1. J

    Southeast Idaho

    Wondering if there’s anybody on this forum in the Southeast Idaho area
  2. Steve Vaughn

    Trip Report NF CDA - First trip

    Hauled the travel trailer up to Big Hank CG for a long awaited first trip to the NF CDA. The campgrounds and distributed sites up there were quite busy this weekend, but plenty of water to fish in solitude. Got up to Teepee Creek on one morning - beautiful. We were kind of lazy and didn't...
  3. Nick Clayton

    Idaho Stillwater Report

    So it turns out that you Stillwater guys are going about this all wrong.... You need to show those finicky trout some salty patterns! Turns out rubber legged clousers and squimps are highly effective Stillwater flies :D In full disclosure this was a stocked lake in someone's back yard lol...
  4. ScottP

    SBS Idaho Nymph

    Not a whole lot of info on this one, although it appears to have been around for a while; apparently popular on B.C. stillwaters at one time. Only thing I added to the recipe I found was the wire counter rib, to protect the ostrich herl. Weight optional. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread -...
  5. Jmills81

    Speak up for Idaho Steelhead

    Ladies and Gents The Idaho Fish and Game are proposing to open the CW, Salmon and Snake river basins to Catch and Kill Normally, that's great but this is no normal year. Whilst the run has been upgraded from Apocalyptic to Shitty, Shitty, Shitty.....they need to maintain the C and R rule to...
  6. dogsnfish

    Idaho steelhead

    Announced today, catch and release only for the A-run in all Idaho waters. No harvest season. Projected numbers are that bad.
  7. A.A.

    New Idaho Catch and Release Record Golden Trout

    My good friend from Idaho recently took his 10 year old son to an alpine lake. He managed to pull this one in on his tenkara rod. He'd never seen a golden trout of this size up there before, so he submitted the pic to the IDF&G. Taking measurements of his sons fingers, they calculated 16.3". A...
  8. ribka

    Trip Report Idaho

  9. troutslayer1

    NF Coeur D'Alene River

    Hey folks, Going to be heading out to the Idaho Panhandle here this weekend. Two questions: 1) Any recommendations for areas to start on the North Fork Coeur D'Alene, or other tribs. to hit nearby 2) Campground Recommendations? I know guys are pretty selective with information they may be...
  10. msteudel

    Trip suggestions: 3day guided float camping down river idaho or montana

    Hi All, A friend of mine is looking to do a 2 or 3 day float down a beautiful river in Idaho or Montana with a guide. They'd like it to be one long trip, not day trips. Any suggestions and guides to go along with those suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  11. 8

    Idaho Float Trip Ideas?

    Any recommendations on rivers in Idaho for an overnight raft trip? We're looking for something fairly mellow (under class III) and decent fishing. We were hoping To find a river that has a hot spring(s) we could stop at. Located in Montana so we're hoping to do a long weekend this summer.
  12. O

    FS Anyone By Chance Traveling From Idaho Falls To Spokane?

    This is a fat chance on my part but I would be willing to pay for the delivery of a drift boat.
  13. jmara6864

    Road Trip to Idaho and Montana

    In late July we packed up and headed out from Seattle on a road trip through Idaho into Montana. Fish were caught, poisonous snakes handled, big game tamed, beer drank.
  14. Slurry Scurry

    Swinging Nymphs in Idaho

    To begin, I want to apologize for the misleading title. Well, not completely misleading. I wanted to share my weekend report with everyone so this isn't specific to swinging nymphs, but we will get there. I bought my girlfriend a ticket to Watershed for her birthday because she loves that...
  15. Derek Young

    Trip Report 8 days on the MF Salmon Idaho

    Find a big bucket, and fill it with trips like this. Big wooden slide to get to the water, epic whitewater even at 1.92 feet, great dry fly fishing, beach/canyon camping, and throw in two active fires being doused with helicopters as you watch. 100 miles, 7 nights and 8 days. The whitewater in...
  16. Stonefish

    Gross looking Idaho springer
  17. Steve Vaughn

    Idaho Panhandle FS Road Info Needed

    I am looking for information on a specific FS road in the panhandle. Don't want to be accused of leading any hordes to your favorite spot, so this can be done via PM conversation. Looking for when to expect it to be clear of snow and how rugged it is (can my rig handle it). Thanks for any...
  18. Chris Scoones

    Reference Idaho Fly Shops

    Have a shop to add? Reply below. Premier Fly Fishing: 1051 N. Hwy 20, Ashton, Idaho 83420 208-652-7349 Idaho Irresistables: 268 North HW 20, Ashton, Idaho 83420 208-652-3669 Fall River Fly & Tackle: 221 S Hwy 20, Ashton, ID 83420 (208)652-7646 Three Rivers Ranch Fly Shop: 1662 Hwy 47, Ashton...