1. Bagman

    Tying for big tuna and more I hope

    Ive never fly fished for big fish, like Wahoo, yellow fin, yellow tail, and other big fish. I'm tying up some deceivers, on 5/0 34007 saltwater hooks. Can anyone point me in the right directions, or will these work?
  2. Alosa

    I hope this is false...but I'm worried it's not

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/22/politics/pebble-epa-bristol-bay-invs/index.html Is this a slippery slope and a harbinger of things to come?
  3. spfd jason

    One Thread of Hope for "Conservation": DRA update

    This seems to be the first good news we've had in the Conservation sub-forum for some time. At least the struggle gets to move forward. Deschutes River Alliance news. https://deschutesriveralliance.wordpress.com/2017/08/17/lawsuit-update-dra-secures-big-victory-for-clean-water-advocates/
  4. IveofIone

    NFR: Baseball fans-I hope you saw it!

    The Dominican Republic versus USA game last night was just a classic. The Giancarlo Stanton home run would have been enough highlight reel but the Adam Jones catch was the icing on the cake. Stanton-the most powerful man in baseball-squared up a pitch that left the ballpark in a hurry. With an...
  5. gooser14

    NFR Hope all is well !

    Well checkin in from OH where ive been chompin at the bit to wet a line ! Work has been so crazy i havnt been able to even wet a line with 6-7 20hr days a week ! Was painting a road over one of our 3 trout streams and had a few minutes to watch a 20" or so brown try to take a number of cicada's...
  6. Pat Lat

    Thanks Brian

    Always an inspiration to hit the beach.