1. S

    Hardy 8wt Demon

    Was looking at the Hardy Demon Salt at the fly show. Anybody cast or fish the9-0 8wt? Looking into rods at the mid level that I can use for PS salmon and freshwater streamer fishing. I know, the proverbial do it all rod. Not much out there on the Demon. Any help would be appreciated. T
  2. cms829

    Hardy rep?

    Hey all! Does anyone know any Hardy representatives? I would like to talk to one about one of my rods, but haven't had much luck at all calling Hardy directly. Thanks!
  3. A

    lost hardy reel, november 18

    LOST, Hardy 4 1/4 inch fly reel, think in the area pull out Scott River on Hwy 96 on Klamath River or along hwy 96 above Scott River bridge. PM me i can identify line love to have it back it was a gift from father.

    Hardy Dutchess 4 " vs the marquis salmon 1?

    Any of you guys have info on the Hardy Dutchess 4 inch vs the New made in England Hardy Marquis salmon 1? I know you can palm the rims of both reels. Which one due you guys like?
  5. Rodney Wayne Bohannon

    The Hardy Tealweight

    Opportunity arises once in awhile!! Rod
  6. S

    Hardy leather wallet

    totally bummed ...actually got me a little depressed...someone stole one of my prize possessions out of my backpack at work( I work part time in a flyshop...not because I have to but because I love to)and someone stole a Hardy bridle leather fleece line fly wallet with at least 60 rabbit strip...
  7. Mike Melfa

    Hardy Reel Id ?

    Reel says Hardy but Can someone tell who made this Reel? in USA In England by What Company. ? Thanks
  8. NukeLDO

    Hardy Demon Smuggler?

    Curious if anyone is using this 6 pc rod in a 5wt for backcountry/alpine fishing. Planning to do quite a bit of backpacking into the Sawtooths, Wallowas, and Cascades next year and looking for my Christmas present to myself. Anyone have any input on these?

    Hardy Cascapedia 5/6/7 Or Speyco Reels ?

    I am looking at some click and pawl trout reels. May consider a Speyco reel or a Hardy cascapedia. Any feedback on these reels? Thanks
  10. M

    Hardy Featherweight Reel From 2016

    whoops. sorry admin posted in the wrong thread

    WOW high end HARDY perfect reel

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hardy-Perfect-3-Special-Edition-all-brass-reel-No-373-1000-/142031529824?hash=item2111bd2760:g:C1gAAOSwNuxXaG5W WOW This reel is selling for $3850 C or $2990 US dollars. Its only a 3 inch Hardy Perfect trout reel.

    Difference between Hardy Marquise and Perfect?

    Can you palm the spool on a Hardy Marquis or a Hardy Perfect reel or is both full caged reels? I am consider buying the Hardy Perfect 4 inch or the Hardy Marquis number 2 but want to be able to palm the spool when fish is running. On most full caged reels you have to reach around and control...