1. AK Kevin

    How to prevent mat from sliding?

    I bought several floor mats which I cut to shape to lay on the deck in an effort to prevent it from getting scratched up from cleats. The problem I am having is with the mat in the the bow beneath the casting brace. The deck slopes upward slightly and the mat scoots down and gets bunched up...
  2. Adam Saarinen

    The man from Le Sieci!

    Found this video on my local forum today in the RIP thread for Roberto Pragliola, some may have seen it? Some not? I found it a highly interesting short film! Cheers Adam
  3. The T.O. Show

    Hola from Baja

    I've been in Baja since Saturday fishing the beaches everyday. Lots of small roosters but no grandes. Then today while I was trying to run down the man, I ran into Mr. Dorado instead. What a hoot. How's the weather back home?
  4. flybop

    Visiting Washington from Montana

    Hey guys. I hope to be doing a road trip from Montana to the area around Riffle lake in May. This is more of a hang gliding than a fishing trip, but would love to fish some if the flying weather is not good. I will be camping and or staying near Morton or Glenoma. I see there is some flowing...
  5. Adam Saarinen

    NFR From Siberia with love!

    They promised some cold temperatures this week because some cold air is coming from Siberia, was only 1 degrees colder then last Wednesday, but our coldest day this winter & should be colder tomorrow! Seen much colder & used to have a picture reading - 32 Celsius & years ago rode my mountain...
  6. Jim Darden

    New Products From the Lynnwood Show

    I've had a Monic floating line for bonefish for years so I went to their booth to see what was new. I use a lot of floating running lines and they had a new twist on it that caught my attention. When ever I hang up with a 10-12 lb Maxima ultra green tippet, I sweat bullets over whether the...
  7. J

    Cleaning mold from float tube

    I keep my Cumberland float tube in my pickup's camper shell and it now has some mold (black spots) on it that I would like to clean off. I tried dishwashing soap but it did not work. I figured you folks would know what works best and is the least harmful to the float tube. I know I should have...
  8. IveofIone

    Weather forecast from now till the opener

    I have been watching the long range forecast in hopes of maybe getting out for the March 1st opener. It doesn't look good here on the tundra. The fifteen day shows every night until Feb 28 being below freezing with a low of 8 and a high of 26. Not much is going to thaw at those temps. And if the...
  9. A

    Fresh from Utah

    Just rolled into town on Saturday, got out on my favorite beach yesterday and landed a few of what I believe to be rezzie cohos (correct me if I’m wrong) and a few nice cuttys. Tossing my sink tip line I use for reservoir’s on a 10’ 7wt. Swinging clousers and deceivers. Was wondering if point no...
  10. Cougar Zeke

    No Help from WDFW Commission on NOF

    From petition "FEB 2, 2018 — The Commissioners just voted unanimously against the PEOPLE in voting down our request to convert the NOF policy to a rule. Ron Warren recommended a NO vote, and every Commissioners voted NO! It was apparent that the department staff (based on a briefing...
  11. pastorbrian

    Thoughts on shooting heads from the beach.

    Thoughts on shooting head for beach fishing: I stuck a 200g Commando head on my beach rod today and fished the usual spots! Hooked 5 or 6 fish (despite the wind) and landed 3, but I was really experimenting with casting, fishing and landing a fish with the shooting head system. Previous to...
  12. Old406Kid

    A Break From The Midwinter Doldrums

    Since we both had the holiday off, old guy joke, @Buzzy and I decided to go find some open water. The fishing was less than stellar but heck it's mid January and was 22 degrees when I left Spokane. We both had a number of decent fish to the net along with a half dozen or so "oh shits".
  13. Thiago - Brazil

    some peacock bass from the middle of nowhere Amazon

    hello some fish from a trip to the Camaiú river, 1 1/2 hour flight from Manaus. These are river fish, damn strong!! Several times, the small 4 lbs fish caught the fly, and HUGE fish appeared under it, 15 lbs + just taking a look "what is going on here"... the small ones many times played too...
  14. SeanM

    Steel bar removes scent from hands?

    I saw this on Amazon - its a bar shaped like soap, but made from steel. Supposedly it removes scent from hands. Kinda got me wondering if any uses something like this for fishing when tying flies on or at the bench tying flies. Rub-a-way bar
  15. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Shakespeare Wonderod FY-170. Beauty from 1973. Excellent.

    This is another nice old Wonderod that needs a home. This is the better of the two I own, so if you are looking for a really nice 8wt wonderod from the early 70's, this is it. It has the "Action Taper" that I particularly like in these rods. My other one has landed many fish over the years...
  16. Porter

    From the Echo Man!

    Abstract Hyper Distance Theory Fly Casting Perfect for Puget Sound Beach fishing, except the only way I can reach 200 feet is have one of my kids take the fly in hand, jump in the kayak and row out 200 feet and drop the fly in the water.
  17. james.jimenez

    Polyleader Question, from beginner two-hander

    When using a 10ft poly-leader should I use a tapered leader, 7.5ft-9ft, in length? Or should I use a piece of straight mono about 3ft or so?
  18. K

    FS From Santa

    15' 1" GLX Stinger 700-plus grain 4-piece, new with tag. $435 Paypal f&f. Compare at $975 MSRP.
  19. J

    Skagit casting from a tube

    In another thread I talked about seeing a fisherman using a OPST commando head. He was standing in his boat and casting a very impressive distance, using a 9' single hand rod. I've watched videos of Skagit casting but until yesterday had little interest. But now I want to try it. After some...
  20. Adam Saarinen

    Shrimp video from Norway!

  21. Ron McNeal

    Tips From A Pro...

    This commercial tier from Calgary posts some good stuff on his FB page. Check it out: <>
  22. GAT

    Stories From The Famous Unpublished Humor Book

    Fur Is Where You Find It by Gene Trump Have you ever noticed that fly tiers seem to own nervous pets? You know, a dog or cat that makes a beeline for the door the minute they hear a hook snap into a tying vise? The same animals with unusual areas of missing fur? A tuft of ear missing...
  23. Skip Enge

    Videos from Purgatory

    as seen can be in the Purgatory Waiting Room... The moral is: Don't go to purgatory. Be real good to each other.
  24. Ian Horning

    Skittering and Swinging: A Season Away From The crowds

    This summer has been all about rivers for me. Every once in a while I'll change it up, but exploring the higher reaches of our W. Washington rivers and fly fishing them has been one adventure after another and a constant learning experience when it comes to our native trout and their riverine...
  25. wadin' boot

    Book review- Upstream- Searching For Wild Salmon, From River to Table

    Book- Langdon Cook's Upstream- Searching For Wild Salmon From River to Table Publisher- Random House Edition- First, hardbound Retail $27 If you've ever been to any of WFF member Jason Rolfe's Writer's on the Fly reading events (which are a hoot btw) you probably have heard Langdon Cook read...
  26. J

    SRC from the banks of lower Skagit?

    From the water access site map, it appears that there are a few places on the very lower part of the Skagit. "North fork" and "Diking district #22" look interesting from the satellite photos. Would it be possible to catch SRC by wading in these type of areas? This type of fishing is all new to...
  27. seattlee

    MA10/11 report from Sunday

    Fished 7am to 11am on Sunday, launching out of Shilshole. Went beach to beach with no signs of fish until about 10am I stumbled onto a boulder filled beach where I caught 2 SRC on the Puget Sound Gurgler. Noticed that there were fish of decent size slashing at things on the surface so switched...
  28. SARG950

    Reel Time From Anyone?

    I'm looking for a reel and have been wondering about Piscifun... Everything I own is Lamson BUT I'm always open to something new. If you've got any time on a Piscifun, let me know if it's worth consideration. I'm especially interested in your opinion on the drag system. Thanks.
  29. JesseC

    FS Coming to SEA from Boise? Want to pick up a tent? $200

    Hey, Here's a weird request. I found a roof top tent for sale in Boise. The price is right. But, I'm realistically not going to be able to pull off another monster road trip - after the debacle of picking up a boat in Alabama only a couple months ago :D It's a huge roof top tent - so you'd...
  30. SilverFly

    NFR OP view from space

    My apologies if this has been posted before but I ran across this great picture of the Olympic Peninsula taken from the ISS, and thought it worth sharing. Kinda/sorta fishing related too.
  31. Dan Nelson

    Watch and win: Producers of video from F3T offer great prizes

    Conservation Hawks, producers of the film "Convergence", has launched a prize contest for folks who watch their video. The video was part of this year's Fly Fishing Film Tour and features the likes of Orvis' Perk Perkins and Simon Perkins, as well as Trout TV's Hilary Hutchison and YouTube...
  32. Richard E

    Need help getting pontoon from Boise to Seattle...

    My dad lives in Boise (Nampa) and has a pontoon boat of mine. We're trying to figure out how to get the pontoon boat from there to Seattle (or the greater Puget Sound). Anybody coming from Boise to Seattle and possibly be able to haul the pontoon boat? It's all broken down and ready to haul...
  33. N

    Thanks from Victoria!

    Big thanks to all the guys who came over to Victoria, you were great. Over the years i've participated in a few football (soccer) and fishing forums, but in all those years i've never actually met any of the many members i've interacted with until today. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations...
  34. B

    I want to float the Yakima from Ensign Ranch to Bullfrog

    I want to float this stretch of the Yakima above Cle Elam in the next few days. Does anyone know if you can get into the Ensign launch and then take out at Bullfrog? I know access at both sights has been an issue because of snowpack. Thanks!
  35. Ron McNeal

    Irish Browns from the River Tane....

    ....a little something different here. Fishing for, catching and releasing some pretty browns in Ireland:

    radiation from japan killing salmon

    From ENE NEWS. Hundreds of millions of pacific salmon missing presumed dead- gov't issue emergency order along us west coast-japan suffering historic collapse,fish starving-all forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers in the pacific. The failed plant in japan still leaking tons of...
  37. Anil

    PSFC Sponsored Auction For PHW

    Up for auction is a brand new G-Loomis Crosscurrent GLX 7 weight. This is an excellent rod designed for saltwater but will certainly excel with your favorite bass poppers or trophy trout streamers. The proceeds from this auction will go directly to Project Healing Waters. How does this work...
  38. O

    FS Anyone By Chance Traveling From Idaho Falls To Spokane?

    This is a fat chance on my part but I would be willing to pay for the delivery of a drift boat.
  39. Irfan

    Trump Administration Seeks Steep Cuts From Noaa Budget

    Some bad news for NOAA... The proposed cuts to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would also eliminate funding for a variety of smaller programs including external research, coastal management, estuary reserves and "coastal resilience," which seeks to bolster the ability of...
  40. Hiouchibear

    Need Ex-wife's Name Removed From Rod

    Here's the history. When married to my now ex-wife of many years ago, I was trying to get her interested in fly fishing. So...I ordered a customized rod directly from the Scott rod company for her and had her name put on the blank. The blank is the rough finish blank used by Scott. The rod is a...
  41. MountainTrout

    Oh Crap. Good Day To Stay Away From Discovery Park

    Beware the Brown Tide! From KOMO: 'Major Emergency' Dumps Millions of Gallons of Raw Sewage Into Puget Sound SEATTLE - A major emergency at one of the region's largest wastewater treatment plants is dumping millions of gallons of untreated raw sewage into Puget Sound, officials said. King...
  42. kinigit

    Skagit Heads From Heavier Spey Lines?

    So I picked up a Rio UniSpey 10/11F Versitip 750gr for less than $10. It is 64 feet. Could I in theory cut it down in about half to have two 375 gr lines at about 32 feet? I realize there is a slight taper from front to back on these, but I would imagine that right in half would be within a...
  43. 4sallypat

    WTB Custom Flies

    Ok, so I know this not the greatest question coming from a fly angler, but I don't tie flies and I don't make my own rods - much too tedious for me and I don't have the fine motor skills nor patience. So the question I have is: Where do I post a pattern of a fly I need to have custom made? I...
  44. Jeremy Floyd

    The Karma Thread From Last Fall, The Other Half Of The Story

    This arrived yesterday. It speaks for itself! This is in regards to the day I took off of fishing, to fix a guys boat, on my Steelhead fishing vacation. One hell of a thank you!
  45. Derek Young

    Protecting Washington's Streams From Motorized Mineral Prospecting

    Interesting developments in the work being done to protect Washington's streams and fish from motorized mineral prospecting. It occurs in many places where ESA-listed or protected wild salmon, steelhead, char, and trout exist...
  46. Lue Taylor

    NFR A Quote From Jb To End The Year

    If there is anyone here whom I have not insulted, I beg his pardon. I'll try harder in 17:D HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE Go Huskie Go Hawks
  47. Jim Darden

    Flys From Scraps

    Do you ever sit and look at the scraps on your fly tying desk and wonder what to do with them? I often create new steelhead flies from the waste. Here are a few examples....pardon my photos, the purple often looks a little blue and I'm still learning......
  48. Runejl

    Scenes From The River (nooksack)

    Floated the Nooksack last week. Put in at Highway 9 and pulled out at Nugents. It was a fun day on the river with my good buddy @driftboatdan . I was surprised by the number of Chum we saw in the main river. Unfortunately I wasn't really surprised by what else we found. A sled half sunk along...
  49. bakerite

    Bobbers From Walmart

  50. tridentfly

    Save Up To 45% On Great Reels From Ross!

    Even More Savings on Ross F1 and Momentum LT Reels Now starting at just $249! We're having a HUGE sale on some of Ross' best reels. You can now save even more (up to 45%!!) on the Ross F1 and Momentum LT reels. Shop Now Free shipping. No minimum order.