1. Easttexasangler

    Okuma Sanibel 8/9 reel NEED HELP

    Just found this reel, let's just say at a really good price. What is it worth? Should I sell or fish with it very very new to fly-fishing. Couldn't find much on this let me know what y'all guys think.
  2. ThinGreenLine

  3. muknuk

    Kola Peninsula help with flies

    I have only fished for landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Argentina and have the opportunity to fish the Kola Peninsula in Russia this summer and was hoping someone out there can give me some advice on fly patterns that might be worthwhile to take. I prefer fishing dries, but really only have...
  4. fivefish

    Lake Sammamish help

    I am a fan of fishing this lake, as it's local and I'm a sucker for some bass fishing. I have a 15' inflatable Saturn boat with a trolling motor, and am able to putt around within proximity to the launch ramp. I'm looking at buying a real boat this month, and it would be the first time I've...
  5. The Duke

    Spring Trip Help

    My annual early October Montana trip is out this year due to the impending birth of my second child whose due date is Oct. 1. I can’t wait for the kid to be here, but am bummed about my annual trip. Currently with a 2 and a half year old, the last time that I fished was in October of 2017...
  6. D

    Starting up

    Hey guys I want to get into fly tying and would like a recommendation on any new starter kits or anything would help.
  7. Cougar Zeke

    No Help from WDFW Commission on NOF

    From petition "FEB 2, 2018 — The Commissioners just voted unanimously against the PEOPLE in voting down our request to convert the NOF policy to a rule. Ron Warren recommended a NO vote, and every Commissioners voted NO! It was apparent that the department staff (based on a briefing...
  8. Mike22

    Help with a couple rod ID's

    Inherited a couple rods, figured there might be a couple of you who could help with identifying them. Planning on bringing them to the local sports consignment shop unless they mean something to somebody. First up is a 3 piece bamboo with extra tip section. Came in a brown cloth rod sock...
  9. M

    Help ID Pattern

    Looking to ID this pattern. Not sure where it came from or even how I ended up with it. Thanks, Mark
  10. duggiefresh

    Help feed salmon at Carkeek Park with the Carkeek Watershed

    Just saw this, and it sounds like fun. Once my schedule starts leveling out, I plan on volunteering.
  11. SalterLee

    Help lining a SAGE RPL 390-2

    Picked up this rod as a light pocket water nymph / soft hackle swinging / no wind dry fly rod. I've only ever cast the heavier RPLs 790-4 or 8100-3 - So i'm curious if anyone has any favorite lines for the lighter RPLs 3-5wt). My first impulse is just to get a RIO Gold WF3F and be good with it...
  12. muknuk

    Looking for help DIY in Chile

    I am looking for any help on do-it-yourself trips to Chile. I have a rental car and a pontoon boat for one month in Nov-Dec. I have fished Patagonia Argentina for the past 15 years and know it well, but I am wanting to try another part of Patagonia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Irafly

    Andy Grindulis Help

    PM me if you knew Andy Grindulis, local commercial tier and lure maker.
  14. L

    Looking for some help

    Hello, My grandfather recently passed and we have an entire basement full of fishing gear and tie flying materials. We have no idea what is valuable and what is junk. I am looking for a way to have to all appraised so we can sell it. Is there anyone in the Seattle area that can help us figure...
  15. S

    Advice needed:St. Joe float and fish

    I'm planning a family trip out to the St. Joe (assuming it's good) to camp with my wife and boys. Bringing the clacka craft and wanting to float and fish as well. Anyone experience over there that can help dial me in with camping areas, put ins and take outs and fishing it? Feel free to pm me...
  16. Norm Frechette

    help finding a book

    i found the following photo on the internet (it had no reference to where it came from) and would like to know if anybody can identify what book it might be in. maybe youve seen the photo in one of your tying books? i believe it may be from a steelhead fly tying book? thank you in advance norm
  17. Matt Paluch

    Pebble mine is back, please help stop it

    So the EPA is now apparently working with the foreign Pebble Partnership to try and allow this mine to move forward. Fortunately, they opened up public comments. Please take 2 minutes and fill out this short form that will automatically voice your opposition to this mine...
  18. 4sallypat

    Help with Tip ID - 10' floating - light blue - no info ?

    I need help to identify a tip I found in my single hand box. Looks like a tip for a skagit - 10' long - light blue w/ loops - weighs 9 grams - see photo. It tapers short & heavy on one end and light & thin on the other end.... I can't remember if this was a Rio product as I remember buying...
  19. Brian White

    Lake Washington bass help

    I am rocking a new kayak and jonesing to get out some time in the next week. I am wondering if anyone thinks Lake Washington bass fishing might be heating up. My best guess is that it is a bit early for topwater, but it has warmed up a lot over last few days. I don't need spots as I have one...
  20. Brad Niemeyer

    Some Help with Bend OR ?

    I'm heading to Bend OR with some 13U koufax baseball ball players for a tournament. I hope to find a couple hours to fish right there in Bend ( deschuttes runs outside the hotel deck). Can any Upper Deschuttes angler tell me what flies to bring and what style to fish in? If the boys want to...
  21. Buster Wolfe

    Little help please. TIA

    My son lives in Yakima, but he doesn't fly fish. I am coming to the area May 25-30 and was hoping to show him what he's missing. Does anyone have any suggestions for a bank-fishing trip from Yakima that could be successful? I have been reading a lot online and watching the forum, so I would...
  22. Richard E

    Need help getting pontoon from Boise to Seattle...

    My dad lives in Boise (Nampa) and has a pontoon boat of mine. We're trying to figure out how to get the pontoon boat from there to Seattle (or the greater Puget Sound). Anybody coming from Boise to Seattle and possibly be able to haul the pontoon boat? It's all broken down and ready to haul...
  23. SERE Nate

    Missoula realtor? Need help

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a realtor in Missoula with a fly fishing background. I'm hoping to move by next spring. I also found a piece of property that looks very promising. If anyone is local and could give me feedback on this location I'd really appreciate it...
  24. P

    versileader/similar help - grain weights, etc

    I am trying to get a better understanding of the grain weight differences between various Rio VLs (standard spey VLs, scandi light VLs, and trout VLs) as well as the similar offerings by Airflo. Does anyone have a link to a grain weight table they could provide for these, or a contact who could...
  25. scifidelity

    8 wt. line help

    Hi All, I am looking for an integrated line for a 9.5 ft 8wt Winston B3x. I already have an OPST skagit rig on a different spool for it. I won't buy RIO anything. I'll entertain any other brand though I've been keen on trying something from Airflo. After speaking with a few shops, The Kelly...
  26. C

    Please help me with a business class assignment. (FF related)

    I need to get answers from business owners and customers on some business related questions as part of a business class. The objective of the assignment is get us thinking about what makes businesses successful. My thought was that this set of questions might benefit both members and sponsors...
  27. BDD

    Need Oregon Fishing Help

    Sold a boat to a guy from CA last fall. He's fairly new at rowing and so he was hoping we could meet up and fish together for a day or two with his new toy. I had always wanted to fish the Rogue or Umpqua and we agreed to meet and deliver his boat and go through setup and basic rowing, while fly...
  28. mcoomer

    Help With Abel Tr2

    Hello all, I've just picked up this reel and want to make sure it's setup for left hand retrieve. I also want to see if I can get a better understanding of the drag setup. I've got to say, as much as Abel charges for a reel you would think their website would be a bit more organized and...
  29. J

    Cataraft Rod Holster Needed

    Hey everyone. I've been looking high and low for a commercial rod holster for my outcast 1100 11' pontoon raft. I've found only one but the mounting doesn't work with my frame. I've seen some DIY with PVC but just don't have the tools or know how to do it. Anyone here built one of these whose...
  30. Augy

    Over/under Lining Sage Vxp

    I have a 6wt Sage VXP paired with a 6wt Rio Grand. I'm in the market for new line and was considering the Rio Coastal Quickshooter. I was thinking about over or under lining my vxp to try and slow down the action so I can make more open loop casts. Can I achieve this by over lining or under...
  31. MountainTrout

    Mystery Flies - Help With Id

    I got a few boxes of flies at a garage sale a while back, and while I've seen most of the patterns before, these are unfamiliar. Anyone recognize them? All are on stainless steel hooks, with either two or three loops of pearl tinsel on the back. Those tinsel loops are new to me. Whatever...
  32. DanielOcean

    Pats Stone Help

    Getting ready to order supplies to start knocking a bunch of these out. What are your favorite chenille rubber leg combos for the Yakima only? Brown chenille with what color legs? Olive chenille? Ect. Also, have any of you tied them on the Dai ricki 700b, any pictures? Thank you so much for the...
  33. 4sallypat

    Help Needed Identifying Sinking Tip

    So I got this sinking tip included with a used reel and I have no idea what this is? It came from a single handed rod/reel. Reel weight was 7/8/9. Length of the tip: 15' Weight of the tip: 5 grams Has loops welded on both ends so that means factory tip. White tubing on one loop. Feels lighter...
  34. GAT

    Need Help With A Name

    The IFFF is using one of my baitfish patterns for a fly plate at the Expo in Eugene and so I finally need to name the pattern. I'm open for suggestions. Obviously, the pattern is meant to represent a wide range of baitfish (depending on how it is tied) and while I know they work quite well...
  35. Jerry Daschofsky

    Want To Help Another Veteran Fishing Non Profit, Read This Thread

    A 100% medically retired soldier in my PHWFF program started up a non profit. He has had such emotional and physical gains through fishing he started getting any military or veteran out on the water. He decided to start a non profit so he could drum up donations and provide write offs. He's...
  36. GeorgeA

    FS College Student Performing Research: Help Required

    Hey guys! I'm a senior at Indiana University working on a fishing startup in a business competition at my school. I believe consolidated information about captains/guides can help fishers of all experience levels make better decisions when/if they want a captain/guide so that great fishing...
  37. GATOR9

    7'6" 5wt. Info. Help

    I am looking into a poss. purchase of a 7' 6" 5wt. fly rod. I need your input with likes/dislikes and brands that any of you are familiar with. Also $$$ ranges as well as likes/dislikes on brand names. Any and all info. would be appreciated. I fish a lot of rivers/creeks some quite bushy...
  38. D

    Help: Advice On Skagit Type Setup For Following Rod; 10' 6wt, Ern 6.49, Aa 72

    hello good sirs and possible misses, i built the rod in question and did not like it as a single hander; required too much effort vs. my 8'6" to cast similar distance with dry flies. instead of selling it i am now considering rebuilding the butt piece for a two handed type setup for large...