1. Jmills81

    HR 3144 is a joke

    Yo... if you fish and care about the Snake River and it's salmon and steelhead, time to get active to let your elected officials about CMR/Labrador/Newhouse/Herrera-Beutler's bill HR 3144 Currently the bill is in committee mark up and bound for a house vote in a couple weeks It's a gigantic...
  2. silvercreek

    Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot

    Editorial posted on a Blog:
  3. C

    Tube Fly Adapter

    I just purchased a previously used HMH tube fly tool kit. Included was a tool/piece I'm not familiar with...but it appears to be a tube tying adapter. It's on the right in the photo. HMH large plastic tube material is a perfect fit at the tip. The only threads I see on the unit are in the brass...
  4. Tim Ihle

    Pattern Question: what is this wing material?

    i need some help on this one.
  5. SilverFly

    Is this wrong?

    To fish a fly rod in a holder next to casting rod running plugs? ;) Wrong or not, its been a couple years since I've gotten out for winter steel so thought I'd post a fishless report. Had an invite to drift a local river with a gear buddy from work. No steelhead for either of us but I did...
  6. triploidjunkie

    Don't steal Tony Pro's patterns:)

    Tony Pro is back, and its hilarious!! It's on a private fly tying group on Facebook, so I screenshotted the original post. I'll try to link his YouTube meltdown before he removes it. This is epic!
  7. Starman77

    Is UV dubbing really UV reflective?

    I've been tying up some baitfish patterns using Hareline Dubbin's Ice Dub UV dubbing material. I got to thinking, "How do I know that this dubbing material really reflects UV light and how much?" Since we humans can't see UV light, for the most part, we can't just look at the dubbing material...
  8. troutpocket

    New charcoal grill shopping. Is Weber where it's at?

    Looking at replacing my Char Griller trio combo gas/charcoal/side smoke box grill with a Weber Performer 22" kettle setup. From the research I've done it seems like Weber has things figured out with a lot of nice features and a loyal following. The Char Griller has been great to learn on...
  9. F

    Fishing Is Actually Dangerous

    That fishing gore thread really got me thinking: some of the most near-death and terrifying precarious moments I can recall have been while out fishing. Including but not limited to over the last several decades: -Near drowning experinces -Multiple bear encounters -Multiple pyscho tweeker...
  10. Squamishpoacher

    Who is the Youtube Fly Tyer that You Admire the Most?

    I thought this would be a fun topic and might introduce us to some tyers that we haven't seen yet. So who is your favourite Youtube fly tyer....Davie McPhail, Daniel Holm, Holger Lachman, Brian Chan, Eivind Berulfsen, Phil Rowley....Who?
  11. Clint F

    is anyone interested in a resident coho fly swap?

    just wanted to see if anyone is interested in a resident coho fly swap? it has been a while since I have organized one . how much interest do we have in this? Clint
  12. b_illymac

    Who is having a white Christmas?

    Lets see it! This is in Walla Walla. Coming down pretty well. Merry Christmas to all!
  13. ceviche

    We Know This is NOT a Steelhead... or "Thank You, Preston!"

    Out of politeness and respect towards some other fly tying/fishing forum located somewhere else in the greater Internet, I will not name names. However, I must ask, how is it that folks east of the Rockies and/or the Mississippi seem to think Rainbows and Steelhead are either different fish or...
  14. Abraham

    What is the best eight weight skagit rod for OP winter steelhead.

    Im going to be buying a new dedicated 8 weight Spey rod for winter steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula, and I need some community input on deciding what to buy. I will only be buying either a echo rod or a sage rod in an eight weight. I can buy any of the echo offerings like the Echo 3 or the...
  15. Abraham

    What is the best 8 weight skagit rod for OP winter steelhead?

    Im going to be buying a new dedicated 8 weight Spey rod for winter steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula, and I need some community input on deciding what to buy. I will only be buying either a echo rod or a sage rod in an eight weight. I can buy any of the echo offerings like the Echo 3 or the...
  16. freestonebound

    The Earth is Enough

    For those of you who haven't heard of him, Harry Middleton is an unbelievable author. His most known work is The Earth is Enough. One of the best fly fishing books I have ever read. Anybody else have any good suggestions for authors?
  17. Golden Trout

    Oil Spill - How is this possible?
  18. Skip Enge

    NFR Gene How is Medicare treatin' ya?

    I sign up in january and have someone to call about supplemental...substitute part time work does not provide healthcare...just wondering...yeah this is a bit public but I do not have an email address for you it big deal if you don't wish to talk about it here. but...
  19. WT

    Is anyone squid jigging?

    thinking of heading down to the local pier to jig some squid. has onion here done this or thinking about doing this. any advice?
  20. Dupher

    swimmy is slacking

    I would have expected to hear about these socks from @Swimmy but he must be busy planning a wedding or something
  21. MRKbass

    What model is this sage?

    Would like to find one for my daughter, but don't know what I'm asking for. Thanks for the help Matt
  22. the_grube

    What fly is this?

    I thought it was a soft-hackled, rubber-legged, bead head pheasant tail. While it shares some characteristics I don't think that's it -- the tail looks like brown squirrel or something, the thorax is black instead of green hurl. Looks like a pretty easy tie, but I haven't had a chance to...
  23. Adam Saarinen

    What is it?

    Can anyone tell me it's proper name? It was at the end of July on the Pelto river Northern Finnish Lapland! When it happened i couldn't not take the picture! Rod is a Hardy Zenith Sintrix!
  24. Alosa

    I hope this is false...but I'm worried it's not Is this a slippery slope and a harbinger of things to come?
  25. wadin' boot

    Off 99 Brownlining action is heating up!

    Today, as in many of the days past, my son Jack and I have been working the shallows and weed beds for the fall rock bass action that can make most local ponds and lakes an absolute blast, particularly for kids. If Roger Stephens lived over this side he would designate it with trumpeting all...
  26. triploidjunkie

    WTH is wrong with people!?

    Just randomly start shooting at two kids fishing, and hit one. The triggerman should get a life sentence, the other at least twenty years.
  27. rapido101

    Why the West is Burning

    From Outside Magazine: There are 137 large wildfires raging across 7.8 million acres in what might be the worst fire season ever Today's wildfire-caused smoke conditions across North America. (EPA) Wes Siler Wes Siler Sep 11, 2017 there are 137 large wildfires currently raging across the...
  28. stilly stalker

    Winter is coming..........

    Lysergic prawn. All composite loops except the jungle cock and hackle tips.
  29. Golden Trout

    This is not a Sci Fi movie preview!

    Did I hear that yet another hurricane (Katia?) was brewing off the coast of Africa to follow Jose? Yea, Hansen's warnings coming true right before our eyes. Incredible stat that FEMA is spending $155,000 a minute on Harvey. The nightmare of Climate Change is becoming a reality as predicted...
  30. miyawaki

    Is This The Answer To Salmon Pens?

    This showed up on my Facebook feed this morning. Almost too good to be true. Leland.
  31. Golden Trout

    What is Rain? Houston By my unofficial count, most of the Okanogan valley has had no measurable precipitation for nearly three months. My heart goes out to the folks in Texas and hope we can send them some dry weather to help...
  32. IveofIone

    Is there such a thing as good pre-cooked package ribs?

    With the recent purchase of a new travel trailer there has been an interest in buying some pre packaged foods that would be fast and easy to prepare while camping. Ribs seemed like a natural because they could be done in the oven, microwave or on the grill. A few packages were tried and so far...
  33. Vladimir Steblina

    Is NorthWest Fly Fishing still in business??

    I can no longer view my digital copies of the magazine on my IPAD. When I call the help number they say leave a message and we will call you back. Needless to say, nobody has ever called back. Are they still in business?? At the very least I would like to have my digital copies back.
  34. cutthroat kid

    dont forget how fun this is

    a flip cast that works and drifts 7 feet in pool for a 6 in westlope you can't even see in clear water roll casts that actually go where you intended it to land and drift right around 3 different rocks in 10 feet high sticking that works even at 4 pm with already 10 hours on the...
  35. napawino (Roger Craft)

    Fly tying is just too hard.


    New Orvis Helios 3 is out.

    Rod looks ugly with that white in front of grip. It is also a mid flex rod. Wow $850 for a 9 foot 5 weight.
  37. Clarkman

    Sometimes By-catch is a good thing...

  38. skyriver

    What line is this?

    Hi guys, I purchased a Ross Essence FC 386-4 (8'6" 3wt) for $70 (usually closer to $170) and then a nearly mint old Cortland Crown size Small and extra spool for $30 off Ebay. The Crown came with a ULTRA WF4F and wouldn't you know it, the thing casts like a dream. 50-60' casts with ease. $100...
  39. cutthroat kid

    It is cool to see

    It is cool to see a 20 foot riffle boulder pool section of small creeksized river have crystal clear water and still not see the cutthroat until they come out of every crevass and look like silver bullets when the caddis fly goes by much like my cat used to come out from underneath the...
  40. o mykiss

    SFR: Apparently, in some places skateboarding is a crime Any of you guys who like to fish Green Lake and also like to skate might want to strap your board on the back of your 'toon the next time you come down...
  41. Matt Paluch

    Pebble mine is back, please help stop it

    So the EPA is now apparently working with the foreign Pebble Partnership to try and allow this mine to move forward. Fortunately, they opened up public comments. Please take 2 minutes and fill out this short form that will automatically voice your opposition to this mine...
  42. B

    What is open June 1?

    Sự tăng trưởng mang theo sau một chuỗi những vấn đề cần được giải quyết, tuy đó là mức thu nhập bình quân, nhưng có người thu cao rất cao, có người lại không đủ cho chi tiêu. Do đó, đã được nhiều người tìm đến, nhưng không phải ai cũng được giúp đỡ và hỗ trợ về tài chính...
  43. Upton O

    We have met the enemy and he is ... Humans are invasive, toxic, and overwhelming. This process of destruction started as humans evolved, increased and expanded their range. Today, humans occupy ever single continent and the numbers are...
  44. Salmo_g

    Forum response time is slow

    It's been going on for a few days now. Whatever function I click on, open a forum, or submit a post, the wheel just turns and turns before the action executes. I was able to go get a cup of coffee after clicking "start a new thread" here. At first I figured it was my computer since I'm...
  45. Aadaboy

    What is this fish called???

    Caught a bunch of these on the Methow this weekend. The closer to the Columbia river, the fewer trout and eventually I was only catching these. I cant seem to find out what they are anywhere. They don't seem to have teeth, or much teeth, they have scales, but the upper portion of the fish feels...
  46. BDD

    Four Is Enough

    Has this already been posted and I missed it? I have read about this concept in a couple of different places now but the premise is once you hook, land, and release four steelhead by your group or by yourself, you would voluntarily hang your hook in the keeper and call it a day as a conservation...
  47. wadin' boot

    Bad Poetry, 2017- Theme is BOOTS

    I love my ugly ankle-snappin' boots, They got new felt and monkey shit-caulk meant for roofs, Sure they smell and look like crap, But on the cedar and snoho you're immune from the clap, and best of all Swimmy gets all jelly and mute!
  48. kanaskatbandit

    Brutal day on the upper green (orvis question)!

    Fished the upper green yesterday, sure was quiet and serene... Got to fish for about 20 minutes and got this little guy tossing a dry! Promptly after releasing fish i slip and land flat on my ass, I was ok but I broke the tip section of my Clearwater! Frustrated I make the long walk back...
  49. N

    Does anyone know what this rod is for?

    My neighbor showed me this rod. It was his grandfathers. Its a 9 section 14 foot rod. It has either Japanese or Chinese markings. I will attach 2 photos which I hope you can zoom otherwise you can't really see the rod very well. It has flyfishing guides. I thought it may be a squid rod but I dunno.
  50. Josh

    What fly is this? (damselfly nymph?)

    Anyone have any idea what this fly is? I had a couple of them in my box and had a good evening using one the other day. But I have no idea what they are are where they came from. Some sort of a damselfly nymph maybe? Brass beadhead with a lead bead or splitshot tied in as well. Sinks plenty...