1. roadglideguy

    Wanted Tarpon Rod and gear

    ISO a QUALITY 12 wt. or more line weight ROD (9 foot, 4 piece) A Tarpon quick shooting line and maybe a reel...please send pics to [email protected]!
  2. snugpie

    FS Lots of Gear

    If you'd like any more pictures just shoot me a message. I prefer cash but message me trade ideas anyhow. Located in Orlando. Willing to ship. Fishpond Thunderhead Bag (39L/new) $240 Sage Waist Pack (Large/used for a trip to Bahamas) $100. SOLD Watershed Big Creek (small stain shown...
  3. Fishcat57

    Wanted Flies and Used Gear

    I have been into Fly Fishing for quite some time and I find it very Therapeutic to both mind and soul. I often wonder why there are so few of us out there, but then again enjoy not sharing waters with hundreds of others! I have had the luxury of going on several guided trips and they are by...
  4. F

    FS Salomon and Atomic Ski Gear

    Salomon QST 106, Salomon STH Bindings, 188cm/$400 (this year's model) Salomon QST Pro 130 Boots 29.5/ $200 Atomic Hawx Prime 130 30.5/ $200
  5. Mike22

    Gear Fishing Tactics/Techniques

    Gear fishing is fishing and valuable bits and pieces can crossover well into fly fishing. When I first started fishing, split shot was something that I thought was only used for sinking powerbait under a bobber while sitting on a dock and waiting for a planter to come take a sniff. I have since...
  6. T

    The evolution of fly fishing gear and costs....

    the thread about the max catch or whatever reels really kinda got me to thinking about the evolution of fly fishing gear, costs of gear, costs of where it is or is not made etc..... We seem to live in strange times. Personally i am a fly shop guy. I love walking in, i love trading fish...
  7. Davbaker

    FS A whole Mess of Fly Tying Gear

    I have a whole box of various fly tying gear, including 2 vices, a very nice lamp + magnifying glass, bobbins, wire and tons of material. I’m guessing hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Selling it all for $125. Saving for that new boat!
  8. Squamishpoacher

    Gear Fishers! !$#%$#@!!

    Pick up after yourselves PLEASE!!! Not trying to slam any particular group but I never found one discarded fly or tapered leader. What do their homes look like? I have found songbirds dead in this stuff before. This is just the mono I found. I could have spent hours there collecting garbage...
  9. Squamishpoacher

    Rinsing Gear After Salt Use

    As mentioned in another thread, rinsing gear is a pain. I saw this idea a few years ago and thought I'd share it. Pick up a cheap garden pump sprayer and fill it with water and leave it in your truck. On long days you can do frequent rinses to remove salt and you can give a good final rinse at...
  10. para_adams

    Vintage Gear Photos

    Post some photos of your vintage gear (bamboo, glass, classic reels). Its winter, I need to see something besides gray, gray and more gray. I'll start...
  11. Dustin Bise

    Using camera gear for fly fishing.

    Starts @ 3:00 minutes. I was click baited into the title, then amazed when the guy makes a hook, ties a fly, build a rod and line/leader, then actually catches a fish!
  12. Tyler Speir


    I'm cleaning out my garage (way overdue) and I have a bunch of old stuff that I need to get rid of that's just sitting around taking up space. I have 3 float tubes that need to be cleaned up. I'm not sure if they hold air anymore or not. All I can say is last time I used them they worked but...
  13. freestoneangler

    Gear Hounds

    So who is finding what "too good to pass up" deals on fishing gear during this years Black Friday and Cyber Monday events? I picked up a pair of Herter's hip boots, but their really for keeping me dry while moving wheel lines next season :). Heck of a price on both the boot foot and stocking...
  14. Jerry Bronson

    FS Cabela's Gear Bag

    A nice sized gear bag for day trips or longer. Five external zippered pockets plus four internal zippered pockets. Large central pocket about 15" by 10" by 10". Used, some minor scuff marks, but everything in good working condition. $25, shipping and Paypal extra.
  15. C

    FS Gear For Sale! G.Loomis GLX Streamdance, Galvan Torque, Ross EVO Gen1 etc

    Galvan Torque (T4) - Black - $299 shipped * New, never fished * Comes with WF4 Triangle Taper Ross Evolution 1.5 (Generation 1) - Black - $150 shipped * Used * Minor nicks just around 1 corner of the spool edge (see backside photo) * Does not effect performance - smooth as butter! * Comes with...
  16. Bob Smith

    Gear Guys 6, Fly Guy 0

    Yesterday morning I fished my favorite Northern California estuary for SRC. Fall chinook are beginning to stage there so I wasn't ruling out an encounter with something larger. I fished my 7 weight which in retrospect would have been a bit under-gunned for salmon. I like to fish the lower...
  17. Bryce Levin

    Float Fishing (Gear)

    This question pertains to gear fishing with floats. If you are offended that this is on a fly forum or don't like it, please stop reading now and check out another thread :) What kind of floats are you guys using? Weight, clear float vs solid? I know that the clear floats are good for low/clear...
  18. stilly stalker

    Gear review- Redington Zero reel

    My lady got me the 4.5 to match up to the Sage SLT 389 Opening the box- its light AF, which is great since this will be a backpacking rod/reel Holds 50yds backing and a Rio Grand 3wt line with plenty of room to spare Lined up it balances the rod perfectly Left hand-right hand retrieve swap...
  19. D

    FS used simon, brad, ect wobblers

    used wobblers for sale---$4.00 each plus much more.
  20. Porter

    Favorit Freezer Filler Gear

    Eagle Claw 8.5" PowerLight rod purchased at Pay-n-Pak Hardware Store in 1981 and with an all metal Garcia Mitchell 300 except blue plastic line reducer piece I have inserted and usually use 8 -15# Mono. Have not used her for a couple years. Kinda aching to use it again. So what you'll all...
  21. Stonefish

    Found - Float Indicator

    Found this today on a MA 9 beach. Contact me if you are the owner and we'll figure out a way to get it back to you. Thanks, SF
  22. snugpie

    FS ENO Hammock Gear

    Moving next week and cleaning out some stuff. Everything is new with tags except for the slackline. I thought it would be fun for the lake but I'm going to kill myself on it. Not interested in any trades. Give me a shout if you have any questions. I will cover the shipping. Slackline: $50...
  23. Theron

    NFR Gear Reel Re-spooling

    Does anyone know of a shop in the Seattle - Bellingham area where I could get a bait casting reel re-spooled? I'm too lazy to try to remove 250 yards of line and replace it. I am located on Whidbey Island but I am always up for a motorcycle ride somewhere especially if it might involve a beer at...
  24. BobbyZ

    NFR Family Camping Gear

    Need to gear up for family camping. Kids are almost 2 and 4 and I need to look into some decent gear for everyone. What are some favorite manufacturers for 4-6 person tents and sleeping bags? Looking for something cost effective. By no means are we a camping family right now, probably less than...
  25. dflett68

    Found Gear - Rocky Ford 6/21

    Showed up for some night fishing Weds night and found some very nice stuff. Would be a shame not to get it back to whoever invested in it. Please PM me.
  26. Stonefish

    FS Go See Cal - $30 Misc Gear Specials

    New Orvis fanny pack. $30.00 Grab Bag Fanny pack, double sided chest pack, float tube or pontoon rod holder, two adjustable oar locks, anchor bag you can fill with rock. Don't feel like separating anything. $30.00 - Sold Airflo 8/9 Delta with four tips and wallet. Tips are I believe 14'...
  27. R


    Found rod & reel June 2nd in Lake Chopaka. Describe gear and location please.
  28. Mark Buick

    FS Sage Gear Bag

    This bag is quite old but it is as rugged a bag as you will ever find, Based on its condition for being as old as it is it will last you a lifetime. It was Given to me by a family friend. But I have a new one now. $40 OBO
  29. Mark Buick

    FS Thomas and Thomas 904-5

    I have an HS 904-5 . This is a great rod for someone starting out that wants a quality rod for a great price. I will sell for $100 OBO
  30. Porter

    Admit gear whore syndrome....

    I'm a gear whore in the sense I check certain sites twice a month to see whats new for clearance. I have signed up for email notifications from fly shops/retailers on sales/closeouts I like Orvis ;):D:rolleyes: Every big trip I take I want to buy one new piece of equipment to test out..always...
  31. triploidjunkie

    Gonna have to dust off my gear rod

    It's the only non fly fishing rod I own. I'm going to have to pull it out and spool it with fifty pound braid, get out my railroad spikes I've been saving for just this moment, buy some whole eight inch fish(herring or smelt or something), and some big barbless hooks. I can throw my bait rig out...
  32. N

    FS LOTS of gear

    I recently gave up fly fishing and went vegan, so I am selling all my gear for CHEAP. Lots of it is like new or new. I fly fished for about a year and was super into it. I invested a lot of money into it. I tried to upload the pictures in the same order as they are listed below. If you need...
  33. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Blue Collar gear

    Lots of fish have been caught on so called "blue collar" gear. Maybe we can post some pics of what you call blue collar. Here is an old Shakespeare Wonderod from 1950 with a J.C. Higgins model 312 reel. And just to show that old gear can cast, I mounted an old W&McGill reel and some...
  34. Snowspey

    FS Rods & Reels (Hardy, JW Young, Orvis, Echo, Redington, Lamson)

    Unloading gear I'm simply not using. Hopefully, something fits a need for a forum member. I'll upload pics as I can. Otherwise, PM with interest and I will email pics as well. Pay Pal Preferred. All prices include shipping CONUS. Thanks for looking! Rods 1. Echo Glass 7110 (Cast once...
  35. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Nostalgia gear

    I'm on a nostalgia kick. I guess. I just picked up this really nice FF70. It's great when something this old, still holds up today as a nice rod. I like fast graphite, but there is something about fiberglass that makes me smile every time.
  36. BN2FSH

    Gear for drift boat

    A buddy and I bought an almost new 18' clackacraft max. Aside from oars, anchor, life jackets etc... what should we have in the boat? We will mostly be fishing the Kenai River. We will have a water proof box with some emergency and survival gear in case we get stuck out and spend the night...
  37. Porter

    Conventional Gear Ad

    I been receiving this pop-up a lot when on WFF......finally clicked it on, wow even the conventional gear is getting sexy and cool!
  38. D

    FS Outcast Stealth Pro Gear

    Selling Outcast Power Kick Fins--$50, Outcast Electric Motor Mount--$40, Aire Outcast Hand Pump, 2000 lb. cap.--$20, Bare Booties, size thirteen, $25. All used very little.
  39. D

    Outcast Stealth Pro Gear

    Selling Outcast Power Kick Fins--$50. Outcast Electric Motor Mount--$40, Aire Outcast Hand Pump, 2000 lb. cap.--$20, Bare Booties, size thirteen, $25 All used very little.
  40. troutslayer1

    Pack/sling For Beach Fishing

    I am looking to get a new hip or sling pack for beach fishing and am wondering what people use or would prefer to use if given the choice. I have been checking out the hip packs from Fishpond and Patagonia (waterproof). What do you guys think about a waterproof vs non waterproof and any pros or...
  41. MRKbass

    FS Bass Gear Rods-g.loomis

    Attn. warm water fishermen and women! I'm clearing out some nice quality bass fishing rods. Some could be useful for pike as well. Bring your man card with you as these are serious bass fishing rods! All rods are in great shape, some are like new. Pictures to come in the morning when I get...
  42. Don Freeman

    FS Spey Gear Collection

    A member of the Olympia fly club has donated a large collection of High virtually unused two hand fishing equipment. I pasted the Excel spreadsheet of the inventory here. I have pictures of most everything, but posting here would take up too much room. Payment will be in the form of a donation...
  43. Don Freeman

    Spey Gear Donation Offered For Sale

    Everything has sold except two spey rods, a CNA and an an Orvis, each are 3 piece and priced reasonably.
  44. flybum101

    Traveling With Gear

    I am planning on taking a two week trip to Pennsylvania this summer and would like to spend some time investigating waters in the area. What I am wondering is how I will get my gear over there without much hassle. I am flying, which is not something I'm used to with tackle. As of now, I am...
  45. C

    FS Simms Gear / G.loomis Rods / Galvan T-10 Spool

    Hi Folks, Some gear still for sale as well as new items added. Doing some serious cleaning to make way for newer sticks! J 9’ 4-weight HLS (High Line Speed) G-Loomis Metolius rod: 190 shipped Used less than a half dozen times Excellent condition Comes with original hard case and sock 8'3''...
  46. Derek Young

    NFR Stolen Maravia & Cascade River Gear Boise, Id

    Good Evening Beautiful River Riders…. This is a post we never want to have to make. So you will see this on many of our whitewater pages and we apologize for the repetition however we need to get the word out. Maravia and Cascade River Gear was robbed between the dates of December 9th and...
  47. Jason Rolfe

    Stolen Gear In North Seattle--rods, Reels, Lines, Bags

    Hey folks, Had a bunch of gear stolen out of my truck in North Seattle. Figured I'd list it here just in case it all turns up in a weird place and folks think to look. Rods TFO Deer Creek Spey 13' 7/8 wt Scott Tidal 9' 6 wt. Sage Launch 9' 5wt (cork is a bit chewed up on bottom) Echo Classic...
  48. fishingAK14

    FS Rods, Reels, Lines, Gopro, And Miscellaneous Gear

    OFFERS ENTERTAINED Time to clean out the closet, and pay for everything that "Santa" purchased. All prices include shipping. I'll get some photos up later this evening or tomorrow. More to come as I go through all my shit. Sage Fli 690-4 cigar handle. Good condition. Comes with Sage Sock...
  49. wisconsin_fly

    Classic Gear And Saltwater

    I've been getting into some of the classic fiberglass rods and similar vintage gear over the last few years for trout and was wondering if anyone has recommendations or advice on using the classic tackle in saltwater. I'd like to take some of the stuff I have out for SRCs, silvers, pinks, etc...
  50. P

    FS Spey And Single Hand Rods, One Reel.

    I'm having to move as the lease on my apartment is soon to be done. so it's a good a time as any to thin the herd. Shoot me an email at [email protected] for photos. AR Sage ONE 8126-4, Condition: 8/10, well used, never abused. with bag and tube. I've just got too many spey rods in my...