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    Trip Report Had Christmas Island all to ourselves

    Wife and I went back to CI to end out the year, I missed two days of fishing last year due to sun poisoning. This year we had the whole atoll to ourselves as every lodge was closed with the exception of Christmas Island Outfitters, we went Dec. 25th to Jan. 2nd. We had a blast and landed about...
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    Pattern Bts Brush Fly

    BTS Brush Fly A brush fly baitfish pattern meant to imitate a small Blacktail Snapper, which thrives in the lagoon on Christmas Island. Tied to 4" length. Intended to catch Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Brassy Trevally. This is a smaller baitfish pattern for selective trevally hunting...
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    The Christmas Island Chronicles

    I recently returned from my first fishing trip to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) and it was a bit more complicated than planned. The original flight from Honolulu was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Only one airline flies there and it does so only once per week (a big problem). The other...