1. M

    Tell me what pontoon set up I should buy

    So i've decided I need to get a pontoon for this upcoming year and I was wondering if you experts could tell me what I should buy. Basically kicking my float tube around in bigger lakes I want to hit sounds a lot less appealing than hooking up a trolling motor to pontoon, and also sounds a lot...
  2. Gary Thompson

    I love wind

    I took a little trip up to Omak to see an ole friend, buy a new pistol in 9mm and to fish Omak lake. It was 1330 hrs when I got to beer can and the lake was like glass. As I was rigging up I could see some fish rising out in deep water, then I saw what I had come for, fish working close to the...
  3. Lymitliss

    6wt the perfect filler for me?

    Hey everyone. I'm a fairly new Fisher (less than a year) and an even newer fly fisher. I started with a Cabelas ready to fish setup in 5wt and once I started getting the hang of it, ended up buying a Sage Accel in 4wt and one in 8wt because they were such a good deal after being discontinued...
  4. Wayne Kohan

    I can’t see....

    I tied up some size 14 chironomids today. I tie with reading glasses, 2x power. I can’t see what I’m doing though, at least not as well as I would like to see. I did a search here, and found some people talked about using 3.5x glasses, other use the magnifiers that attach to the vise or...
  5. GAT

    Finally Went Fishing...Not What I Expected

    This is the latest time in the year in many decades that I made my first fishing trip. Usually the first trip is for trout but the weather report was iffy and I didn't want to freeze my ass off fishing a coastal lake. So I opted to try a private farm lake not far from my home instead...
  6. Jim Wallace

    I see a balmy day approaching!

    Next Thursday looks like it should be a user-friendly day for an old scarecrow to hit a wetside lake, according to the weather forecast. Monday is maybe looking like decent surf fishing conditions here. And I'll probably try to fish next Saturday, since it will be the last chance to extract my...
  7. IveofIone

    Can I save you some grief?

    We all want to get out early and fish after a long and difficult winter. And no one more than me since I haven't been able to fish for the past couple of years. So the news that Coffeepot was finally ice free was enough incentive for me to make the 3 1/2 hour drive over and stay for a few days...
  8. Bagman

    Tying for big tuna and more I hope

    Ive never fly fished for big fish, like Wahoo, yellow fin, yellow tail, and other big fish. I'm tying up some deceivers, on 5/0 34007 saltwater hooks. Can anyone point me in the right directions, or will these work?
  9. Adam Saarinen

    NFR I want one for Christmas!

    I want one of these what these Finnish guys built!
  10. SpokaneFisherman

    I think I screwed up...

    I got drawn for a Smith River permit. The problem is that I put in for dates based on my availability and not optimum flows/conditions. The launch date that I ended up with is 8.1. After doing some research the general consensus is that the river will be too low by then. Any thoughts/experience?
  11. triploidjunkie

    I love where I live

    I might have a wee bit of fishy water around me. My house is almost dead center, overlooking everything... Edit: Not overlooking everything, just the Columbia and Crescent. I can't actually see Banks, just the dam...
  12. Ron McNeal

    Wilderness Study Areas - I Think We Need Them....

    What say you? http://www.hcn.org/articles/wilderness-daines-montana-bill-takes-aim-at-wilderness-study-areas?utm_source=wcn1&utm_medium=email
  13. T

    I Want This Nurse Heading HHS

    I nominate this nurse to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. Its peak flu season. The CDC is saying the vaccine is less than 20% effective. I ran into a guy I barely know at CostCo. He sneezes into his hand and then wants to shake mine. I fist bumped him and then headed to the bathroom...
  14. T

    Tell me where I should fish this weekend

    Little thrown off as far as where I should fish this time of year. Rookie fly fisherman, and not opposed to some spin casting, and or sinking some worms. I live in Seattle. Willing to drive 2 ish hours. Weather conditions don’t matter to me, except high windows are no bueno. I have a...
  15. Clint F

    white water pram owners i have a question

    ok guys, those of you with a whitewater pram what is the over all length and bottom width? also do you wish it was wider or narrower, longer or shorter? I ask because I am getting a drawing ready to build a 10 or 11 ft whitewater pram. I'm working on restoring a 15'x48'' wood drift boat now, I...
  16. Squamishpoacher

    FS Spool I think for a Shakespeare Speedex -- FREE

    This spool was in with some stuff I bought. A piece of paper with it said "Speedex". Its 3.5 x 7/8 inches. If you want it it's yours for the cost of postage. I tried to upload a picture of it but I'm not having success.
  17. J

    FS/T Orvis Mirage I Spool

    I have an extra Orvis Mirage I spool. Trade or for sale. Black. Never used. With pouch.
  18. Iz Wa

    I Suppose I Should Do some Type of Introduction...

    Hi Guys (and gals?), (better grab a cup of joe for this one) My name is Robert and I did a search on something and this site came up. I figured the proper thing to do is an intro. I am on several forums, primarily wristwatch (I know crazy, huh... you guys think you are a crazy bunch?! I could...
  19. iPhish

    Now I get it

    Caught my second steelhead yesterday. While my first one last week was a 24" hatchery fish this one was far it. The hatchery fish was awesome to catch and gave a strong fight. Yesterday I got to tango with a much larger wild fish. I'm guessing 28-30". Beautiful fish. Jumped 3 times to start...
  20. para_adams

    I wonder what they used the fly rod for??? (CL ad)

    Saw this on a Craigslist ad today. Sex toys, prosthetics, fly fishing rod, peg board © craigslist Shilo pack & play w/balls ($75) Spare parts harness - large ($50) Spare parts underwear harness - large ($50) Magic wand - rechargeable but needs a new charging cord ($40) Fly fishing rod...
  21. Dry Fly Dutchman

    FS I bobber pulse $70obo

    Got this as a gift and don't use it as much as I'd thought. It's been on the water a couple times and works like a charm. Great when I'm out fly fishing to find water depth to figure out what length I need to sit up. This is a good fish finder for bass and lake fisb just wish I spent more time...
  22. Skip Enge

    I don't think so

    For some reason I do not think I will ever be able to tie one of these on a #32 Mustad hook...
  23. sixmanfootball

    I need a new cot

    Lesson #1- Cheap cots are just that, cheap. Lesson #2- Little boys grow into teenagers. Teenagers are tough on cots. Lesson #3- New cots aren't cheap. Looking for a new cot that won't require a loan. Needs to be teen worthy. Thanks.
  24. J

    FS/T Orvis Mirage I spool

    I have an extra Orvis Mirage I spool. Trade or for sale. Black. Never used. With pouch.
  25. napawino (Roger Craft)

    FS Fenwick FF755. Minty

    Clearing out another rod I have a duplicate of. Need the space. Fenwick FF755. In superb condition. No issues. Beautiful rod. I'm keeping one and selling this nicer one. 7 1/2 foot. 5 wt. 2 1/2 oz. $125 shipped. Reel not included.
  26. Skip Enge

    Poetry...Okay ,eye rolls welcome, I guess

    A spark lights in the forest No flint needed The flames ignite uproarious with Enthusiasm and glee Tinder everywhere In this dry night The flames reach high Higher than you would think Cresting trees and sending sparks and ash Into the heavens above Folks hear the alarm and get to it Risking...
  27. Thiago - Brazil

    I attended the AFFTA Dealer Summit at Bozeman, MT.

    It was a fantastic workshop, the people that work at AFFTA did an excelent job, lots of valuable information for any fly shop owner and managers.
  28. Jojo

    NFR Funny sign i saw on my walk today.

    At least I thought it was funny. I'm not sure what the Baptists are trying to say here.
  29. Josh

    I caught a whitefish

    Fishing report: I caught a whitefish.
  30. IveofIone

    NFR: Sorry I missed this

    Wed Oct 11 was National Fossil Day and I forgot to wish OMJ many happy returns. Hopefully when you are measuring time in geologic terms a day either way won't make a helluva lot of difference. Hope you had a good one Jim. Ive
  31. J

    Breathable waders leaking

    I'm using a cheap set of waders ( Redington Crosswater )( in a float tube) that, after a couple of months, are leaving me with a wet behind. So I pumped them up and used soapy water to find that the seam was bubbling. I used Aqua Seal on the seam.. no more bubbles but still get a wet behind...
  32. Alosa

    I hope this is false...but I'm worried it's not

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/22/politics/pebble-epa-bristol-bay-invs/index.html Is this a slippery slope and a harbinger of things to come?

    I shaved my mustach off today

    Yep after 50 years I finally did it. Grew it when I was in Vietnam. The place I fish for king salmon/steelhead those fish were scared to death of me. Now they won't know who I am. LOL
  34. Jojo

    With apologies: Ten Things I Did Instead of Fishing.

    My last day in Manzanita and i have not fished one day of our 5 days as we were supposed to. Many of y'all were kind enough to offer advice. Thank you and my apologies to the following for being an 'askhole' : weiliwen, Kilchis, Copper John, Roger Englehart, Wetline Dave (and a few others i...
  35. C

    WTB orvis cfo i - made in usa version

    looking for a grey orvis cfo i reel - version made in the god ol' us of a thanks!
  36. Darby

    Now I know why...

    I'm always turning over large stones to see what insect are present and what fish may be eating. It has always puzzled me why sometimes I turn over rocks and find what I'm looking for and other times no matter how many I turn over I find nothing. This video explained (at least to me) where in...
  37. A.A.

    How do I take fish pictures like these?

    Just wondering if you experts have any good advice on lenses, filters, settings, light direction etc. to get great fish pics like these. I have a crop sensor canon (80D) and am loving it so far. I'm looking forward to taking it on fishing trips and getting some cool photos... These are all...
  38. JesseC

    WTB 590 SALT - I want......

    I'm looking for a 590 SALT in "like new" condition. Doesn't have to be pale cherry cellophane cork, but 8.5/10 or better would be preferred. Don't need a warranty card. Would be nice if it came with the tube. Happy to pay via venmo, paypal, or meetup in Seattle or Bainbridge. Let me know what...
  39. Skip Enge

    The mountain lakes I have loved

    Hadn't been there to fish in 20 years, Ellen and I geared up and finned the little canal like snaky lead in to Misquito Lake near Mt Adams...got about to where it opens up but couldn't enter the lake proper...an old pile of logs and lumber was about 6 " below the surface ...we were in float...
  40. SpudFly

    I certainly want to keep it, but I just cannot....

    This is not about fish. It is about fishing. This is about a box I received today from a friend. Actually, the wife of a friend (who is also my friend). I was out front of my business and she said, "I have a box for you." Totally random occurrence. She said, "I need you to grab it from my...
  41. Irafly

    Andy Grindulis Help

    PM me if you knew Andy Grindulis, local commercial tier and lure maker.
  42. WildBrookie

    Help! Salmon around but can't get them to bite

    So, I'm looking for some advice after a semi-frustrating experience this morning. I was out fishing from my paddleboard a good ways off the beach and there were quite a few salmon around, I saw a number of fish jump or roll close to me, nice-sized fish too not just shakers (although plenty of...
  43. Greg Price

    Old Man I explored blue lines

    Hey old man from Montana, I have seen you tell people numerous times to explore the "blue lines". I was in Purdy yesterday during the eheat wave with no jobs, so I looked up blue lines in mason and Kitsap counties snd found a few open to fishing. It drained to salt, so I tried it. Lots of...
  44. Buzzy

    I went south instead of north

    I have had limited success on my favorite carp waters the past month or so. From where I park, the hike to the lake is a quarter mile or so. Nine times out of ten I wade north from the lakeside starting point. Habit, I guess. Usually I find fish but after the last four outings and only one...
  45. Jeremy Floyd

    So I went fishing today... FINALLY

    My business is eating up my life. It's monopolizing all of my time, and I've gotten stuck working the last two weekends. I worked 35 hours between Thursday and Friday. A local company, West Fraser, had a server room A/C that was destroyed by carelessness. I had to remove it and replace it...
  46. cutthroat kid

    I remember

    My first trout on the Wenatchee river fishing with my dad 40 years ago today I remember catching my first trout on a dry fly 4 years ago I remember I could scramble over rocks all day and not have to take advil when I got home I remember my first double header, meaning I caught more fish than...
  47. Porter

    I need more hoop strength

    Problem solved! http://www.orvis.com/s/helios-3/14729?adv=352841&cm_mmc=linkshare-_-TnL5HPStwNw-_-1-_-352841
  48. Old Man

    I think I'm done with fishing.

    It's been hard to get around lately. Plus I'm in an area that sucks as far as Skinny water goes. Hell, I haven't even seen a lake close by. I think my get up and go got up and left without me. You people have a good time out there now.
  49. Buzzy

    NFR What have I got here?

    I was given several boxes of cartridges recently. Other than the caliber, I don't know what these are. Can someone identify them for me please? I'm pretty sure they're not in their original box.