1. sixmanfootball

    I need a new cot

    Lesson #1- Cheap cots are just that, cheap. Lesson #2- Little boys grow into teenagers. Teenagers are tough on cots. Lesson #3- New cots aren't cheap. Looking for a new cot that won't require a loan. Needs to be teen worthy. Thanks.
  2. Skip Enge

    Poetry...Okay ,eye rolls welcome, I guess

    A spark lights in the forest No flint needed The flames ignite uproarious with Enthusiasm and glee Tinder everywhere In this dry night The flames reach high Higher than you would think Cresting trees and sending sparks and ash Into the heavens above Folks hear the alarm and get to it Risking...
  3. A.A.

    How do I take fish pictures like these?

    Just wondering if you experts have any good advice on lenses, filters, settings, light direction etc. to get great fish pics like these. I have a crop sensor canon (80D) and am loving it so far. I'm looking forward to taking it on fishing trips and getting some cool photos... These are all...