1. Dave Westburg

    Fishing Books in search of new owner

    Culling the herd and have some free fishing books in search of a new owner. I live in Kirkland. You pick them up and they're yours. Salmon Flies Their Character, Style and Dressing by Poul Jorgenson. 1978 edition. This and Pryce-Tannant's book should be your Bible if you tie full dress...
  2. Mark Moore

    Tractor Seat or Rope Seat in my Drift Boat?

    Finishing up a project drift boat soon and need to make a decision about the rowers seat. Would love to hear some feedback on both types. Some pertinent details, I had a major back surgery 20 years ago so it is important for me to have my knees level with my waist or below for all day...
  3. M

    The Hero Shot, Now Featured in the NY Times

    It's gone mainstream folks! With 21,500 Instagram followers, she has attracted the attention of more than just curious lookyloos. Three months ago, she said she signed a contract with a sponsor, Hardy, a maker of fly fishing rods...
  4. Irafly

    California Road Trip 1st Week in July

    2 nights in San Fran, 1 night in Monterey or Caramel, 2 nights in Sequoia near Grants, 1 night in Santa Barbara and then a few in Carlsbad. I’m bringing a rod or two, whatever flies I might need, a stripping basket, waders and urgency to catch a fish in California. Any ideas?
  5. Old406Kid

    Only In Washington

    As I'm reading various threads about people's summer trip plans and questions about other interesting things for family along the way this site came to mind. I subscribe to a few states in our area and always enjoy the articles.
  6. Squamishpoacher

    NFR What's Weird in the News

    I want to party with these guys.
  7. Lymitliss

    Been lurking for a while-Started fishing later in life than most

    I've been lurking on the forum for a handful of months now and thought I might make an official "New guy" post, since it looks like I'll be sticking around for a while. My name is Lucas, I'm a 28 year old Honda Master Technician currently living in Shoreline. It seems to me that the majority...
  8. golfman44

    NFR Bobcats in Kirkland Neighborhood

    Not my pic but these two were spotted in a backyard in Kirkland today. Hide your pets
  9. Vladimir Steblina

    SFR-Why Fishing has gone to hell in east of the Cascades.

    CSA/*MSA: 2016 | 2017 | Change | Percentage Boise: 770,213 | 790,363 | +20,150 | +2.62% Spokane: 707,921 | 721,873 | +13,952 | +1.97% *Tri Cities: 283,799 | 290,296 | +6,497 | +2.29% *Yakima: 249,323 | 250,193 | +870 | +0.35% Idaho Falls: 239,329 | 243,805 | +4,476 | +1.87% Bend: 203,019 |...
  10. Old406Kid

    Tied Up In Traffic

    Just a heads up...I decided to get out and do a little fishing while I was in MT and got hung up in traffic. Man, talk about herd mentality! It was worth it in the end though. Water temps were still low and we lost clarity as the day progressed but all in all a good day with a few nice fish...
  11. camtheflyman

    Job in Alaska this summer

    Hello all, I have officially signed on board a commercial fishing boat with a family friend for the summer! I will be heading to the Kenai Peninsula at the end of May. I will have about 7 or 8 days free before the we start spending our days on the boat working. He is also a religious man and...
  12. Woodman60

    Anyone fished in Czechia?

    I will find myself in Prague in mid-July this year. If there is anyone out there who has firsthand experience fishing here, please PM me and pass along any advice you may have. Guides, locations, etc. Thanks in advance.
  13. Daniel Baker

    Alpine Laker in search of fish

    I’m relatively new to Washington and am looking for places to go Alpine lake fishing. I’m not afraid to hike in fact I prefer it if it means getting away from crowds and finding bigger, more stupid fish. Anyone want to share with me their second best spot? I’m especially interested in the Alpine...
  14. Fishcat57

    Info on Places to Launch Drift Boat in Eastern WA, ID and MT

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this topic. I live in Spokane and I am new to the Drift Boat fishing world (which I can't describe how much of a game changer it is!) I have always just wade fished on the Spokane River and surrounding areas but have since mainly stayed on Lakes with my...
  15. Trapper

    Winter in Montana

    We've gotten a lot of snow this season. Here are a couple: field mouse tracks, Nuthatch taking flight.
  16. Troutlife

    Where to go for a good time in the Winter?

    What are some good places to go in the winter if you just want a good time?
  17. Troutlife

    Looking for hike in destinations for a beginner

    Hi, I have been fishing for a while now and started fly fishing a few years ago. I am looking to try out backpacking/fishing and need some streams or lakes in the mountains to hike in and fish. No need to be specific about locations or give away big secrets but it would be great if you could...
  18. TJ Fisher

    Public participation in Salmon setting and rule simplification February 16, 2018 Contact: Kyle Adicks, 360-902-2664 Public can participate in 2018 salmon season-setting process, rule simplification OLYMPIA – State fishery managers have scheduled a variety of opportunities for the public to participate in setting...
  19. IveofIone

    Put the "pickup" back in your pickup

    NFR: For many years now all new vehicles have been using a throttle system known as fly by wire. It simply means that your throttle is no longer directly connected to the throttle body mechanically but instead is electronically actuated. Those of us that were building hot rods back in the day...
  20. Greg Smith

    Fly fishing film tour in Eburg!

    The Yakima Headwaters TU Chapters is again hosting the F3T film tour on Saturday May 5th at 6:00 PM. This is a major fund raiser for the chapter. More info at: Greg
  21. IveofIone

    Rest in Peace Darlin' Girl

    On Sept 14, 1967 the charming and beautiful Susan Kay Darling and I joined hands in marriage and began an exciting odyssey that lasted over 50 years. When we met in 1966 we were madly in love with each other after the first 10 minutes and never wanted to be apart again. That love grew...
  22. jordan101

    2017 Year in Review

    I started the year looking back at my life and decided it was time for me to add some flyfishing travel to my life’s resume. It started by going to the El Pescador Lodge in Belize. This was my first time with fly fishing warm water salt. I was thrilled with the amount of fight each of the...
  23. P-FITZ98

    Toasted dock in Hawk creek?

    Anyone else here fish Lake Roosevelt? My son and I went there today and encountered the remains of an extremely large, mostly melted aluminum dock on the shore. Just left us wondering what the hell happened and how it got where no dock has ever remotely been. I would have photos, but the 15*...
  24. P

    Newbie question - Yakima river in March

    I am looking at coming up to WA and spending a couple of days trying out a Catchercraft SRB with the intention of buying one if I like it. I want to get 2 full days on a loaner before I make a decision over some of the other boats I am looking at. Mid-late March is a good time for me and the...
  25. Squamishpoacher

    What hand do you cast with and do you reel in with the same?

    In my local tackle shop yesterday and the age old debate began. It may have been dealt with here before but I searched a little and couldnt find it. Maybe its time for another survey. I cast right and reel left. I play fish with my strong arm and there's no switching hands with the rod after I...
  26. Shawn West

    Pizza and movie night In The Dalles

    The Fly Fishing Strategies Fly Shop in The Dalles, will be hosting a pizza and a movie night this upcoming Saturday (11/18). The event starts at 4:00. Pizza will be served at 5:00. The movie starts at 6:00. Door prizes will be given away during intermission. Admission is $20. If interested in...
  27. F

    Trout Rivers in February?

    This is my first post on the forum, but looks like there is some great information on here. So a couple buddies and I are trying to plan a trip up to Washington (I live in Oregon) this February for some fly fishing for trout. We'll be wade fishing and we're looking for hopefully some decent...
  28. Rock Bottom

    How do you keep your feet warm when wading?

    Well, I don't believe it's just me. When fishing in the water for a few hours in colder weather (like 40-50 degrees), my feet would become freezing cold and numb. Sometimes it's like my toes would fall off if I don't get out of the water. I wear hiking socks (from Costco) inside the wader, but...
  29. Adam Saarinen

    DIY rod rack in van!

    Was getting pissed on when i left the sea Saturday, so i just through everything in the van & put rod in the rack! Took pictures when i got home before rinsing flies & reel! Made it a few years ago cos' i needed a way to transport my Hardy Proaxis-X 8'10" 11wt 1 piece rod! Idea came from the...
  30. Trapper

    NFR An update on my home break in

    I posted this last December after my home was broken into and trashed. Since that time, thanks to WFFer Penabost, I have a full home security system with cameras, glass break alert, and a 120 db siren that...
  31. Trapper

    Four Months Cooking in Alaska

    This year I took on a 4-month cooking job on the Alaska Peninsula south of King Salmon, Alaska. I flew into King Salmon early July. The lodge was out on the tundra south of Becharof Lake. I don't normally cook in a lodge for fishermen and hunters. I'm more used to wall tents although I...
  32. Kyle Smith

    Grays Harbor/Willapa Bay area in January?

    Today a friend and I decided we will need to get the hell out of below zero for a few days this January. My parents lived in Westport and Cosmopolis for 8 years, and I have seen some beautiful streams in the area, but didn't fish much when I visited. One river I've fished that won't be named...
  33. Steve Kokita

    Trout carving in the round

    This is my first trout carving in the round (360*) a piece of 2x4 Mahogany, and a rainy fall weekend in our motorhome. Found the driftwood and rocks on location.
  34. Jim Wallace

    Lowest water that I've ever seen in the local streams.

    I crossed some bridges yesterday on my way to a Mason County lake. It was high tide, so the conditions of the tidal creeks and lower Chehalis River were indiscernible. It was sunny and hot, and there were a bunch of trollers on the Chehalis. I could see their bored facial expresions at 40mph...
  35. B

    Kauai in October

    Will be there mid month and have a decision to make in regards to type of fish to target. I have one day to fish with a guide and am either considering peacock bass or bone fish. Any experience you might share would be appreciated.
  36. ChaseBallard

    NFR Wolves in Washington

    Many of the enlightened minds on this forum seem to be interested in wolf issues whenever such a thread pops up, so I thought I would throw this out there for some light reading. The return of the wolf is...
  37. Ricardo

    Quick and Easy fishing outing in SW Montana

    I have a business trip to the Dillon/Butte area next week and I am trying to arrange all the customer visits so that I can go fishing for half a day or so. I'll have very limited equipment with me: tenkara rod, lanyard with a few flies and hip boots. Have never been in the area so I was hoping...
  38. Mike Melfa

    MISSING IN ACTION Gets Returned to Me after several Weeks

    This Post is in Reference to the Administrator, and all the Other Followers who just like to jump on the Band Wagon when someone starts some shit...It seems like they all come out of the woodwork and all have something to say........We received a Ration of Shit for the last week or two about a...
  39. Jerry Daschofsky

    Another 2 Fly in the books!

    Thanks to all that helped out and contributed. We had some ups and downs, but all worked out in the end. We put two veterans that are wheelchair bound in boats this year. The coolest part was one rower brought a specially designed Koffler boat for those in chairs. They were the winning team...
  40. Mike Melfa

    Who Lost a Rod & Reel and Line Near Logan Utah

    Noticed someone selling a Fly Rod and Fly reel that was found in the Logan Utah area...Anyone loose one off a boat or leave it on a shore..... Contact me I have Information on it Mike Sr
  41. muknuk

    Looking for help DIY in Chile

    I am looking for any help on do-it-yourself trips to Chile. I have a rental car and a pontoon boat for one month in Nov-Dec. I have fished Patagonia Argentina for the past 15 years and know it well, but I am wanting to try another part of Patagonia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  42. Alosa

    Advice for Kalispell area in late September please

    I'll be in the Kalispell area for a couple of days in late September. I'm looking for advice about what river I should consider for trout. I'm leaning towards the Middle Fork of the Flathead but I'm not sure how far upstream one needs to go to find good water for walking/wading (above Nyack...
  43. SERE Nate

    Cell phone coverage in Flathead Valley

    Moving on the 15th to Whitefish and I have discovered that my Sprint cell phone has no coverage in the area. My gf has AT&T and she had decent coverage while we were there. I'm looking at either t-mobile or Verizon so that between the both of us we have more overall coverage. What does...
  44. bek41

    Cutthroat fishing in OP rivers

    I will be heading to the OP soon and have no idea how to fish for cutthroat in the rivers. Could anyone give me some tips like what kind of flies are effective and such? Thank you so much and looking forward to learning more!
  45. james.jimenez

    Father in town 5-11 Sep. trip suggestions??

    What would you do to make your fathers visitation a visitation he like never forget? He's a beginner fly fisher so I will probably do more gear fishing than fly... We plan on fishing everyday. I purposely planned this visit during pink season so he would hook up on fish as easily as possible...
  46. Gyrfalcon2015

    NFR Solar Eclipse- report in !

  47. B

    Looking for suggestions: Vancouver BC in Sept

    Hi, I will be in Vancouver the third week of September for work. I will likely have one day to myself and would like to get out and fish. Looking for best DIY options within an hour of the city. I'm open to beach/surf, rivers or still water. All suggestions would be appreciated. Not completely...
  48. Jeffer

    Upper Gibbon River in Yellowstone to be poisoned to kill nonnative fish
  49. IveofIone

    NFR A step in the right direction for those of us that fish, hunt,ski, fly drones, climb,photograph,etc

    Chevy just announced that it will be building a so-called 'budget friendly' model of it's new Tahoe without a 3rd row seat and a lower electronic bullshit content than the more premium models. This is long overdue as many of us have absolutely no need for a 3rd set of seats and actually buy a...
  50. Vladimir Steblina

    Is NorthWest Fly Fishing still in business??

    I can no longer view my digital copies of the magazine on my IPAD. When I call the help number they say leave a message and we will call you back. Needless to say, nobody has ever called back. Are they still in business?? At the very least I would like to have my digital copies back.