1. fireroad

    FS New Echo Glass Switch 6110-4 SOLD

    SOLD! Starting my spring cleaning a little early this year. First up is a brand new, never fished, still in the plastic Echo Glass Switch 6110-4. Would be a great summer runr summer run steelhead rog or for swinging huge streamers for trophy bull trout. I own both the 3 and the 4wt and they are...
  2. D

    FS McFarland glass 8'3" 12wt shop build

    8'3" 2pc yellow glass 12wt, just an absolute hammer of a rod. Built with Size D in classic gold, trimmed with bright red. Snake Brand guides, Lemke LC26 in nickel silver, full wells grip and 1" fighting butt. Balances nicely with a Galvan Torque 12 loaded with SA Grand Slam WF12. Not for the...
  3. C

    FS fly rod spring cleaning

    would like to free up some space and goodwill with the for any rod can be sent if you send me your stories or issues with any of them, the xi3 is the one with a couple scuffs on the blank and some wear. sage xi3 9' #9 4pc - good condition - $old hardy glass "trout...
  4. MountainTrout

    FS 3 old glass rods and a Riverbeast

    Cleaning out my rod quiver, time to let a few of these go to someone else! Scott F80/5 - $SOLD Early Scott San Francisco F80/5 Brown glass (8' 6wt, 5 pc), with the original 'Scott PowR-Ply San Francisco' aluminum tube and green sock. The serial # and color places it around '78-'81. The cork...
  5. Dave Witchey

    T Want to trade Epic 686-3 Olive glass for Epic 580 glass

    anyone got a full wells grip Epic 580 they would like to trade?? Thanks Dave [email protected]
  6. muaytyler

    WTB Echo glass switch 4 wt

    I would like to buy a echo 4wt switch rod. Thanks for your time. Tyler
  7. SalterLee

    FS Orvis Superfine Glass 866-3 Full Flex (6wt with fighting butt)

    This is a back-up 6wt glass rod for me, so I'm reluctantly offering it up for sale. Very, very light use. If you haven't read the reviews on this rod in particular, they are universally glowing. A perfect glass rod for someone wanting to try glass, but is worried it will be too slow. This is...
  8. Anil

    ECHO GLASS SPEY - 6124-4 - NEW

    Echo Glass Spey 12'4" 6 wt. 4 pc. Retail $299.99 SALE PRICE $199 BRAND NEW w/tube, sock, and warranty. $10 shipped UPS CONUS Call the shop for fastest response, or reply here by PM Thanks for looking, Puget Sound Fly Co. 253-472-2420
  9. SquatchinSince86

    Echo Bad Ass Glass Quickshot?

    Anyone fish this? I am looking for a new to me beach rod. This one looks pretty slick for fiberglass. Just curious about peoples real-world opinion. The price is right around my budget. Is my money better off with something else? I...
  10. A

    FS Echo Glass Switch 7wt - $220

    Begin and end your search for the .30-06 of two handed rods here. Low miles, great shape. I should probably keep it, but I'm terrible about flipping gear. $220 bucks, located in Kitsap, but I can occasionally arrange to be other places. PM me for questions, I'll post photos in the day light
  11. james.jimenez

    Swinging with 2WT glass rod

    I am pretty sure I do not treat my two weight with the respect I should, but I love swinging flies with it!!! On some days I even put a one foot section of T11 on it just to play around... Anyone else abuse their rods with succes??? Today’s catch on a brief scouting trip...
  12. fjay

    FS Echo Glass 4108 10'8" 4 weight (troutspey)

    $150 plus shipping Echo glass 4108 10' 8" 4 weight switch rod 210-270 grains, can throw up to 300 or so grains. Used about 10 times has a few light scratches Case and sock have minor soiling This is an excellent trout spey rod. Very versatile, can throw skagit and scandi lines.
  13. Anil


    Making room for some new stuff, so offering these rods at discount. The rods are brand new, including Echo lifetime warranty, original rod tube and sock. ECHO GLASS 3106-4 - 10'6" 3 wt. Retail $279.99 SALE $179.99 ECHO GLASS 6124-4 - 12'4" 6 wt. Retail $299.99 SALE $199.99 We will ship CONUS...
  14. fjay

    FS Orvis Superfine Glass 764 and WF4F Orvis Superfine Fly Line

    Rod and Line are Sold! The 7'6" 3-pc 4 weight Orvis Superfine Glass Fly rod has been used twice and is in fantastic condition. The Hydros Superfine WF4 wt fly line is the perfect match for this rod or any other dry fly type rod. It has only been used twice as well so is in great condion as well.
  15. Steve Kokita

    Stained glass stepping stone

    Hmmmmmm? I've seen that fish before.....;)
  16. Mark Mercer

    FS Orvis SF Glass 6wt, Diamondglass 5wt 3pc and more....

    Hi folks, a few items that just aren't getting used much, more photos on request. paypal or money orders work. Thanks for looking ! Mark Orvis Superfine glass, in new condition with one small cosmetic blem on the blank ? Fished once, I liked it better with a 7wt line for streamers but cast a 6...
  17. Riversidecountydrive

    T Reddinton classic trout for glass rod

    Looking to get into the glass game. Wanting to trade for a 0-3wt glass rod. Have a good reddington classic trout 9ft 4wt to trade
  18. francis james hunnycut

    FS glass 6w Fischer blank

    Hand wrapped glass 6w on Fischer blank. Old school. 2pc. 8' built by deceased yakima guide, Larry Graham. This rod is old, but in very good condition. $150
  19. francis james hunnycut

    FS glass 6w Fischer blank

    Hand wrapped glass 6w on Fischer blank. Old school. 2pc. 8' built by deceased yakima guide, Larry Graham. This rod is old, but in very good condition. $150
  20. Jslo

    FS 3/4wt Glass 8'4" 3pc

    Here is a glass rod I have only fished twice. I got it from Southwest Custom Rods (I don't know much about them, but it's a nice rod. Casts nicely. I don't love glass, so it must go.) It's a cool hot blue color. I had it running WF3F, but might rock a WF4F too? $125 plus shipping...
  21. para_adams

    FS Cabela's CGR 466-3 glass 6'6" 4 wt

    Cabela's CGR 466-3 6'6" 4 wt. Mint, never fished. With original tube. $65 in person, shipping extra. Meet Mill Creek/Bothell/Woodinville to buy in person. Thanks for looking, Ron
  22. para_adams

    Bamboo & Glass Clave, 6/24 10am Redmond

    Bamboo and Glass rods come in a large variety so we're getting together to do some casting. New, ancient, classic, not-s0-classic, straight off the river, the workshop bench or straight from Grandpa's attic, bring 'em, show 'em, cast 'em and enjoy them. Saturday June 24th 10am. CASCADE...
  23. para_adams

    Bamboo and Glass Rod Conclave, Puget Sound style 6/24 10am

    Just to make this "official" (we are anything BUT an "official" group), the plan is set for this year's Bamboo and Glass Rod Conclave. Details... Saturday June 24th 10am. CASCADE VIEW NEIGHBORHOOD PARK 16202 NE 40th St, Redmond, WA Across the street from part of the...
  24. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Old school bling reel for my old school glass rod

    Here's some old school red bling for my 5wt Fenwick FF755. It almost balances empty, so after I load it up, it should be just about right.
  25. LCnSac

    Swift Epic 580 Fast Glass Review

    Over the past few months I've sold off several rods to finance the purchase of four Epic rods: 10 wt. Bandit, 4 wt. 476, 5 wt. 580, and 6 wt. 686. I've caught several fish on all but the Bandit, and I'll do more reviews later, but after a few days of local fishing and just returning from a 3...
  26. J

    Tfo Clouser Vs Echo Two Handed Glass

    Trying to pick a beach rod.... Two handed is nice. But, I huck larger flies, 1/0 clousers in herring patterns aren't uncommon, my 6wt reddington works when its calm and I'm tossing lighter flies but..... I need something substantial to cut through wind with heavy flies My two pics for rods...
  27. Snakes

    Glass Blank Recommendations

    Howdy, Currently laid up for a while with a leg surgery situation. Seems like an ideal time to tie up a new rod or two. I'm currently without glass, so I might give it a go. What's out there for a guy racking up big medical bills? Where would you turn for a glass blank on a budget? So far...
  28. solduc

    FS Old Fenwick Glass

    Closet cleaning Late 70's 8 1/2 ft. 8 weight Seen lots of miles but still in fair shape W/ original tube $80 includes shipping
  29. John Driessen

    FS $310 Echo 7wt Glass Switch Complete Outfit - Ion Reel, Airflo Skagit Scout Head, Airflo T-10 Tip

    Outfit Includes: Rod: Echo Glass 7wt Switch (gently used no signs of wear) Reel: Echo Ion 10/12 Line: 30 lb. Airflo Super Dri Ridge Running Line Airflo Skagit Scout 420 grain Head Airflo T-10 Tip Sock & Case Accept Paypal or check by mail Thanks for looking -John Call/Text: (208) 315-3927
  30. M

    WTB Echo Glass Switch

    Looking for the 3 or 4wt-
  31. Dustin Porter

    FS Fs: Echo Glass Switch 7110-4

    I have for sale a never fished Echo Glass 7110-4. Just test casted a day with an OPST 325 grain commando head on a lake. A super fun rod to cast but I have a few 7 weight switches already. I have rod tube and sock and will send pics by text or email. $190 shipped to you and covers paypal...
  32. Matthew LeBret

    FS T&t Paradigm 9'0 7wt 3pc / Speyco Glass 12'0 6/7 3pc

    I have a like new condition Thomas & Thomas Paradigm 9'0 7wt 3pc. I picked this rod up a few months ago and never fished it. Great classic T&T action!! This rod comes with factory tube, sock and warranty card. $200.00 shipped n insured. **pending** Next up is a CTS fiberglass/graphite...
  33. allenro

    Glass Largemouth

    I had a request to make jumping LMB from Texas and the fellow was happy with it. I think it came out nice too!
  34. the_grube

    FS Vintage Fenwick Glass And Graphite Rods For Sale

    None of the rods have tubes or socks. 1) model FL 90-5, 7'-9", 3.5oz, 2 piece 6wt. Needs some work... Older rod with the metal ferule that has the rubber o-ring. Stripper guide by the reel seat is held on with electricians tape. Third to last eye from the end is missing. The blank, cork...
  35. G

    WTB Line For 4 Wt. Glass Rod

    I'm looking for a good all around line for my 6'6" Cabela's CGR 4wt. glass rod. I have heard that DT lines work well for glass rods, but this is my first glass rod so any suggestions are appreciated. I am mostly looking to fish drys and small nymphs, so I'm leaning toward something with a...
  36. NickTIG

    FS Echo 3 Weight Glass With Redington Drift Reel And Line -300$

    I have a echo glass 3 weight with redington drift 3 weight reel and SA line that I have only used about 2 times I'm asking 280$ if you have any questions feel free to call 425 2232537
  37. fjay

    FS Echo Glass 7129 Spey Rod

    Echo Glass 7129 spey rod 12'9" 7 wt line Throws a 510 skagit compact or 510 skagit switch very well. Used 3 times-in great shape Tube has some dirt/light scuffs $195 paypal plus fees Buyer pays actual shipping cost I am also interested in trading for a 7 or 8 weight switch rod. Thanks for...
  38. Porter

    Restoring Glass Rod

    Working on redoing a 7/8 glass rod of mine. Question is what is the best way to remove this underlay Mylar tape without harming the blank? This tape was laid down then guides were wrapped on top. This rod is from the 70's and the tape does not come off well. I have cleaned one of the two...
  39. D

    FS Mcfarland 6'6" 3wt 3pc Raw Glass

    Here's a blank I built out a couple months ago that I'd like to offer here. I've been building rods since 1998 and have been doing so professionally for a couple of years. If you're curious about the quality of builds coming out of my shop, feel free to check out details and photos over the in...
  40. G

    FS/T Custom Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 8' 5wt Glass Rod

    I have a like new Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 8' 5wt 2pc glass rod custom built by Dusty Smith now of The Livingston Rod Company. Other than being lawn cast once, it is as delivered to me by Dusty and is absolutely beautiful. It has a very smooth medium action in my hand. Comes in its original...
  41. G

    FS Echo Glass Rod 6'9" 3 Weight (3 Piece)

    Brand new rod in tube in perfect new condition. Lawn cast only. A very nice small stream trout rod. $140.00 includes shipping and PayPal fee. Also have Echo Sphere Presentation WF-3 fly line, new in box, sold and shipped with the rod, add $35.00
  42. TheAngler

    FS Superfine Glass 6-weight 8'6” Fly Rod - Orvis (brand New)

    The rod is brand new still in the original wrapper. I just never had the time to give it a try this summer. I am offering it for $325 + shipping.
  43. Nooksack Mac

    FS Fenwick Feralite Glass Ff86-5

    8 1/2 feet, six weight, 5 sections, 22 1/4 inches. Good medium action. Very good used condition, with original bag and aluminum tube - unfortunately missing the screw lid. $100, including shipping in U.S. This could have been your father's favorite pack rod - or just his favorite, period. I...
  44. bluedunn

    FS Orvis Superfine Glass Rods

    Hi- I have two Orvis Superfine Glass rods for sale: 1) Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4 weight, 3 piece. Factory built rod with original sock and tube. Rod is in excellent condition, but has been fished a few times. Asking $300, shipped. 2) Orvis Superfine Glass 8'6" 6 weight, 3 piece. New...
  45. rapido101

    FS Carson Waterproof Binoculars 10x50 with ED Glass

    Brand new in sealed box with case and paperwork. Model TD-050ED. MSRP is $425 - Will sell for $210. "The TD-050ED is an 10x50mm full-sized 3D binocular combining HD optical coating technology with ED glass to give you the brightest, and clearest image possible. TD-050ED binocular with ED glass...
  46. Clarkman

    Heavyweight glass

    Looks like Echo is coming out with some glass heavyweights... It'll be interesting to see if 9' is too much for these. I prefer my glass heavyweights to be closer to 8' (ala Epic Bandit & Seele Glass Pro)