Good for a rainy morning or for background noise while tying. "In the summer of 2015, filmmakers Aimee Savard and Chase Bartee packed up their belongings...
  25. T

    VANCOUVER: No Bull: The Bull Trout Story (May 23) FREE

    There is no bull about it--Bull trout are in trouble! No Bull: The Bull Trout Story May 23rd, 6pm Ben's Bottle Shop, Vancouver, Wa FREE Learn more about their side of the story and how monitoring and restoration efforts are being employed to bring them back. FREE. All are welcome at Ben's...
  26. dfg

    Free Tying Vices

    I came across these... available for the taking!
  27. S

    FREE 88" Caviness oars " Feather Brand" FREE

    Lot's of life left in these, no oarlocks or stops. A little sanding and they could look good again. I live on Finn Hill...North Kirkland.
  28. silvercreek

    Free Kindle Edition - How To Improve Your Fly Fishing & Catching
  29. S

    NFR Free Federal Grant $$$$

    I get a call on my cell phone...Private Number....and was told I was one of 1,600 people that have gotten a $9,200.00 tax free federal grant. I asked where this women was was working right now and she said WA DC. Sounded a lot like somewhere in India to me....Hmmm? She gives me the confirmation...
  30. Shawn Seeger

    Maybe A Bet, Will The Lakes Be Ice Free - Opener?

    So, I was talking with my friend that live next door to Potholes, he was saying they had about 2.5 feet of ice, and temps didn't seem to be warning up. Do we start taking bets as to if certain lakes are open in 25 days? Beverly forecast attached.... Brrrr
  31. Lue Taylor

    Free To Any Tacoma 05-14 Owners

    Up for free a pair of EBC Slotted front rotors fits 2005-2014 4wd model. These rotor had 20k before turning the surface each rotor has 28mm thickness. I had two sets so I just replace rotors every 20k the EBC brake pad never wear that much. I kind of over do the servicing my vehicles they last...
  32. silvercreek

    Several Free Kindle Books For Today

    The Spawning Run Kindle Edition My Moby Dick Kindle Edition Stillwater Fly Fishing For Trout Kindle Edition...
  33. Jmills81

    Free The Snake

    Anglers and friends, Take a peek at an article I wrote on the Chum yesterday. Big meetings upcoming in Portland and Seattle in the next few weeks. Please go to the meetings if you can and if you cant, submit your comment online...
  34. T

    Today: Free Showing Of Wild Reverence With Steelhead Update (vancouver)

    TUESDAY: Free Steelhead Film Night in Vancouver! Take this visual journey and learn about Washington's Steelhead fight at the Heathen Brewing Feral Public House on Tuesday night. There will be an update on the Columbia River Steelhead from a fish biologist as well. Free, family friendly and...
  35. silvercreek

    Several Classic Books Now Free On Kindle

    The People of the Mist Allan Quatermain The Age of Innocence The Jungle Book...
  36. Steelhead ©

    Free Flies For The Puget Sound

    I'm giving away these flies and fly box to the first person that says they want them. They are mostly Puget sound flies for pinks, sea run cutthroats, coho, flounders, etc. I'm hoping these go to a newbie who is looking for some flies and wants to get into the sport. Also for shipping costs I...
  37. silvercreek

    Free Kindle Edition Subsurface Fly Fishing For Trophy Trout
  38. Nick Clayton

    FS Free Gopro Battery

    Bought this a month or so ago and just realized its the wrong battery. I'm guessing it's for a newer Gopro but not sure which one. I have the Hero 3+ and this battery won't fit. You can see on the pic that it has a small tab on one side that sticks out about a eighth of an inch. If this is the...
  39. silvercreek

    Free Kindle - Efficient Fishing: Using Scientific Principles

    Haven’t read it but it is a free download today
  40. silvercreek

    Free Kindle For Today: Fly Fishing For Beginners
  41. silvercreek

    Free Kindle Bass Fishing Books For Today
  42. Brett Angel

    Free Yakima Rain Gutter Mounts w/78'' Bars

    I was given these when I bought a cargo box from someone on this board and now I'm paying it forward. I never used them, but they are well used with no key to lock them. Yours if you want them. Come pick them up.
  43. MT_Flyfisher

    FS Smith Optics Padre Sunglasses Lenses Only No Frame - Free

    I recently purchased a new pair of Smith Optics Padre Sunglasses, since my old Padre frames had worn out, and had my old prescription lenses put in them. As a result, I have the lenses only (non prescription) that came out of the new Padre frame, that I will give to anyone who could use them...
  44. Robert Engleheart

    Hyak/Cle Elum Questions. Payment in Free Beer; really

    I will be staying at an airbnb in Hyak, just across from The Dru Bru (Exit 53) and will stand any WFF members a pint if they care to stop in. Will be there 8/2 thru 8/7 for nephew's wedding in North Bend. I have the 2-5th open to fish (and drink) and was thinking about hitting the upper Yak and...
  45. tyafly

    Free Beer!!!! Saw Bill dance catch one of these on his tv show. It was on reruns after the nascar race Clearly not native to Wa. #2...
  46. Lue Taylor

    Free beads

    Steelhead and Salmon beads that have been coated to look like the naturals free to PU or pay for shipping , also have just a little of the nail polish that you can coat your own this stuff no longer made at least i can't find any.
  47. miyawaki

    Free Seminar "Fly Fishing the Cedar"

    - - Thursday Evening, July 14, 6PM with free pizza and beer Don't miss out on one of most popular free seminars of the year. Orvis staffer and Cedar River expert Jason Planke will be sharing all of his secrets to fishing the Cedar River. Located just 20 minutes from our shop in Bellevue, the...
  48. silvercreek

    Free for today Kindle - Fishing Short Story for children ages 5+

    Audible Narration so the kindle or computer will read to the child
  49. silvercreek

    Free Kindle books for today

    Free Kindle - Second chance on Zane Grey’s “Tales of Fishes” Alaska- Erickson’s Outdoor Adventures Book 4
  50. Lue Taylor

    Free Fishin Buddy 140c Battery holder New

    Free to who ever want to pay shipping or PU Auburn Fishin Buddy 140c battery container may work on 110 or 120 model too. PM me