1. tyeoneon

    Skagit head system

    I just purchased a Skagit shooting head system from OPST for single handed rods and love it! I just would like to hear your thoughts/ experiences with it! I'm using mine on lakes and rivers, and the shooting head system is the slickest thing on the planet, imho! I have all three sink tips as...
  2. roadglideguy

    WTB Scandi Short Head Versitip, #7 @ tips

    WTB a 425 grain Versi tip Short Head and most of the different leaders for #7 Spey rod. Please be in excellent condition and be realistic about the ask! Also will need some shooting line...Thanks!
  3. Dr Bob

    Bead Head Nymphs or Not

    I have decided I am going to work on my nymph fishing technique this season and in that regard, I am tying more nymphs. My current collection of nymph patterns are about 80/20 bead head nymph/no bead. My question is to the more experienced nymph tyer/fisherman, what do prefer and use the most...
  4. Mike22

    3/4 or 5/6 Spey, Skagit Head Recommendations

    Looking to mix up my streamer fishing, and I heard that Angler's Roost (ARE) make cheap spey rods for those who are unsure about two-handers. This will be for trout on medium/large rivers, casting 2-3inch sculpzilla type flies. I use 5 and 6 wt single handers on these rivers, but I am not sure...
  5. S

    WTB 600gr Rio iFlight Skagit Head

    Looking to buy this exact line in Excellent shape to new. PM me if you have one
  6. Finny76

    FS ORVIS Hydros HD Depth Charge 8/9 (300 Grain sink head line)

    Line is almost new. Was spooled but never used.... Retails for $98+ taxes selling for $49 Specs are Below: Orvis best-performing 30' sink head line Textured surface improves handling, flotation, and mending Microreplicated pattern increases durability The benefits of the textured lines are...
  7. F

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 450g NEW

    This line was purchased a couple years ago. It has been in my closet, out of the sunlight, since that day. Asking $40. Will pay shipping to West Coast locations.
  8. ernest

    T Regal regular head

    Looking to trade rarely used Regal regular head for midge or stainless head. Thanks
  9. Gregobr

    FS Airflo Skagit Compact 540 grain Head

    $30 shipped in conti US. 25 foot length, used but very good condition.
  10. Riversidecountydrive

    FS 400gr Skagit head

    $30 shipped cont us. As pictured. J36 SA SKGX 400gr . Skagit head
  11. NWDesigns

    FS Beulah TONIC Switch head 475 gr.

    Tonic Switch head, 22.5' , 475 gr for 7/8 switch. Excellent condition. $34 Shipped CONUS.
  12. quilbilly

    FS 2 SA Short Head Spey Lines

    A 6-7 A 7-8 Nor much use on the 7-8, 6-7 used once or twice. 35.00 each tyd Pics on request, boxes too but lines are on different spools.
  13. the_grube

    Multi-Density Scandi heads

    This thread was started a while back, with a specific question about the RIO 3d scandi: http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/threads/rio-scandi-3d-for-burkie-7127.134333/ I kind of hi-jacked it and started talking about SA UST's etc. So, this thread is dedicated to all kinds of 3d...
  14. Dan Page

    SA head lost on upper Kalama

    Lost 1/17/18 in upper Kalama River, above Holy Water--SA UST 3D head lost due to running line loop failure. Slim chance of recovery as head is a sinker and dark colored, but sometimes miracles happen.

    Opst commando head work great on singlehand rods

    Just bought OPST Commando head 200 grain head with 35 pound laser running line. I tried it on my 9 foot 5 weight and my 10 foot 3 weight fly rods. This stuff works great. Cast a mile with no back cast. I also bought the 5 foot S2 and S4 tips. The Commando head will get you to water you can't get...
  16. Johnathon Quarrell

    WTB 375 grain commando head

    Looking to purchase this line. Let me know if you have a lightly used one collecting dust and how much you'd like for it. Thank you!! John
  17. S

    WTB 375 Gr Commando head

    looking for decent condition, used 375 GR Commando head..
  18. Dave Boyle

    Gold bead head bomber

    A gold head emerger? Nope of course not, a sinker, a bomber of an emerger so to speak. This is a pattern I learned from a CO angler while in BC of course. He swore by it, teal/mallard tail with a couple of CF strands. Fine brown chenille and a fine silver rib . Gold bead too first of...
  19. coo2

    WTB WTB a 175 or 200 grain Trout Max or OPST Skagit head

    I am interested in buying a 175 or 200 grain Trout Max or OPST Skagit head for my single handed 5 weight bamboo rod.
  20. Tugs


    I'm looking for a 225 grain Commando Head for my Winston 4wt MS. Lighty used is ok. let me know!! Thanks..
  21. scifidelity

    FS OPST 275g Commando Skagit Head - $35

    Used twice. Perfect Condition. Shipping included to CONUS. Paypal and shipping only, no local pickup.
  22. Tugs

    WTB Rage 570 or 225 Commando Head

    Looking for a lightly used Rage 570 or 225 Commando Head Thanks!
  23. Ame

    WTB Post commando head 325 grain

    Looking for a 325 or 350 thanks
  24. Russ Kendall

    T OPST 350gr Commando Head for 275gr Commando Head

    Greetings, I'm looking to trade a brand new 350gr Commando head for a new 275gr Commando head. My 350gr head was for a rod I no longer own. Thanks for looking, Russ.
  25. Buzzy

    Pumpkin Head Jig

    I took the one less traveled. (Or at least one that isn't traveled much anymore). I was going to post this short report in the warm water forum but the water's too cold to wet wade so in my convoluted logic, stillwater it is. Randy very quietly looking for mudding carp. Our Canadian tier...
  26. 4sallypat

    Anyone try an LTS Speedline Short scandi head with triple density?

    I was looking for a multi density line to try my hand on the Provo and Weber rivers for brown trout to avoid the chunky skagit and OPST heads which splashes down. For multi density lines, I have the Airflo; Intermediate/Float skagit and triple density FIST skagit I found this on YouTube and...
  27. P-FITZ98

    Loon hard head

    This used to be good stuff. I tied over a dozen nice baitfish patterns, used the new runny stuff , 3 coats on a drying wheel, and they looked great. After about an hour in the water, the head of my fly started turning milky. Anyone else had this problem? Or remember the old hard head, it was...
  28. spadebit

    SBS Hen Head

    I thought this was posted in the SBS, if anyone can tell me how to do that, Id appreciate it. Im not a good duck hunter, but everytime I knock one down, im excited to use that material. I played around with this fly a little from adding weight to fewer duck feathers, but always resorted back...
  29. S

    FS Skagit/Scandi Head Purge

    Have a few heads I've decided to part with, most of these were the result of trying to dial in a switch rod. Each head is $20 shipped to your door, payment via Paypal. Original boxes for these have long ago been discarded. Can provide photographic "proof-of-life" if required to make a deal...
  30. M

    FS Echo Solo 2hander (7 Wt) And Rage Head

    Two barely used items up for grabs. Excellent ++ condition. Each price shipped CONUS. Please PM if interested. Thanks. - Echo Solo 2Hand rod, 12'9" in a 7 weight --- $130 (originally $240) - Airflo Rage compact floating head, 510 gr. (matches with rod) --- $35 Rod includes original tube...
  31. Richard E

    FS Sa Spey Skagit Deluxe Shorthead Multi Tip Set, 8 Weight, $50

    Bought to use on a rod I no longer have. $50 for EVERYTHING! Line, four tips, wallet. Add $6 to cover shipping and PayPal fees to the lower 48. Spey Skagit Deluxe Long-Casting Head with Interchangeable Tips Applications/Features: Great for many situations, but excels when tight...
  32. flybug.pa.

    FS Opst 375 Commando Head

    and Rio #50 lb running line. Has about 20 minutes of casting on it, Otherwise brand new. $35 bucks mailed in USA. PPal
  33. A

    WTB Opst Commando 250 Grain Head

    Title says it all. Looking for a OPST Commando head in 250 grains. PM if you got anything.
  34. R

    FS Sgs Shooting Head 222 Grain 14ft

    SGS shooting head 222 grain, 14ft, it was built for Echo fiberglass 4wt switch rod. Sold the rod so I don't need it anymore. $48 ship ConUS. PM me if you are interested.
  35. GOTY

    Lost Shooting Head Sauk

    I lost a shooting head on the Sauk today, down by the lower takeout (not the 530 bridge, the lower non paved bridge). Orange butt section, rest of head is blue. If you find it let me know, thanks broskis
  36. ernest

    T Regal Traditional Head

    Looking to trade my lightly used traditional head for a midge head(or stainless). I also have a tradition c-clamp if needed Thanks
  37. rhinofarrell@att.net

    T Opst Commando Head Trade 325 For 350

    I have a 325 grain OPST head that I have used one day. It worked great on everything but heavy intruders. Looking to trade straight across for a 350 grain OPST head
  38. M

    FS/T Opst Commando Head 225 Trade For 250

    Was test cast for 30 minutes, for me a little light for Sage Pulse 697 or sell for $35 shipped to CONUS via USPS payment by ? sold pending payment please reply to [email protected]
  39. Cougar Zeke

    WTB Ambush Clear Head 6 Wt Intermediate

    Looking for a 6 wt Ambush clear head Intermediate line. This is the integrated line that has 70' of floating running line and the 20' clear intermediate head. Thanks!
  40. AllisonO

    FS New, Rio Intouch Short Head Spey Line 6/7 470gr

    New. Bought it for a rod that I sold! Asking $65.00 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  41. J

    FS Opst Commando Head - 175 Gr.

    I have an OPST Commando Head in 175 grain. It was test cast once for about 10 minutes and tucked back in its original box. $40 and I will cover shipping in the lower 48.
  42. rasbrown

    WTB Patagonia Subdivider Or Simms Head Waters (small)

    Want to buy a Patagonia Subdivider or Simms Head Waters (small) boat bag. Actually need two. Please let me know if you have one that you'd like to part with. Thanks
  43. BN2FSH

    Running Line With Commando Head

    I have been using an OPST commando head and their lazar running line as well. I love both, but if it is really windy the lazar line can really blow around. Of course, this was in Argentina and the wind was blowing 40. Is there something else I can try?
  44. OceanSunfish

    FS Rio Riomax Shooting Head Kit With Wallet - New

    For sale is a complete Rio RioMax 400 Grain Shooting Head Kit with Rio Wallet. The lines are new. The kit (pictured) contains: Wallet Rio Shooting Line (New and on the spool in Picture) Type - Floating, 2, 3, 6, and 8 (identified by (factory colored welded loops) All shooting heads are 30'...
  45. Reeltrout

    FS Rio 480 Gr. Scandi Shooting Head

    31 ft head, like new (very lightly used) . $35 Conus, plus $6 shipping. Ok to pick up in kirkland. email me at [email protected]
  46. J

    WTB 420 Skagit Head Or Something Close

    Looking for a skagit head for 11ft 7wt clearwater. 420 or something similar. Thanks!
  47. tinman207

    What Is It About Purple As You Head East?

    I'm just curious what people think makes it more enticing fly as you head towards Idaho and Montana. Every time I come back from Montana, I have a box full of purple, and I just don't get the love over here that it gets there. I guy I was talking to on the river the other day was feeding me a...
  48. GOTY

    WTB 510grn aero head

    Let me know if you have one, thanks. 510grn aero
  49. S

    FS Sage Domain 8 and Short Head Spey 7/8

    I have a like new Sage Domain 8, the rod it was matched with was stolen so no need for it at the moment. Literally fished twice, comes with 30lb backing. $175 shipped to the lower 48. NIB Short Head Spey 7/8, pre connect core. $30 shipped to the lower 48. Will entertain reasonable offers on...
  50. DanielOcean

    FS OPST Commando head 400Grain. $35.00 sold

    Like new.